TS4- Bay Tides 1.1: Rainy & Dozer!!!

Rotation 1 Chapter 1

The hype was real!  I have never been around when an expansion pack released and had no idea how exciting it is sharing the experience with everyone.  We were counting down on Twitter and mooning over pics that people who already had the pack were tweeting as well as finding funny pet pics to share.  It was a blast.  Reminds me of the midnight releases of Harry Potter or the Star Wars movies.  The excitement was contagious and so much fun!  But finally, it was time to dive in and begin exploring this new pack!

I gave my simself a tiny makeover with some of the new stuff but my main focus was on creating my pal Dozer!

Isn’t he adorable?  I had a hard time of it at first.  There are so much more ways to manipulate the shapes and contours!  At first, I didn’t realize you could just look through pre-made coat patterns and I attempted to use the paint tool.  Sometime in the future I’ll try it again but it confused the heck out of me and I was grateful when I found the other option and was able to pick one and mess with the coloring to make my buddy shine!

Here he is!  This pic was a Simstigram pic!  I was trying to figure out how to best take a picture of him and I thought they would be posed picks like with sims but it’s just a pic of whatever the pet is doing at that moment.  So if you see something cute be sure to pause quickly and take a pic!

My new profile photo.  I swear I almost cried!

Dozer is a couch potato dog so we had some nice on the couch bonding.  He also has the loyal and playful traits.

Then, it was time to explore!  Let’s get the leash.  When I first leashed him it had a goofy pink collar.  I had to go back into CAP and change it back to the brown spiked one.

I’ve added a bunch of simselves into this save to act as townies since I use the actual townies in other stories.  This is Mel aka @TheOnlyMissMel.

Look at him run!  Look at his cute tail!

We stop to introduce ourselves to Tiger aka @TigerLover78.  Dozer doesn’t seem confident about this new person.

He had a thought bubble that made me think perhaps he needed some fun in his life so I moved the camera back to the home lot and dragged a ball into my inventory to play some catch.  It’s under training.

Go get it boy!  The only thing that the real Dozer plays with is 2-liter soda bottles.  Goofy dog.

Apparently, he needs more training.  He didn’t seem to know what to do next.

Ohmygosh he looked so upset about not knowing what to do!  It broke my heart.  Enough fetch for today.

While instructing Dodo to do his business BBQPenguinwing’s simself lurked by.  I didn’t know she was a vampire.  Luckily I have that sun mod in or she’d be frying!

Mel sees fit to walk over and exclaim over the pee on the ground.  Well, where else is he gonna do it?  Then, after she walked away Rainy did the same!  Geeze.  It’s like gardening all over again.  Water the plants and then complain that there’s water on the ground! These sims just can’t be content, can they?

Awe, my boy is tuckered out!  I decided to walk around and meet some sims while he napped.

So true to life!  Me with a tablet in my hands!  I met Catarina Lynx who has 3 cats and a kitten in her household.  I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to play them!

I have no idea what happened.  I clicked friendly introduction and they were on the beach.  But Rainy wouldn’t move so I reset her. When I looked she was running waaay behind the house to meet them.  This is Brent Hecking and his dog Rosie.  You might remember them from the first trailer.

I gave little Rosie a cautious introduction as well.  I’m not sure how you get “the friendliest introduction” from that I saw Rory do on her livestream because I did give Rainy the Dog Lover trait and I thought it would give that interaction.  In some cruel twist of fate the grumpy cat from the trailer whom I fell in love with that is also seen in Brent and his husband Brant’s wedding is missing from the game!  I refuse to play them until I can reunite the cat and dog.

I teleported Rainy back to the no longer napping Dozer who has discovered a present for us!  Ignore the random townie… I’ll get into that at the end of the post.

Oh, how exciting!  And it looks different than the toys I saw in buy mode but I could be wrong.  SweetOnSims also reported on Discord that her pup discovered a child’s toy worth $115.  It could be a nice little side income.  I know there is a way to train them to hunt for collectibles and I’m wondering if it’s similar to Sims 3 in which my Runaway Teen became practically rich off of her dog.

I decided to let my couch potato rest and we headed back to the house.  You can just click on them and under care it has the option to leash and then click go here wherever you want to walk to and they will walk with you.  Or you could also choose go for walk and they will just walk around aimlessly enjoying the scenery together.  This house was uploaded by SimsOnlineCom and is called Pets Starter.  I thought it was cute when I saw it on her Twitter.  I also downloaded the incredible Galaxy Cat she created to my library for later placement.  There are so many talented simmers I doubt that I will have a hard time finding pets until I decide to delve into learning CAP myself.

Oh that adoring look!  The house was originally set up for a cat but I changed it around for my boy.  Looks like I was so excited by the adorableness I forgot to put the walls up.  Pets are so distracting!

