TS4- Bay Tides Extra: Meet the Residents

A/N: For those of you who are confused wondering why on earth I am creating this intro post when I already have 6 chapters already written… I believe that the first save file the B.Bae one was corrupted after I got the error 102.  I had a lot of bugs and problems in that save that I didn’t have in the save I had Lilah the klepto in.  So after my little experiment in autonomy, I decided to just go ahead and move EVERYONE into a brand new save!  Well, almost brand new.  It’s the save I was doing the test in.  Sooo here we go!

The Rotation sims…

Catarina and her four cats Doc, Josie, Cleo, and Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr. will be doing the Cat Lady Challenge… mostly.  I will likely nix the part where she can only socialize with her cats.  It seems a shame to do so when I’ve spent sooo much time setting up this save with so many sims.  I’ve already played Catarina you can read her chapters here- 1.3: Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr. and 1.4: Have You Seen Doc?

For now, she’ll be keeping the house the game came with.  I saved the one I was playing with already since I’d changed some stuff.

It’s a nice little house in the middle of Whiskerman’s Wharf which is a favorite hangout for cats.  But if you look down the street at the converted factory you’ll meet someone who isn’t so thrilled with the felines…

Inside this converted factory, you’ll find Veer Mathis.  This is an update of the Ragdoll Refurb lot by Meechester.  I did change some things though.  Like I emptied the entire spare room for now and added more nautical items.

Inside you’ll find a cozy little home.  Veer enjoys a nice cuppa tea.  He spends his days woodworking, gardening, and reading.  Let’s meet the old chap, shall we?

Here he is!  He was a dockworker most of his life and bought and converted the factory so that he could remain close to the water. What he didn’t expect was the abundance of felines in the area!  He blames this on his neighbor Catarina and her feeding the strays which just draws more.  He’s decided to get back at her by adopting a puppy.  Veer will be the founding caretaker in my Dogacy.  The challenge itself has very little rules and was thought up by CathyTea.  Basically, I won’t worry about the lineage of the caretakers.  Some may have children and some may not.  We will be focusing on the pups.  Before the caretaker passes on they will need to find someone to take over the care of their beloved dog(s).  So I don’t expect it will stay on one lot like a usual legacy might.  I’m really excited about this one!

The sole residents of the Sable Square neighborhood are the Heckings Brant and Brent.  In the game as it’s shipped they only have one dog Rosie which confounded a lot of us in the simmer community because we’d all fallen in love with their cat and dog from the trailers!  I’m happy to say that Maxis uploaded the cat Joaquin and dog Ruby and so I have added them to the family.  At this time I only have vague plans for them involving Brent painting pet portraits and them purchasing and running the Salty Paws restaurant.

I didn’t change their house at all yet other than to add some cat items for Joaquin since I haven’t played them and until I do I won’t know if I like it or not.

That brings us to the neighborhood of Cavalier Cove.  First, we have the Burke’s on the 64×64 lot.  This is Hound’s Head Mansion by ElinCh96 and I changed very little other than adding some toddler stuff for our starring lady and giving her older brother some child items as well.  I think I might have needed to add cat items for Nugget.  Let’s meet them shall we!

Here’s our leading lady now!  You might remember her as the little girl in my autonomy testing.  She will be my only controllable sim in the Single Sim Challenge.  The challenge rules have a lot of specific tasks which I’m not really sure if I’ll actually do or not.  I mainly liked the idea of controlling only a toddler/child/teen instead of an adult like we do in the ISBI Challenge.

Sandy the test child from A Study in Autonomy has been aged down to a toddler and renamed Nyssa.  We won’t see our favorite pup Baxter just yet but her cat Nugget is in the household already.

Here are her parents.  Her father is the same as during the testing I just gave him a makeover.  I deleted the test mother because I didn’t like her and used play with genetics to make a new one.  Angelica is a trust fund baby.  She grew up around money and is very ambitious, materialistic and snobby.  After their son, Ashton was born to pass on the family name Angelica went back to work as a vice-president in the Business career determined to climb the corporate ladder and make a name for herself.  Jasper is more laid back than his wife and nobody really understands why he married her in the first place.  Unlike his wife who was displeased with the realization they would have a second child, Jasper was happy.  He wants to be a good parent but is often busy with his career as a start-up entrepreneur as well as working as a free-lance programmer on the side.  Despite his aspiration to be a good parent, his children are often forgotten once he becomes consumed with the next app or plugin to create or game to mod.  Which leaves most care to the butler…

Butler Bryant Carver recently lost his wife and soulmate.  He and his wife never had any children and being in their old home alone with the memories became too much for him so he attended Windenburg Butlering Academy to become a live-in butler.  While he’s eager to start his new post whether he’s actually good at it remains to be seen!

I’m sure the Burke’s are not thrilled with the addition of Lilah’s new store Five Finger Discounts.  Lilah along with her dog Ulrich are in the chapters 1.5: Selling Stolen Goods and 1.6: Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein.  At the end of chapter 6 I’d decided she’d also adopt one of the stray cats.  When I was getting ready to move her and Ulrich to the new save I realized I didn’t want to lose all of the stray’s she had befriended and through a bunch of failed attempts to make them strays again I decided to keep one of the cats and the rest were merged into a townie family that was generated with a cat already so I figured he obviously likes them!

She kept the stray cat Meryl and despite my son’s insistence it’s pronounced like Meryl Streep I will forever pronounce it like Merle from The Walking Dead because I just can’t seem to stop myself!  Poor girl.  She has the prowler, fluffy, and affectionate traits which I think I already listed in the last chapter with them.  I played them for awhile trying to see if any of my attempts to make the previous strays stay again worked.

And in that short time period, both Meryl and Ulrich lost fights with squirrels!

