TS4- Bay Tides 1.8: Happy Birthday Ahab!

Rotation 1 Chapter 8
Dogacy 1.2

Awe!  Good morning Ahab!

Veer noticed his no going potty sign as Ahab did his business and got a good chuckle out of it.

Aha!  Catarina has finally noticed the dog!

Veer has a little fun teasing her about how the cats will finally stay on her side of the docks now.

Ahab seems pleased with this.

He was very enthusiastic about his breakfast.  This is another of those times I really want to take a video.  Screenshots don’t do the cuteness justice.

While the pup munches this owner prepares his own breakfast.  It’s strange for me playing a single sim.  Even the small 4 serving meal seems too much because then whatever he makes he’d be eating it for days.  I did that with Catarina and got really sick of her eating breakfast all the time.

Umm… this picture is of them becoming companions.  But… it looks like he’s just scratching him.

Time to get a little work done.  Ahab was adorable chewing on the mouse squeaker.

The garden, small as it is, was being neglected so Veer quickly tended to it.

Then it was announced that the Humor and Hijinks festival was happening.  Veer usually doesn’t attend such things but has found that everything is more enjoyable with his little companion by his side.

What on earth Lilah?  Also, I don’t think this is one of her outfits.  Most are pink and purple.

Okay so, Lisa Bee nearly gave me a heart attack!  Ahab was running by her feet and she did the animation where they pull the voodoo doll out of their pocket or whatever but it looked like she’d picked up Ahab!  I quickly zoomed and felt really stupid.  Also, please ignore Rainy in that horrible outfit in the background.  I’m going to add MC Dresser back in.  I didn’t spend days putting in friend’s simselves and giving all of the townies makeovers to have them all dress like this.  Hopefully, Deaderpool can add Nightclubs to the list of situation outfits since the game creators decided to randomize the clothing there too.  Until then I’ll just avoid that venue type altogether.

Veer joins Cathy Tea watching the statue busker but it appears he’s too stoic to try and get a reaction.

I noticed Deb over on the stage telling jokes.  They must not have been very good because I never saw anyone listening.

What on earth are you getting up to now Lilah?  Also, I was convinced that the other woman must be a random townie and scoured the MCCC report (yes I put population back in) to see just why she was created.  Then I realized no she’s not new she’s just dressed like that because the game makers hate us.

At first, when I saw the pink I thought it was the hearts they get when flirty and was like what the heck he’s a puppy!  Then I thought maybe he’s sick.  I didn’t realize until I looked closer that our boy is aging up already!

Ohmygosh so much cuteness!!!  Look at him inspecting his new bigger body.  Now, I will admit that here I was confused.  When I made him in CAP I thought he was a large dog!  It seems that I am wrong but he’s adorable no matter his size.

Veer ran over to scoop up the now adult dog and got some kisses.

They roughhoused and it was really really cute but once again I was frustrated because the screenshots just don’t do justice.  Every time I paused it would look like Veer was about to pick up Ahab or he was scratching him or something.  I think I might start doing the short videos with the in-game camera and uploading them to my YouTube so I can add them into chapters.

Whatever happened to these sims I totally missed it.  I was a little disappointed to see that Ahab didn’t react at all to the firework.  Dozer in real life would be freaking out.

When they arrived home Veer took Ahab for a short walk to blow off some steam before they headed to bed.

Veer had some calming chamomile tea before bed and chatted with Ahab while he drank.

Good night boys!  It’s time to move on.  I hope to see you out and about when I decide which household to play next in the rotation!


I paused the game and looked everywhere for the cat she’s thinking about.  I never found it.  At first, when she did this I thought she was reacting to the dog.

The cool thing is he was potty trained as a pup so that’s done.

Chapter 1.9


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    • Yea it’s MC Dresser I believe it’s titled situation outfits and you can choose. I have Romance is formal, Humor and Hijinks is party, and Spice is everyday… I think. But you can pick whatever. You could have them all show up in bathing suits! LOL

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