TS4- Curses! 4.12: Everything’s Changing

Gen 4 Chapter 12 aka Rainy’s plotting…

After Beal had finished reading his father Enver’s journal he found the rest of the family finishing up breakfast and told them Enver’s request.  The family agreed that they would try their hardest to follow his wishes.

With the heavy burden of loss off of their shoulders, the family decided to celebrate together again.  It’s Beal’s birthday first aging to adult.

Then Aimi ages to teen.

Kevine glances up at his pretty cousin and winks…

Before blowing out the candles himself.

He seems quite pleased with his own transformation.

Selfie time!  Nobody could call the Maledire kids ugly anymore that’s for sure.  Everyone agrees that that curse is surely broken.

Kevine checks out his new space.

And Aimi checks out hers.

The celebrations were winding down and it was time to get working on the plants.  Keane noticed something new.  A bee box and some seeds for plants they’d never seen before!

This must have been Prisha’s gift.  New produce and a bee box!

Some things never change in this family.

These four were talking but it looks like Kumiko and Zhang are subtly flirting.

Beal tries smoking the bee box and is proud he only got stung once!

Is Beal telling Kevine about the bees?  Hopefully not the birds and the bees!

Awe poor Ira.  She lost Don’t Wake the Llama and went to cry in bed.

Uzuri plays doctor while Keane and Rieko watch tv.

Shaina almost had a fall on the monkey bars!

Oh Teague, get the hint buddy.  This conversation is getting awkward and they’re not even hiding the fact that they’re flirting now!  And then one by one everyone headed to their individual houses for the night.

In the morning they got a bit of a shock.  Two sims Albert and Kellie call some of them over from the street.  They say they’re from the new military.

“We have no idea why your lot wasn’t affected by it.  You’re very lucky!”

Zhang was angry because Albert told them that they would need to report to the military base for an appointment.

When Rieko heard that they were supposed to leave their lot she laughed.

“Leave the lot?  Suuure lady, no problem there!  We’ll see you in a few days.”

Kumiko came over to see what happened after the soldiers left.  Rieko laughed and told her what they’d said.

“But what if Rieko?” Kumiko asked.  “Everything else is changing!  I’ve gotta try.  Nobody’s tried since Enver!”

After standing there for a few minutes in shock a smug grin grew over Kumiko’s face.  “But, what does this mean?” Rieko asked.  “I don’t know,” Kumiko smiled, “but I can’t wait to find out!”


Poor Kevine.  I agree it looks terrible!

Chapter 4.13 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

A week real time passed between the last “night” picture and the first “morning” picture.  A lot of plotting and prep has happened in the meantime.  Am I going to tell you what’s happening?  Pfft!  As if!  I will say one thing.  If you think you recognize someone you’re right.  Also, I have no idea why the family reacted like they did because I was playing the soldiers at first but it worked pretty good for screenshots!

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