TS4- Bay Tides 1.6: Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein

Rotation 1 Chapter 6
Five Finger Discounts Chapter 2

I was only able to play for a few minutes in the morning so I decided to just mess around and make Vladdy a pup.  It’s a large turquoise poodle named Sassy.  She has a little heart stamp on her bottom.  I had a lot of fun making her and was sad to leave her but I decided that if possible I’d like to adopt a stray.

First, she met a cat that looked a bit Siamese named Hajar.  She is fluffy, free spirit, and talkative.  Then I spotted a cat in a dragon costume!

She is named Chloe.  She is talkative, free spirit, and aloof.  Look at how Mayor is sleeping!  So funny.

All of these cats on the table were so funny!  I had a terrible time getting her to eat and I ended up having to have her buy more food later because her plate disappeared.  The cats were all hungry so I had her buy some pet food and set it on the ground but she couldn’t call any to eat.  Sometimes one would take a bite or two but it ended up spoiling.  She never did manage to meet that hoodie cat but the other cat is Meryl which my son informs me is like Meryl Streep not Meryl from The Walking Dead… since I thought it was a weird name for a girl.  She is affectionate, fluffy, and prowler.

I went ahead and just had her sleep on the bench.

She had a chat with Bubbles again and learned that she is a couch potato.  Not the best dog for an active sim.

This dog is Mehdi.  She met him here at the lighthouse island.  He is stubborn, adventurous, and a hunter.  Two of those traits were exactly what I’d wanted but I was hesitant because of the stubborn trait.

She’d gone to eat and sat next to Travis Scott and I saw the option to feed him a bite which I thought was hilarious considering she’d just met him.  I’ve actually never gotten the interaction to work and was disappointed yet again when it didn’t work.  But the pic was cute nonetheless.  After this, she went back to the park and slept on a bench but met no animals.

She desperately needed a shower in the morning and I thought she’d scope out Joaquin and Sergio’s house since I’d never been there.

She stole a coat of arms from one of the bedrooms after her shower and made herself a sandwich.

Then, she worked a bit on her mischief skill describing the apocalypse to Joaquin.  Look at his face!  What a pushover.  He seemed a bit shaken and left the room.

So, while she waited for the ability to swipe something else she worked out for a bit.  Then, she grabbed a painting from the kitchen.

She put out all of her loot from the last few days for sale.  Not as much as I’d like to have but she’d spent quite a lot of time meeting animals and getting to know them.  She met a new dog named Ulrich and a dog she already knew named Ishaan showed up as well. Ishaan is aggressive.  I think he might have been one of the dogs that attacked a customer last time she opened the store.  She didn’t have time to learn Ulrich’s traits because customers arrived soon after the pups.

Some of them seemed a bit distracted by all of the strays but I liked having them there I just hoped that nobody got attacked again!

Really though?  This dog is named Anika and after eating she fell asleep with her head on the bowl preventing any of the other dogs from having a nibble when it filled again.  I never did learn any of her traits.

I closed the store after only 4 hours when the announcement for the Spice Festival popped up.  I wanted to check out the plants.

I’m not really sure why I singled out Ulrich to visit the Spice Festival with her.  Maybe it was the name or his demeanor.  Probably both.

Jackpot!  Not only did she get some dragonfruit but also a U.F.O. pod!  I was really excited.  I also like having tomatoes on hand for recipes since quite a lot call for them.

When I saw her do this I thought for sure she’d lost the challenge but it seems that she swallowed down the fire and won the contest! Now she can forever brag about being a Curry Champion.  I have no idea why I find that entertaining.  Kind of like how they can forever complain about fruitcake.

Ulrich just kinda hung out on the road near where they’d arrived so after she’d eaten she went back to play and talk and get to know him.  Jackpot!  He has the two traits I was holding out for… adventurous and hunter as well as playful unlike Mehdi’s stubborn trait which made me hesitate to adopt him.  The odd thing was when I decided to adopt him there was no option even though they were almost full green in relationship.  I went to manage worlds and couldn’t find him in any household so I have no idea what the deal was.  I had to cheat him into the household.

She filled up a bowl I’d placed for him and went around back to steal a door thingy while he ate his fill.  Then she came back and squeed at her cute new doggie!

They arrived back at the store lot and after I finally bought some home items they went for a jog.  I’ve been looking forward to this since I gave her the active trait.  It was fun watching them run together.

Unlike Rainy who was unable to play with Dozer, Lilah had no problems playing with Ulrich and it was adorable.  After a brushing and potty break, she sent him off hunting while taking care of her needs.

This was adorable but I never did see if he found something from this or not so I assume not.

I got a good laugh out of this.  There was a cat inside the bush when he went in there and I heard a scuffle.  Then he came out with a present which I had to send Lilah to go open.  It was a child’s toy so it went to the store for sale.

Finally, it was time for some shut-eye.  It took awhile for Ulrich to go to sleep and he ended up sleeping in the next morning.

Before logging off I changed his name.  Do you get the reference?

It’s from A Knight’s Tale.  One of my favorite movies.  I love the music and dancing… and of course the handsome leading actor.  I also learned while looking up the correct spelling of the name that it was a poet.  Too funny.  There are so many little things based on real history in that movie.  Next up… a cat!  There were several that she met and never learned the traits.

Extra: Meet the Residents

Chapter notes:

You may notice the presence of the dreaded plumbob in several pics.  There was a small patch and I repaired my game after installing it but forgot to go in and disable the plumbobs.  Turning headline effects off is useless because it also removes the nameplates on all of the sims and animals.  So I decided to just ignore it because I was really eager to play after feeling sick all day.

23 thoughts on “TS4- Bay Tides 1.6: Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m disappointed not to be able to play in the save that I worked so hard to set up but I’m convinced it was corrupted. It will take a lot of work to move everyone to this save so until then we have Lilah… and now Ulrich!


  1. I’m loving the animals. If you run out of names I have a beagle mix, Seger and a Lab/pit mix named Deigo. Cats are Scratch, for obvious reasons, Tilly, Benjamin and Billie. LOL Feel Free to use them hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will! I’ll let you in on a secret since you brought it up. The last time I played in the save that appears to be corrupted I was making a simself for you! So I would see you around and my sims could be friends with her. So if you want to email me pics I can make the pets for her! She lives in an awesome treehouse with all kinds of plants. And a DJ booth. hehe


  2. No water really, it is where I did Toby’s Memorial. The Pulse. The 5 morning sets are at Back Alley Blues Club, the new one I start today at 3slt, is Cay’s At Woodland Lake.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The one with water, had to be Grand Ole Sundown, Bentley closed that, went to other grids, now he is back with Paragon Rollers, I have done 2 sets there, had no vip’s, which means no tips, should be there now, but I’m playing hooky, lol and next week is Thanksgiving. I’m not cooking or making pierogis, will be quiet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s from the movie Knights Tale, lol. I spend way too much time thinking of names! I also found this really cool name smasher thing on a website that I’ve been using to name sims in Sims 3.

      Liked by 1 person

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