TS4- Bay Tides 1.9: Lonesome Life

Rotation 1 Chapter 9
Single Sim Chapter 1

A/N- Reminder: Nyssa is the only controllable sim as this is the Single Sim Challenge.

Here’s our girl!  When entering the house this is where I found her.  Looks like she’s getting an early start this morning.

Butler Carver walked over and appeared like he was going to talk to her but he never did.

She went and chatted with her dad for a few minutes and then he walked off.

She went inside to play alone with her kitty toy.

Then she stacked blocks by herself for awhile.

The welcome wagon arrived with only Justin Delgato.  She went outside to meet him but had no interactions even after they met it showed him as a stranger.

She was able to show him her toy and it doesn’t look like it in the second pic but he was talking to her.

She gave up on the welcome wagon and Justin left without being greeted by any other household members.  Good thing she’s independent and doesn’t need help to go potty.

I decided that it’s imperative she gets her movement skill up so that she can get upstairs to her room and since she wanted to play a tablet game she played blickblock baby until she got to level 2.

So far, the only thing that butler Carver has been good for is leaving a meal on the counter for her to grab from.  Oh, and cleaning up the dishes everyone else leaves laying around.

After she’d eaten she chatted with Nugget.

Then Nugget hopped down off of the cat tree and allowed a pet.

Bedtime already.  It was a busy first day.

I spent most of the night with the camera focused on Nugget.  He did run some of the obstacle course which was pretty cool but I didn’t realize that’s what he was doing and didn’t pause fast enough when him jumping through one of the rings clued me in.

Ashton woke up in the middle of the night and started playing with his castle.  I have no idea what woke him up.  At first, I thought it might be the monster but I put the night light in there and he didn’t act afraid.  Whatever it was he was exhausted the next day.

Back to watching Nugget explore.  He got the thought bubble of the aloof trait so I suppose that’s why he wanted to go run around. And that’s all he did.  He ran a big circle around the area and back to the house.  Something to watch while Nyssa slept at least!

She can go potty on her own but invited daddy to help potty train so that she could get some attention.

Then she asked for a bath even though she wasn’t very dirty for some more attention.

And then some food.

Unfortunately, daddy left for work after putting her in the highchair with food and calling the butler did no good because he didn’t take her out just stood there.

I was sitting here trying to think what on earth I could do to get her out when she started crying from being stuck inside and when she stopped crying she teleported out.  That works.

Hello kitty!

Nice kitty!

Let me tell you a story kitty!

Note: This is when I realized that playing and talking with the cat didn’t increase her attention need.

She wanted to play with a toy so headed upstairs to her room to play with the glowing owl.

Nobody was around to pay attention to her and the butler was just ignoring her as if she wasn’t there.  He only came into the room to pick up the sippy cup I found in her inventory.  So she bit him.  It was the only interaction option she had!  Sadly, that didn’t help her attention need either.

Since her older brother Ashton hadn’t slept the night before he went to bed after school despite inviting Pierce Delgato over to their house.  Pierce just hung out with Nyssa the whole time he was there.

He chatted with her for hours and yet she still considered him to be a stranger the same as the butler and had no interaction options with him so let him chat away.

Thank goodness daddy’s home!  As soon as he got there she yelled inviting him to potty train.

Well, that was not helpful at all.

After Jasper passed out I lost patience and spent over an hour trying to figure out why she considers the butler and neighbors she’s met strangers and why interacting with them and the cat gives her no attention.  I never figured it out.  I filled out a bug report so hopefully, someone can help me before I rotate back to her.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved for a toddler to reach movement level 2 so they can use stairs!  I laughed at the toddler lesson and really I’d be doing fine if it wasn’t for her attention need!

See?  He’s a stranger and so is his dad.  The needs are while he was chatting with her and that was after hours of it.

These are the only options with the butler even with no mods and she has all the expected options with the cat and they are even friends but as you can see it’s not bringing up her attention need at all!  I tried everything I could think of.  I took out the few mods that I put in yesterday, repaired the game, and despite the fact it’s extremely annoying I reset the Sims 4 folder.  Nothing helped. Hopefully, someone on the bug forum can figure it out.

Chapter 1.10


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