TS4- Bay Tides 1.7: Call me… Ahab!

Rotation 1 Chapter 7
Dogacy 1.1

Veer is a man very set in his ways.  He likes the sound of the birds singing so he feeds them.  But the birds don’t seem to appreciate it much.

He’s spent years grafting his plants so that only the minimum work is needed to keep his refrigerator stocked with fresh produce.

Still feeling angry about the birds he decides to take some of it out on a new wood carving.

As he was finishing his carving he notices two more stray cats have decided to use his lawn to nap on!  These cats are way out of hand!

Deciding that enough is enough Veer calls a pet adoption agency.  Maybe having a dog around will scare some of the felines away. At least make them stay near Catarina’s side of the dock.

He tells the agent that he’ll take the pup and when asked he informs him his name is Ahab.

Now what to do with this little guy?

They went on an adventure together and Ahab fell into a hole and got filthy.  Bath time!

So cute!  Have I mentioned this is my very first puppy?  So far I’ve only played with Dozer and Ulrich.

Veer fills up Ahab’s food bowl and makes himself a sandwich deciding it’s nice having some company.

He knows that Ahab won’t be a puppy for very long so he snaps a quick picture of him.

Then he carries the puppy upstairs so they can sleep.

In the morning Veer snapped a quick pick of little Ahab attempting to chew on a ball.  So cute!

Then it was time to go see if there were any bargains at the flea market.

Go boy go!  Do you see him?

Veer had a little something from the food cart but Ahab gets a biscuit.

Several people stopped to meet little Ahab.

I think that Veer has forgotten that his decision to get a dog was just to spite his cat-loving neighbor.

Living alone his whole life Veer has become quite adept at cooking.  Little Ahab seems to be entertained by watching.

Ahab needed a nap after his long day so Veer went out to get a little woodworking done.  Maybe next flea market day he’ll have enough to sell and Ahab can socialize.  Everyone seemed to really like having him there.

Outside of the window Veer saw movement and at first thought to curse more stray cats but noticed an odd coloring so he went to get a closer look.  What a strange creature!  It seemed friendly.  It was also filthy.  Then as quick as it came it ran off out of sight.

After Ahab woke from his nap they took a walk and Veer bought him some pet food at the stand.  He gobbled it all up and was off on another adventure.

Veer took a quick pic of the pup as he ran by.

Sweet dreams!  Tomorrow’s a new day and there are new adventures to be had.


I caught sight of a filthy and flirty Rosie outside.  I’ve seen her several times like this.  Sorry girl we don’t want any puppies in the Hecking household yet!

Another Void Pet I sighted.  A bit less exciting since it was getting walked.  I prefer to imagine them as strange wild creatures that people tell stories about that nobody believes.  

Someone was really angry after the bird attack!

I didn’t realize that “go on an adventure” meant they went somewhere!  It’s like a choose your own adventure novel!  I used to love those when I was a kid.

Chapter 1.8

Chapter notes:

Just a reminder if you missed it… Ahab is the first generation in my dogacy and although it might not seem like it now the story is about him first and the caretaker second.  Though, it’s kinda hard not to like Veer admit it.  Technically, Ahab wasn’t adopted.  I made him in CAP but I thought it would add a bit of realism to how the dog got there by having the adoption guy show up.  It was really hard saying no to the adorable pup that he really brought but I stayed strong!

10 thoughts on “TS4- Bay Tides 1.7: Call me… Ahab!

    • I know! He’s so cute. I didn’t think about it until today that I should have made a girl so it would be easier to breed later. The elder lifestage goes way too fast it will only be like one more rotation before I have to look for a new caretaker. 😦

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