We had some more couch time in which he sat and licked and chewed his legs like he usually does and every once in awhile Rainy would pet him.  Then they couch hugged!!!  Oh my heart!  I did take a short video of him doing all of this but it appears I can’t put them on Twitter and I know I can’t put them here with the plan I have now.  I suppose if I get one I really like I can put it on my YouTube that I only use to follow other people so that I can share it.

I had turned on the auto feeder I bought him but he stood near it thinking of a pet bowl so I must have done something wrong.  I had to click on it and “fill and call to eat”.

Look at that smile!  This is where I quit for the night.  It was after 2am and if I didn’t want to sleep half the day today I needed to head to bed.  I took a pic of this pic (LOL!) with my phone and texted it to hubby and when he woke up this morning and saw it he couldn’t believe how realistic he is!

Now, at this point, the real Dozer would be hopping on the bed… onto my side of the bed… likely on my pillow.  But, sadly, they didn’t make it so that dogs can go on beds.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe it was too difficult to code but you would think it would be similar to sleeping on a couch.  But I digress… I am very much not a tech guru and things that I would think would be simple when the Sim Gurus explain why they haven’t done them yet like the lounge chairs we want so much I realize it’s not as simple as it seems.

I’ll get to why Rainy is not upstairs anymore in a bit.  Brushing the pup.  He doesn’t really need brushing nor does he in real life but it’s cute thus I must do it.

Soooo realistic!  Just like he sleeps in real life.

Hey buddy, want to go outside so I can see if you want to do your business?

I have no idea if he will need some sort of potty training but better to err on the side of caution, right?  So out we went to do the deed. I walked out with him on the leash and asked him to potty but I suppose I could have gone out there and called him just as easily.  I’ll figure all of this out sooner or later.  I don’t plan to play Rainy long.  I really just wanted to experience my boy Dozer!  So many times while playing this I teared up.  I am so happy with this pack.  I was overjoyed with the toddler addition mostly for family play and story reasons plus it fulfills that mom in me missing having little ones… but having pets in the game is a different kind of joy.  I think I’m more happy about them than I was toddlers.  I stopped here and I’ll explain why below…

Why me???

First, y’all know I despise random townies.  I prefer to micro-manage my townie population which is a big part of my Build a City Challenge motivation.  Okay, so most people, when I posted this on Twitter, said it was cuz I had “custom” there.  It was there because I was clicking everything to figure it out.

See?  I even removed all the mods and went back and still it wasn’t showing the randoms I saw roaming around!

To confuse me even further… when I started the game this morning all of those sims I couldn’t see were now there!  What the?  Delete delete delete.


Mods!  I love them but they don’t love me back.  I ended up having to remove MC Command Center’s pregnancy module.  I later removed almost every mod in the folder.  Deaderpool noted on Discord that he is aware of the issue and it will be in the next hotfix. I will not note here which of my friend’s simselves became married to a cat!  Needless to say, twice I had to exit without saving because of this.  I’ve gotten out of practice saving before the midnight alarms because I have marriage set to adults and elders and I didn’t really have any in my AfterTime or test saves.  I forgot to keep the pic of why I ragequit and removed almost every mod.  Because somehow the appearance of Meggle’s adorable little doggie Oolie was completely altered!  I have no idea if this was due to a mod or if it was a bug but I’ve decided to play mostly mod free as I’d originally planned to do just in case.

Cat missing! If you hear word please contact me!

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

This little series is just going to be kind of a fun little break from challenge play for awhile while I explore the new pack.  I don’t know how long it will go on.  Most likely I’ll get antsy not doing some sort of a challenge.  At that point, my plan is to continue AfterTime with these sims included in the rotation… except Rainy who is just a housed townie after I get some time with Dozer!

When re-reading this chapter for errors I watched the YouTube video and I think that the dog in the Hecking household is not the dog in the trailer either!  What the?

I totally stole the “Bae” from RoryPlays!  Thanks Rory!

15 thoughts on “TS4- Bay Tides 1.1: Rainy & Dozer!!!

  1. Ahw this chapter warmed my heart, I loved reading it!! I was smiling throughout. Other than watching the trailers & twitter screenshots I haven’t seen much of the new content. So seeing screenshots of the interactions we can do made me awh since they’re all super cute!! Dozer is adorable!! I love how he’s super cuddly but has a spiked collar like he’s a tough guy haha! Is it that cuddly irl too?? Also I was feeling your happiness and excitement throughout reading it (:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, what a great chapter. I loved seeing Dozer and you did good such a good job creating him 🙂
    I too got very confused with the CAP, thankfully my dog, Toby, is a chocolate labrador so he was so easy to create. He’s in my new Let’s Play 😀
    Can’t wait to read the rest and try to catch up lol

    Liked by 1 person

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