TS4- Curses! 4.10: Little Happy Moments

Gen 4 Chapter 10 aka this is so depressing…

After Karson’s death, Zhang takes it upon himself to cheer up little Uzuri.

Such a little sweetie.

Sanaa comforts little Aimi.

But maybe it was the other way around?

Keane thanks her for helping her grandma feel better.

Enver sits and chats with his son while he’s playing chess.

Awe how sweet.  Yes, she’s wearing a towel.

Birthday time.  Since everyone is mourning only the immediate family members participate.  First it’s Sterling’s turn.

Then, his wife Kanai.

Then Calix…

And last is Ira.

Elder selfie time.  Kanai and Sterling…

Calix and Ira.

Kevine gets a cuddle from grandma Prischa while they watch a movie.

Then he grabs something to eat and chats with grandpa Enver.

Good morning little cupcake!  Looks like Uzuri needs another bath.  Maybe that’s why daddy and mommy look like that?

Enver gives his twin a hug to try to cheer her up.

So cute!  Something was funny!

Aimi is still sad too.

Awe look at them.  I just want to cuddle them both!

Then, moments later, Sanaa passes on.

Keane goes alone to release his mother’s spirit.

Rieko brings Aimi inside to talk to her and try to cheer the poor girl up.

Then, when she comes back out to get something to eat, Paris checks to make sure she’s okay.

Kevine tells his dad he’s worried about how sad it will be when it’s his grandma and grandpa too.


Kevine tried to talk to his dad outside but Keane and Teague were doing some weird backward selfie!  Before this, they did that weird backward hug that looks like their arms are dislocating.

She was so energized it overwhelmed the sad moodlet.

Now instead of checking them, they do this.

Chapter 4.11

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