TS4- Curses! 4.11: Overcoming Sadness

Gen 4 Chapter 11 aka deciding how to go…

Awe!  Kumiko gives Shaina an impromptu hug.

Prisha searches for her calm center.

Time for more birthdays.  Since everyone is still mourning it’s just the individual families again.  Houda ages to adult.  Yes, she was older than Beal.

Then it’s Shaina’s turn aging to child!

Here she is in her little area of the house before going to sleep.

And then in the morning, it’s Rieko’s turn to age to adult.

The small celebration was cut off though when Prisha passed away.

Enver and Beal place the grave and release her spirit.

I don’t think that’s a good idea Grim!

Told ya!  Good girl Uzuri.

Kevine returns home from school only to learn that his grandmother has died.

Sterling helps his granddaughter with her homework and asks her how her first day of school went.

Yes, another birthday.  It’s Uzuri’s turn to age to child.

And here’s her little niche in the house.  I think it’s time to shop for some new kids room decor!

In the morning, Keane ages to adult too.

Uzuri discovers that Karson and Sanaa had gifted the family a big pirate ship jungle gym.  No big surprise there since Karson was childish.

Later she finds Teague and makes fun of adults.  He didn’t find this very amusing.

Then she trained the Voidcritter card that her mom gave her.  She’s a little annoyed that she’s stuck home with all of the adults while the rest of the kids are at school having fun.

This kid came home from school with one of them and started yelling and hitting the poor stuffed animal.  Why do these kids always show up angry?

Shaina finds her dad painting and tells him excitedly about some candy she had in school.

Now that both girls are children they decided to take some pictures!


and Izuri.  Both girls are so adorable!  So is Aimi for that matter.

As everyone gets ready for bed Zhang listens to Kumiko play guitar.

Early the next morning Beal goes to check on his father and finds him missing.  As a last resort, he looks and sees that there is a new grave marker.  His father died in the night and it seems no one was alerted!  What’s even stranger is that there appears to be a journal open with a marked page in front of the grave.

He sits down at the little table in front of Kanai and Sterling’s home where everyone seems to like to sit and begins to read.

Enver’s Gift



Shaina enthusing about candy!

Chapter 4.12

Chapter notes:

So that’s it.  The first four are gone.  Four days they had the sad mourning moodlets!  It was so depressing for me.  I felt like I shouldn’t take happy screenshots because everyone should be sad.  I felt guilty even doing the birthdays!  Think about it like this… poor Uzuri has only had part of a day, her first day as a toddler, without the sad moodlet.  I had thought before that having them sad for one day instead of two was a good concession to their short lives.  But that wasn’t taking into account the fact that there would be 4 deaths!  I have absolutely no idea why Enver lived so long.  Up to this point, I’ve always thought that the deaths in Sims 4 are extremely predictable.  Usually, sims with the same birthday die at the exact same time.  I really thought we’d only have one or two days of this.  Never had I expected four!  It also took me 2 days to play out these last two chapters because I was dreading taking all the sadness.  So I thought long and hard and got advice from a few people.  I’ve decided what to do which you’ll discover in the extra chapter Enver’s Gift which if you’re reading this after it’s published you should have found a link to after the picture of Beal reading it. I had to go back to a save a few hours before Enver died to take a few screenshots.  I also took out the screenshots of his death from this chapter.  I hope everyone is pleased with my decision.

To add a little cheer… this is my 600th post to this blog!

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