Mod Mayhem! #Mad4Mods

As of 11/12, I am giving up on this endeavor.  According to Coolspear’s recent post on the Naughty Sims Asylum, most of the game coding has changed.  He isn’t even sure he wants to go through the trouble to update his mods.  Hearing this makes me even less confident with the quick updates that were put through from other modders.  I don’t believe it and I don’t trust any of them at this point.  I’ll leave it to someone else to play and find all of the issues that the quickly patched mods cause.  Mayhem indeed.  If I have an issue in game I want to be confident it was caused by an in-game issue and not a mod.  I’ll be vanilla Rainy for awhile at least.

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack came with a game patch that broke most mods.  Most of you know that I have recently become absolutely addicted to mods!  #Mad4Mods The result of that addiction is the new modded version of the Build a City Challenge rules which are very much still in testing. Here’s the list.  I’m trying to update it but haven’t been very thorough since I’m distracted by all of the Cats and Dogs everywhere.

Update: I’ve gotten this error: “TypeError: has_bit() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘bit'” Twice now.  I asked Deaderpool and he said it’s not from MCCC.  No clue what is causing it but everything I have in is working except the known issues in MCCC.

Deaderpool– MC Command Center (All modules+profiler) (Lives in script folder) Hotfix update only… aging and some pregnancy mentioned as broken.  Tested with the 16 sim Curses household and everything seems fine.

Update: It seems that when going into pre-patch saves testingcheats isn’t enabled when it’s set to be enabled in MCCC.

Itasan2– Show/Search Sim Info package script  Updated by modder

AKLSimmer– Reduced Random Townies Generating package Tested by me working, as usual, no errors

Mummy19692– No Autonomous Putting Toys Away package  No clue cuz it’s on frigging Sims Resource

Pawql– Blickblock Build Logic Skill package  No update… will test sometime

Peterskywalker– Hide Lot Trait Head Fx package Tested by me working, as usual, no errors

Pawlq– No More Elders and Ghosts in Nightclub package  No update… will test sometime

Triplis– Toddler Potty Gloat package  Updated

Weerbesu– UI Cheats Extension package script  Updated!!!

Zcrush– Longer Makeout Sessions and Intamices package  No update… will test sometime

TwistedMexi– Daywalker Vampire script Tested by me working, as usual, no errors

Aren– No Food Sparkles (stays zipped) Tested by me working, as usual, no errors

Plasticbox– Cheat Shortcuts (stays in it’s own folder in mods folder) Tested by me working, as usual, no errors


Teleport Any Sim package script  Is mentioned on Sims VIP as working in comments

Clay Blob Builds Creativity package  No update… will test sometime

Shimrod– Nothing shows as updated but I’m not sure if he updates anymore and don’t feel like testing them yet

CAS Modifier Bugfix package

Ghosts No Puddles package

Pillow Talk after Woohoo package

Woohoo Acceptance Animations Replaced package


Note: Everything has been updated on her Patron.  Not sure about the regular site. 

I haven’t tested any of it yet since I’ve not really played since the patch.

Babysitter package script

More Away Actions package

No Auto Set Table and Wash Dish package

No Restaurant Bill When Invited package script

Preferences Lot Trait package

Sleep All Night package

Toddler Ask For Food package

Ultrasound Scan package script

Updated Zooroo ATM package

Writing Progress Bugfix package

Auto Gardening 10am-3pm Plant Lover Only package

Earbuds Are Fun package

Free Staff Market Stall No Phone Call package

Hire Lot Owner package

Housewarming Party Instead of Welcome Wagon package

Improved Meditation Stool package

Improved Yoga Mat package

More Bowling Options package

More Buyable Venues package script (Favorite!)

Venue List package

Watch Movies and Be Quiet package

No Strangers Knocking At Your Door package

No Talking to Plants package

No Tiny Harvestables package

Parenting Skill for Teens (Ask to stop interaction for all!) package

Power Workouts package

Quick Shower w/o Towel package script

Sell More Selfmade Woodwork package

Send To Bed package script

Unlock Door For Chosen Sims package script

Coolers Are Cooling package

Give a Gift package script

Longer Sit in Highchair package

Miscarriage Version 3 Middle 7 Days package script

Miscarriage Optional Infertility package

Social Activities package script

More Visitors package script

Force to Leave package script

JustAnotherSimsFan–  No updates

Gender Filters For Clubs package

Longer Interaction Queue package  Is mentioned on Sims VIP as being broken… can’t use stairs.

No Angry and Embarrassed Alien Discovery package


No updates


Insects-all packages

Bowing Less Delay Each Turn package

Keep Copy Published Books package

No Fires Junior Wizard Table package

Door Locks Community Lots package

Eat and Drink Faster package

Cowplant Tweaks package

Larger Storage Aquariums package

Voidcritter Cards Not Removed package

CL Bulletin Board package

Faster Evaporation Time package

Reworked Motion Gaming Rig Sessions package

School Days S2-both package

School Uniforms package

Nap in Bath package

No Auto Check Toddler package

No Auto Kick Trashcan package

No Auto View Bubble Blower package

No Auto View Talking Toilet package

No Auto Watch Toddler package

No Auto Browse Books package

No Auto Toddler Ask to Be Picked Up package

Social Friendlier Ask to Leave package

Get to Know No Cooldown package

No Hidden Traits Icons & Text package Tested by me working, as usual, no errors

Venues No Objects Required package

Equal Chance All Fish Special package

Neon Signs Fully Upgraded package

Fresh Fish Storage Clone package


Georgesims– Grocery Mod package  Shows as unmaintained… I’ll test it at some point

The Food Group– Custom Food Interactions package script  Listed as broken on Sims VIP

Yakfarm– Food Retexture package  No updates

Graycurse– All the things! packages  Updated

Icemunmun– All the things! packages  All but the custom recipes have been updated last I looked

Necrodog– 15 Mini Pizzas For Restaurants packages  No updates

Ohmysims– (Back away… I see more I want now!) Jajangmyeon, Jjamppong, Soba, Udon Octopus, Udon Tempura Shrimp, Cup Ramen packages No updates

Credit for the awesome pic: We’re All Mad Here is a painting by Luis Navarro

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