TS4- Curses! 4.9: Families within the Family

Gen 4 Chapter 9 aka we were all so happy…

When Shaina was getting sleepy the night before there was a choice, bath or bed.  Bed was chosen but that meant the poor little cherub woke up filthy.  Bath time daddy!

There we go.  I’m sure she’ll feel much better once she’s squeaky clean.

Such a big girl going potty all by herself without even being told to!

Now that little Shaina is set to rights let’s check on the rest of the family.  Breakfast is my favorite time of day.  Everyone sits together and chats while they eat.  Then the kids go off to school and one by one the rest of the family is off to pursue their interests.

Seems like Sterling’s having a nice chat with Prisha and Karson.  Maybe they’re filling him in on what being an elder is like since he will be one soon.  That haircut makes him look really young perhaps we should start doing adult makeovers as well to avoid confusion.

I cannot describe the utter joy of seeing our little bug age up with her mother’s skintone.  She’s the fifth generation to carry it forward from Calissa.  She did inherit her daddy’s eyes though.  We’ll have to wait until she gets older to see what other features she’s inherited from her parents, unfortunately.

Let’s get a close-up of that face!  So cute!

Seeing the little tot brings a smile to Enver’s face.

Look Shaina, another toddler!  It appears they need to add somewhere to this area for toddlers to sit and eat.  Poor girl’s eating on the grass.

Grandpa Calix reads a story to Uzuri and they test out the new pillows but she’s feeling defiant and isn’t very interested in the book.

Checking in to see where Shaina has gotten off to she’s watching some television with her parents.

I don’t even think Karson’s paying attention to Keane’s joke.  That look is too fond for that.  I think he’s looking at his son and thinking how proud he is of him.

It’s mommy and tot time!  No Houda, you already had one no more babies for you!

Watching them here I had an epiphany.  Sure, they’re all family in some way.  They are all descendants of  Calissa and Raymond and their mates.  But it’s more than that.  Each of them.  Each branch is like a family within a family.

See what I mean?

Sanaa seems to have hurt her back playing in a pile of trash but she still has a big smile so I don’t think she minds much.

This bathroom is awkward to maneuver in.  Potty training time for little Uzuri.

The kids get out of school and Aimi makes a beeline for the monkey bars.  She must have a lot of pent-up energy after her school day.

A rare moment of these twins chatting together.  Wonder what they’re talking about?

Grandma Prisha helps Kevine with his homework.  Why are they all always in their bathing suits?

Three generations all together.  Gotta spend time with grandpa Karson while we can.

He seems in high spirits despite the clock ticking down.

A kiss on the cheek for Prisha from Enver.

Whatever it is that Houda is telling her son both he and his grandma don’t seem too enthused.  Enver seems to find it funny though. Kevine just puts his homework away and grabs some dinner ignoring her completely.

Where you going tiny tots?  Looks like Teague’s trying to listen to Ira but watching the kids instead.  Really though, how could you not want to watch them?

Kevine is much less social choosing to play alone with the blocks while everyone else is together.

Hey munchkin you need to start getting ready for bed!

Gotta fill up that belly before bed though.

Shaina did not eat before bed and woke at two am to eat a hotdog outside of her house while everyone else slept.

Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it any easier.  Sanaa wakes and unlocks the door so the family can come in.

Everyone runs out of their homes still dressed in their pajamas to mourn Karson’s loss.

Kevine tries to console Aimi but she’s too upset to listen.  There’s a lot of crying happening in this tiny house.

Karson’s grave is moved out to the graveyard that started out little but is getting quite large.  Rieko comes and gathers her daughter and mother-in-law when Keane asks.

Keane does what needs to be done knowing it won’t be very long at all before he’s doing the same for his mother as well.


I love this interaction but refuse to try to edit them in CAS until I can save the game first so we always miss it since I change the clothes later.  I was overjoyed to see her.

I took this while I was waiting for Shaina to finish eating and go back to bed.  It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?  I think I can finally say I’m done building houses.

This was so annoying.  Like seconds before Karson died I’d told the two kids to eat something and then they brought the food in and both stood in the same spot eating it like this.  I wanted to get another pic and couldn’t!  I had to reset them both and drag the plates outside to finally get them to move apart and get another pic.

Chapter 4.10

Chapter notes:

I’ve deleted the original chapter notes.  Most of you know what’s coming.  Some of you know how hard all of it was on me at the time and even thinking about it is upsetting.  By the time Enver died I was completely miserable.  I tried to keep playing but I just couldn’t. Since then I haven’t really played at all until today.  (The day before this chapter publishes 10/25.)  I think it’s been over two weeks.  I spent a lot of time messing around with writing challenge rules and testing a ton of mods.  I’ve done tons of work on something new.  But, I just wanted to assure everyone I’m not abandoning this family.  I have plans for them.  I will give you one spoiler because it doesn’t pertain to anything else. I’ve changed their aging.  Short is fine with a small family.  But with a gigantic family like this, it’s just too much.  Their aging once I play them again will be a little less than the normal lifespan and I’ve added a 2nd day onto pregnancy length as well.  I’m hoping this will give us some breathing room.  BUT we have to get through the next two chapters first.  I’m just going to admit now that I handled these deaths terribly.  But you have my promise that I’ve done as much as I can to make things easier for all of us once we get through these next chapters.  Thank you so much, everyone.  I know so many of you love these sims as much as I do and I hope you’ll be happy to learn that they’ll age a bit slower so we’ll have more time to enjoy them.

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