TS4- Bay Tides 1.5: Selling Stolen Goods

Rotation 1 Chapter 5
Five Finger Discounts Chapter 1

Meet Lilah Rivers.  I’ve had so many bugs in the save I’ve been playing in since the new expansion pack came out I decided to make a new one.  I’ll either move the other sims here or move her there when I have the patience to get back to it.  Her traits are Dog Lover, Kleptomaniac, and Active and her aspiration is Party Animal.  I’ve already played her more than the 2 days I’ve been doing for the rotation.  Like I said, I just need a break from all of the bugs.  At first, I thought since she’s so stylish I’d put her in an apartment and see if Cats and Dogs changed city life.

She just kinda hung out in the neighborhood while I waited to see if any strays were drawn by the lot trait that I’d added.  None were.  I even took her to the city park for a few hours after adding the traits there and didn’t see any strays.

The lot trait idea was scrapped.  I decided to see if I took her to the park in Bridleton Bay if strays would be generated.  They were but oddly it shows them in households with the random townies.  This didn’t happen in the other save.  It even says stray on their nameplate.  Okay then.  I assume that means they are adoptable.

See?  This dog is in the household with this lady.  She just kinda hung around chatting and meeting dogs as I was hoping that her presence would generate more pets.

I’d hoped scaring a flock of birds would result in feathers but perhaps that only happens with a pet?

This guy was nice.  His dog was not!

Nice to meet you, Mayor!

Look at the kitty way up there.  She gave her a greeting and shared a morsel of food.

This dog was very nice.  She filled the nearby food bowl for her.  And that’s where I ended playing for the night.

I’d decided on a new course of action for her.  She might be stylish and a party animal but I did hope to keep everyone centered in Bridleton Bay for the rotation.  Mostly I just wanted to see if strays would roam around the city which they didn’t.  So, with a new plan she bought this lot which I later made a store lot.  We’re going to take advantage of her klepto trait.

I’d actually deleted a good amount of the townies as I usually do when starting a new save.  But the Villreals were still in their house so off she went.

It was kinda creepy.  It appeared that nobody was home at first.  She found an item she was able to steal and grabbed it.  She must have deep pockets to keep a lamp in there!

Then I finally found Jacques sitting downstairs just smiling to himself.  Okay then.

She was feeling a bit peckish so she made herself a peanut butter and jelly and headed downstairs to meet the owner of the household.  She spent quite some time doing mischief interactions while waiting for an opportunity to steal again.

She was level two or three but still, there wasn’t much she could swipe.  She grabbed this lamp.  Deep pockets indeed.

Then, she trolled the forums for a while after taking a bath.

A dog!  It’s one of the dogs that’s in a townie household but I think it’s done that way so that the townies will bring them when they travel.

We gave her a friendly introduction and a treat.

Then she joined the festival crowd.  Obviously, we’re doing the pranksters.  What a perfect opprotunity to increase her mischief skill!

Baako left to grab some food but more sims sat with her and she told them stories about poisoned tea and conspiracies.

Then I thought maybe she can steal from the art gallery.  She could indeed!  I later realized that these paintings aren’t nearly as expensive as I’d assumed.

She grabbed some food and told more outrageous stories.  For whatever reason Ulrike didn’t find it all entertaining like all of the other sims have so far.  Their relationship is in the red.

She was tired and I’d realized I’d made a mistake on how I’d done the purchase of her lot so I just sent her back to the Villreal’s to sleep since they’ve been so accommodating.

Hugo came in and told her she was being inappropriate.  Then he walked out and she went back to sleep for the rest of the night.

In the morning she chatted with Max while eating a hotdog someone had cooked.  Max seemed fine with her being there.  Then again, I’m pretty sure he’s evil.

Luna fell asleep on the couch.  It must have been her bed Lilah was sleeping in.  They were listening to lullibies.  It was kinda creepy.

I solved the lot issue by just sticking her in a random lot for a residence though I plan for her to live here on the store lot.  Isn’t it glorious?  Did I mention that other than the costs of the lots I started her at §0?  She’d gotten §500 along with a voodoo doll and fireworks at the festival which purchased a few necessities.  Then it was time to put all of her loot for sale!

Well hello there, customers!  They were driving me crazy standing in that spot because the raised road behind them kept bouncing the camera around.

Our first sale and finally everyone made their way to the store area.  Baako bought the voodoo doll.  I have no idea why she’s standing so far away from him.

Then, she stood way over here to ring up this guy.  Which is when I realized that those paintings aren’t very expensive after-all.

Another happy customer!

I was laughing so hard I was crying!  I’d made the lot a dog stray hangout and up to this moment, there had only been one dog who walked on then off the lot.  These three seemingly came out of nowhere and two of the dogs attacked customers!  Perhaps that lot trait wasn’t the best idea.  Even more hilarious is that the lady just shook off the dog and walked over to purchase something as if nothing had happened!  The guy, however, wasn’t so thrilled and was very tense.  It took forever to sell him the final item which was the first item stolen!  I had her travel to Vlad’s house to scope it out and take care of her needs then realized I had quite a few screenshots and I should take a break to write up this chapter.

I’m gonna see if it will allow me to rename the store Five Finger Discounts when she returns to the lot.  I don’t know if that’s too long or not.

Chapter 1.6

Chapter notes:

I really had no idea what to do with Lilah when I started this which is why the beginning is so all over the place.  But then I had the idea to have her do the store thing.  I really like this lot because I think she’d enjoy running with her pup on the beach since she’s active.  I do plan to get her a dog soon I just don’t know if I want to have her adopt from the service or a stray.  I might consider making one myself too.  The dog that attacked the lady is the closest candidate for stray adoption but I’m afraid he’s territorial since he attacked her.  I only know so far that he is a hunter which fits this theme quite well since she could sell the items he discovers!  I really did have plans for the other save I was playing but the latest bug had me in tears so I decided to just take a break from world building and all of that and just play and goof off.  Other than the little time I played Rainy and Catarina I’ve not really played with the pets since I’ve been messing around setting up the town.

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