Cones of shame for you both!  Also, it’s so annoying that becoming a Curry Champion replaces one of her shirts with that red one.

A few other pics of Meryl.  At least someone seems pleased with the ever-present child messes in the park!

After sitting waiting in the park and even sleeping on the bench it became obvious that my experiment failed.  I’d planned to have her re-adopt the strays and merge them into another household and was dismayed to find that NONE of them were in the adoption options!  I had to place her again from my library and put the cats in that household I mentioned before then I deleted the duplicates. So frustrating.  Moving on!

Last we have the Delgato family.  Home to Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. the father of Junior living with Catarina.

Their other pet is a Shar Pei named Blue whom I adore!

Every child needs a best friend and Pierce is no exception.

But Pierce isn’t the only Delgato child!  We also have little angelic Evie!

And of course the parents Justin and Supriya.  She dreams of becoming a vet and he is restless keeping to one career.  I really don’t like their house at all so I didn’t take any pics of it.  I’m thinking of downgrading them to give them the money to purchase the vet clinic but we’ll see.  I was more interested in the kids and pets than the parents truthfully.  But I do want to play the vet career!

The UnPlayed Residents…

I spent days setting up simselves in the B.Bae save only to have to abandon that save!  I went back into it and saved everyone and the houses that I’d already edited into my library and transferred them to this save.  A lot of them don’t have houses yet.  I’ll do them little by little when I’m not in the mood to play.  I plan to have some of the played sims befriend them which makes this necessary.  Also of note: I saved the 20-something sims that I had given makeovers as well and put them into individual households.  They live in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and San Myshuno.  Why?  Well Lilah can’t be stealing from my friends now can she?!  LOL  Here are the unplayed sims of note:

All of the stray dogs and cats from Lilah’s save.  It probably would have been easier to just rebuild in her save but oh well!

My friend @HunnyBunny1306 aka Dawn aka MistySmudge01 gave the BFF household and Vatore’s pets and since I was leaving those two households in I decided to replace them.  I also kept the Jang and Bheeda households since I’ve never really had them in any stories and they don’t annoy me.  I also wanted some kids in the save!

Obviously, we couldn’t leave Vladdy and Sassy behind!

Newcrest Residents…

The three VoidPets households have been added to entertain us with these goofy looking creatures!  They are the creations of DrGluon.

Mila Bear, Pepperoni Bear, and their bear pet Roxie.  Cher Tigera along with her Husky Sheba and the calico cat I made her Asparagus.

Lisa Bee, Bombay cat Fiona, American Longhair cat Perot, and Raccoon Rocky.  Simslover163 and his Oriental Longhair cat Whiskers.

Vihisha Tak’Nai and her mixed breed cat Truman.  Charlie and her two mixed breed cats Lexa Lou and Shadow.

Windenburg residents…

Needing no introduction is my simself Rainy and her trusted companion Dozer.  MissMel and her Newfoundland dog Kodiak Bear.

Megs and Ally are roommates along with Shih Tzu Oolie.  Tazreen Taznim and her ever-present pal Yogi Bear share their home with Bolt the Havanese pup and Mittens a Bombay Cat.

You might remember the first family from Catarina’s welcome wagon.  They are Misty, her husband Barrie, her mother Cynthia, Small Jacko Terrier Scamp, Tabby & White kitty Bella, Tuxedo cat Pebbles, Bombay Cat Chloe, and Black Cat Jet.  Then there is Anichelle with her mixed breed pup Aelita and Persian cat Snow.

Alexia and the pets I created for her a mixed breed dog named Almond and an American Wirehair cat named Eclipse.  Kit DragonFlight with her three beagles Gypsy, Bree, and Flash.

Copper Raven resides with her Sphynx cat created by DrGluon named Glubee and Irish Wolfhound Kelly created by LuckyHeather.  Cathy Tea lives with the Bulldog mixed breed I created for her Frankie.

Last we have @rsh2183’s simself Kassandra, toddler Sammy, and four mixed breed cats Killian, Oliver, Oreo, Killian Jr., and Miss Penny.

Some of you might recognize this sim as the one I posted Twitter pics of as I have been working off and on but had to stop when the messed up save got to be too frustrating.  Deb has been a good friend to me for several years now.  She’s like my online mom.  We met in Second Life and though I don’t make it on that game very often we have always kept in touch.  Since she’s a dedicated reader of my blog despite never playing the game herself I wanted to thank her by adding her and her many pets!

I spent quite a lot of time modifying and making additions to the Tree House lot by Paogae.  Since I know how much she likes to garden and have pretty flowers I got some plants off of the gallery and put them in garden boxes and the trees around the lot.

Being a woman of varied interests I also set her up with a DJ Booth so that she can throw some parties!

Whether she’s cooking up some pierogies in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room with her many pets I think this house fits her style… based on SL houses I’ve seen.

The second bedroom was changed into a pet haven along with a computer for her gaming.  And the upstairs has a bedroom with beds for the pets as well as a fish tank to entrance the cats.

And here they are!  Although Segar is an old man in real life I didn’t make him an elder.  The big black dog is Diego.  Then we have black cat Scratch and brother and sister Billie and Benjamin who are so identical she had to put a blue and pink bow on them to tell them apart!  I’m looking forward to seeing them all out and about.

Yikes!  Despite this, I’ve already had the game generate random townies.  I have experimented a bit on assigning roles to unplayed sims so if it gets too annoying I might try doing that.  In case you’re worried about seeing your friends and their beloved pets pass on be assured that all residents of Newcrest, Windenburg, and Forgotten Hollow are marked as played and since the settings are for current household to be the only one that ages and I don’t plan to play any of those households none of them will ever age!  Which might be odd but I think we can agree that especially with the Void Pets this will be one strange town!

Chapter 1.7


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