TS4- Bay Tides 1.4: Have You Seen Doc?

Rotation 1 Chapter 4
Lynx Chapter 2

A/N: You may be thinking what happened to the goofy B. Bae name?  Well, I never intended to play very long in this save.  My intention was to rotate through these families a few times and then move them to the AfterTime save.  But, after the recent patch, I don’t trust the mods I was using in that save.  The mods that the entire Build a City Challenge depended on.  Also, I am really enjoying having everyone’s simselves in this save and all the goofy pets I’ve added too much to just give it all up.  So, I put a lot of thought into a real name for this rotation.  Bay Tides is the result.  Bay is obvious since they live in Brindleton Bay.  Tide can denote a period of time.  It can be used to describe the ups and downs of life.  And so this is your official welcome to Bay Tides!  

One object well worth the money.  I believe they are §400.

Sadly, this one is not.  I think it’s Cleo’s curious trait or something but she sat on it almost all the time.  I finally had to sell it.  There were never messes for it to clean up.  Perhaps in a house with children.

I remembered to get a new Simstigram pic of Bartholomew now that he has aged up.

I sent Catarina to do some fishing while I attempted to ignore the cat’s constant uncomfortable moods since it only ever says they are frightened of some unknown thing.

Ohmygosh!  Dodo what are you doing alone looking sad?  Where is your mommy?!  This almost broke my heart!  I tried to send Catarina out to talk to him but she wasn’t fast enough.  I keep having that problem.  I will tell her to greet a stray cat or something and the action just stays above the taskbar thingy.

One of those few pictures of familial bliss.

So, this is the Yacht Club.  Completely useless building in my opinion.  The cats made a beeline inside to stare at and become afraid of the toilets.  Really though?  Do they have some kind of ESP that helped them “sense” that there were toilets inside for them to fear?  Time to head home.

Catarina was finally able to meet the mayor.  I had to reset her twice before it finally registered in her queue.

A little play time with our old man Doc.

Josie has brought home yet another present.

So adorable!

When it was time for Catarina to get dressed I thought it would be nice for her to have more than one everyday outfit and while I was doing that I gave all of the cats adorable clothing of their own!  Doc is a sushi cat since he’s Siamese.  Bartholomew is a colorful dragon cuz he has those dual-colored eyes.

And Cleo got a Samari type outfit cuz reasons.  Josie only got a color change on her jacket but she was adventuring so I couldn’t take a pic.

Umm… I dunno?  They did this for a second.  Do they breed autonomously?  I don’t think they do.  Maybe it just means affection?

Oh wow!  These strays got into a fight right outside.  The loser looked sooo sad!

Oh wow.  Scamp really needs to go home for a bath and to be taken to the vet!

Doc ran away!!!  The never-ending cycle of asking each cat what’s wrong was driving me batty because 9/10 times they are frightened of something.  I had just asked Doc though!  She reported him as lost.

Really nothing else to do but wait for him to return.  With Josie on an adventure, it was quite odd only having 2 cats.  Look at Bart drinking water as she waters the plants.

Since she had some fish I thought I’d try the homecooked pet food.  Cleo does not look confident in mommy’s skills!

Yikes!  It appears that Bart is taking claim of the food!

Cleo made it first.  I wish they could cook more than one meal at a time!

With the two cats happy after their homemade meals, Catarina went to fish.

This costume is so freaking cute!

Oh look!  Rainy and Dozer are together again!  He appeared to be much happier this time.

Josie has returned from her adventure!  She was gone a full day I believe.  She came home with a present and Bartholomew greeted her right away.  I have reason to believe that she may be his mother after the discovery that his father resides in the Delgato household!  I think Josie is a more likely candidate than Cleo since she is furred and is a prowler leaving the lot quite often while Cleo has the curious trait that makes her want to explore within the house.

Reunited and it feels so good!  Doc came home!  I imagined his arrival as a slow motion run towards each other and she scooped him up to hug and welcome him home.

Josie had just finished her own homecooked meal after her return and it was Doc’s turn to be pampered.  Hopefully he will bathe himself soon.  I did have her brush him in case that might help.

She’d chased Bartholomew out here for something.  He’s been going out and getting on the crates outside a lot.  Then I noticed him eating this pile of fish.  Up to this point, I’ve only seen cats and dogs rolling in the fish.  I was told that they will also find collectibles in them occasionally.

The Romance Festival announcement popped up and since I plan to eventually find her a man I sent Catarina.  Slim pickens with these goofy townies.  I’m trying to decide if I want to go through all the trouble of giving them makeovers.  While there she asked the romance guru about her future and was told she had a tall dark stranger in her future.  I was shocked since this is like the second positive result I’ve ever gotten!

Before she left I thought I’d check the art for sale and noticed a few new pet paintings she bought one off of SimsLover163 but the one on the easel painted by Meggles was way too expensive!

Awe, the new pic looks great there!  The couch is all scratched up but it’s time for me to leave Catarina for awhile.  Time for me to move on and meet Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr!


When Josie was missing from the panel I thought she ran away because of the skunk or something but was reassured on Twitter that she was on an adventure because she is a free spirit!

As you can see the issue with the pets void of color continues.  After three attempts to give CathyTea a companion from the gallery I gave up and created an English Bulldog/Bull Terrier mix named Frankie.

*sigh*  This is getting old!

This was so sad!

We can’t figure out what this means but think it might mean he lost Simstigram followers!

Really though? It costs more to cook it WITH the fish than it does to buy from the vendor?

We’ll have to start looking when we return to her!

Chapter 1.5

Chapter notes:

Since I had the thought that our Catarina will be looking for a man soon I decided to go ahead and give all of the townies makeovers.  I did delete two that were absolutely hopeless and saved before each deletion for fear of having it mess up my game again.  Other than that though I really had a lot of fun and the ones I did last I put a lot more detail in than the ones I did in the beginning.  I even have a few I liked so much that I’m thinking about adding them to a house and playing them.

I know I keep bouncing around a lot lately from one new story to the next but I plan to settle into this one for the duration.  I do really miss doing a rotation.  Most of the other recent stuff was mostly to keep my mind busy during a depression anyway.  Sorry if you’re disappointed about one of your favorite stories going on hiatus.  I tried really hard to keep them going with AfterTime but I think it’s time to move on.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Bay Tides 1.4: Have You Seen Doc?

  1. It was so weird seeing San Myshuno for .7658346534759 seconds lol haha. I think the hearts over the cats are when they are woohooing. Not sure. But i saw someone else post a screenshot and say they did not get pregnant yet. So thats why im thinking its the pet woohoo

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