TS4- Bay Tides 1.3: Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr.

Rotation 1 Chapter 3
Lynx Chapter 1

Here we are!  Time to see how the other half lives.  And by other half I mean… the cats!  And where else could we get the full experience than with Catarina Lynx and her four meows?  Who is this tiny tot she’s holding?  Why it’s Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr!

Our first kitten.  Look he has heterochromia!  I didn’t realize it until I got close for a Simstigram pic.

Now, you may remember in my last chapter my angst over the lack of strays?  So you can imagine my bafflement when only moments after arriving at Catarina’s home finding 3 outside her door!  The one on the right is the stray Rainy met.  The other two are new!  Maggie and Pippa.  Now, I wonder… where did Maggie get that little pink sweater if she is a stray?  Is she masquerading as an owned cat by dressing as one?  It turns out that there is a lot trait called Cat Hangout which attracts stray cats!  Now, if I had known about this yesterday I would have just added the cat and dog ones to Rainy’s lot and used that to generate some!  Hindsight and all that right?

With her level 3 cooking skill Catarina saw fit to use the cheap microwave and make a nasty frozen in the middle pastry which made her ill.  But, we can’t forget to share with the strays now, can we?  The microwave was sold.  They’re useless unless upgraded.

Meet Doc.  He’s singing!  So cute.  Doc is the old man of the group.  At first, I was going to purchase a youth treat to age him back to an adult.  Then the thought hit me… ghost cat!

Look who it is!  I told you it wouldn’t be long before we’d be seeing them again.  Awe I love my Dozer boy!

I’d made a few changes in the house… sold some stuff like the microwave and some goofy child’s posters on the walls and gave her one of those cool laser litter boxes which none of them have used yet… and bought this cat wand!  I decided I hadn’t really met Josie yet so told her to play with the cat wand with her.  I just didn’t realize that Josie was a few lots down.  Catarina running with the sparkling cat wand was hilarious.  Also, Josie the pussycat!

Josie turned up her nose at the cat wand and gave Catarina a look like really?  I decided that perhaps she’d rather hunt.  So Catarina sent her off and she scared a flock of birds and brought this pile of feathers back.  Catarina was very enthusiastic about her gift.


I didn’t discover until later that I could click on the pile of feathers in her inventory and get actual feathers… they go on the wall but apparently when you get a whole collection they turn into an owl statue?  How does this happen?  Who knows!  It’s the Sims!  But! I did see one on Twitter and it was magnificent!  I need one in my life… well one of my sim’s lives.  Same thing.

This is not how I had intended to introduce you to Cleo.  Unfortunately, Catarina was obsessed with the television.  I kept stopping her from watching it and she kept turning it back on!  Needless to say Cleo developed a fear of the big bad TV.  I sold it.  Catarina was driving me nuts watching it and she has cats for fun!

A Simstigram pic of our old man Doc.

I could not stop laughing!  Moving on…

I had Catarina quit her catering job.  Four cats is a full-time job!  I noticed that she has some gardening skill so thought it might be nice if she grew some plants.  Then, I remembered… catnip!  She’s planting all 4 varieties but if the cats can get into it autonomously I may need to move the pants to her balcony and lock the door so they can’t get to them.  We don’t want rage-filled kitties do we?  Well, maybe once just to see what happens!  For science of course!

Those pajamas tho!  Lookin’ snazzy!

After breakfast, Catarina wanted to play laser pointer with Josie.  I tried to figure out where she could buy one and couldn’t find anything!  Then I clicked on the cat and saw it was already an option.  Apparently, Catarina magics it out of thin air!

Then the Welcome Wagon showed up!  I wasn’t expecting them but it’s nice to see the neighbors.  Especially when they are simselves!  The girl on the far right is Charlie aka @LazyGirlSims and the lady next to her is Misty aka @HunnyBunny12306.  The elder is her mom Cynthia and the man cautiously greeting Bartholomew is her husband Barrie.  Charlie lives with two cats and the Kenna’s have 4 cats and a dog.

Nooooooooooo!  Brant Hecking called asking if he can come over and I thought the more the merrier.  Well, he stalked in the front door and out the back door headed for the trash can.  Where’s my no kick trash can mod?!?  Alas, no mods for me for awhile.  Anyway!  I was watching him and then saw that Barrie distracted him from his pursuit of the defenseless can.  Then!  It popped up that our little Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr had aged to an adult!  Without us seeing!  Oh, the tragedy!  But look he’s all fluffy.

Leave it to the two cat lovers in the bunch to praise a cat for eating human food off of the floor.  I’m not sure who put the plate there but I think it was Charlie.

Since our little Bartholomew aged up it was important to take him to the vet and get a checkup… make sure everything is okay ya know?  I was thrilled to see that our vet was CathyTea!  Our little guy is in good hands.  He’s nice and healthy and got a preventative shot.

It seems that our neighbors Misty and Barrie had to bring in their cat Jet and dog Scamp.  Why did they change clothes?  They were literally just at Catarina’s house a few hours ago!  Perhaps whatever happened to their pets dirtied their clothes.  And look!  LisaBee is also a vet here.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking it too when I first feasted my eyes on this gorgeous creature!  The guy?  What?  No! The handsome Void Pet!  He is Munchies McRam and his owner is Ash Ketchup!  Kinda like:

But even better!  Seven VoidCritters!  Can we spot them all?!

While purchasing some wellness treats for the other 3 cats I noticed the Age-Up Treat.  Who would so such a thing???

Uh, Brant?  You didn’t leave?  I suppose he decided to stick around and keep an eye on the other cats?  You could have at least picked those plates off of the floor buddy.  Ya know… I’m not feeling the beard and high-water jeans.  I think he’ll need a bit of a makeover whenever I get to their house.  I’m still holding out for the cat and dog from the trailer so don’t hold your breath!

Josie poses for a Simstigram photo.

Doc is feeling a bit frisky… if you know what I mean.  Hint-hint-wink-wink-nudge-nudge.  Catarina encouraged him to mate with one of the strays but alas it was not to be.  He just followed her into the house and took a nap.  That didn’t last long.

Why hello there!  It’s KitDragonFlight and her pup… I believe it was Flash?  I should write these things down because Twitter can’t be used as a reference when there are like 400 notifications in a day.

We were just about to settle in for some couch time with Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr when Josie decided to scratch the couch!  I tried and tried to find the interaction to stop her since I don’t want to waste money fixing it however that is done and there was none! There was just encourage.  Encourage?  I had to look under mean.  Well, that’s a bit harsh.  I suppose it must be because he’s mischievous.  Then immediately after that little Bart got it in his head he would try the same!  That was taken care of quickly because unlike Josie the option was right there to tell him to stop.

I think there were two stray cats outside fighting?  She ran out of the house and went over where they had been and acted scared. Okay then, Catarina.

And last but certainly not least.  I give you… the floating cat!  I realized I didn’t have a picture of Cleo on the wall yet.  She’s been kind of overlooked thus far.  So as she was running towards the stairs Catarina went to take a Simstigram photo.  Except it didn’t start right away and you see the results!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  This game is just so darned entertaining!

Chapter 1.4


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    • I laughed so hard at that! They did that autonomously! Unfortunately, two of the cats later developed fears of toilets and I had to lock them out of the bathrooms.


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