TS4- Curses! Extra: Enver’s Gift

Written by Enver Maledire in his last hours…

Our family has a tradition of leaving gifts to cheer the family after their passing.  This, my dear family, is my gift to you.

Those of us who knew my grandmother Calissa will soon be gone.  My twin sister Sanaa and I knew her longer than our cousins Calix and Kanai did since we were older.  She was a wonderful and kind person.  Full of happiness and life.  I strove my whole life to mirror this.

These curses were hers to bear and yet, for the most part, I believe none of us suffers from anything we may have lost because of them.  Save one.  We all live very short and full lives but with this, we see quite a bit of death as well.  When my grandfather died my grandmother begged the reaper to just give him one more day so that the family wouldn’t be sad for Calix and Kanai’s birthdays.  She was refused.

At the time my mother blamed the reaper but she later changed her mind.

She told us once how unhappy it made her mother to see us all so sad.  How this worried Calissa greatly.

She tried to explain to Sanaa and I shortly before she passed away but we wouldn’t listen.

I’d never understood what made her try to leave the lot that night.

Aunt Mayumi locked the door so no one could enter to mourn for her.  We were all confused and we all still mourned.

And then it was our turn.  Our turn to understand what our mother tried to explain to us all of those years ago.  I saw how upset my sister was after her husband’s death.  I tried to cheer her but she was inconsolable.

I saw the effect that this death had on the family members.  Especially little Aimi who is such a cheerful child.  It was heartbreaking seeing her so distraught.

After his mother’s death, Beal confessed that my grandson Kevine was worried about being sad like his cousin Aimi when his own grandparents die.

By this point, I’d already had the same thought.  When it was my time and I should have gone with my twin I held on.  I wanted to observe the family. I needed time to think.

I spoke with Kevine alone away from the family.  I tried to explain to him he didn’t have to be sad when I go.  I told him it is just a part of life.  He confessed that he would feel guilty if he was not sad.  He would feel like a bad grandson to not mourn me and his grandmother.  But there must be a way.

After the death of my wife I spoke privately with the reaper.  I explained my problem.  He told me it is a choice.  That we are not obligated to mourn but like Kevine most sims feel that they are.  He said it is past my time but he would give me one more day to find a way to tell my family how I feel.

I spent the next day enjoying the family and trying to decide what I wanted to say and then as everyone went to bed I sat to write this to leave for you.  I write this to you now with joy in my heart.  I wanted to give the family a gift that cannot be bought.  I don’t want you to mourn.  I want you to smile…

I want you to remember us the way we were.  Think on the happy times.  Find the joy in life.

Look to the future.

Time goes so fast.  Before you know it it will be your kids turns to marry and have children.  Every moment is a gift.  Do not squander them grieving something that cannot be changed.  I hope you will heed my wish.  I hope that you enjoy my gift.

The reaper has agreed that he will arrive at midnight.  I will place this where my grave will be so in the morning it will be seen.  He promised that this time only no one would wake.  It seems he has a soft heart for a certain little girl who tried to bite him!  It is time. I go gladly to be with my wife and twin and all of the rest of my family in the Netherworld.

PS. Something the reaper said makes me think something big is happening soon.  Be prepared.  Embrace change.  Take care of each other.  Keep your spirits high and your dreams higher.



Chapter 4.12

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