TS4- Curses! 4.8: Parenting Experts

Gen 4 Chapter 8 aka trying to guess what everyone’s talking about…

I know I shouldn’t pick favorites… but these are my two favorite couples right now.  I keep having to stop myself from taking tons of pictures of them!  Reiko jokes about how Keane ran out of the house scared when she gave birth.  Everyone has a good laugh over that… except Zhang.  Perhaps he’s getting worried?

Paris playing with baby Shaina.  As you can see behind her the toddler area is already set up and ready to go.

Did that mothering wear you out Paris?

I’m not sure if Aimi is old enough to watch this…

Then again, maybe Kumiko isn’t either.

Houda helps Kevine with his homework.  A little genius in the making.

Maybe not the most athletic though.

Good morning family!  Time for a new day.  Aimi and Kevine have their first day of school today.  Kumiko is due to give birth at any moment and Shaina will be aging to toddler.

There she is!  Blonde hair!  We finally have a child without black or red hair in the family.  It only took five generations.

As predicted Kumiko goes into labor soon after breakfast.  Zhang seems excited.

Then again… maybe not?  Poor guy really panicked!

Another girl!  Looks like another generation with three girls and one boy like the third.  Her name is Uzuri.  I wish we could tell her skin color as a baby.

Kumiko calls for her wayward husband.  He seems to be very excited now that the whole birth part is over.  Perhaps Keane’s story freaked the poor guy out.

Checking back in on our little toddler as she makes her way to the ball pit.

So cute!  Soon you’ll have someone to play with you.

That someone would be Uzuri, of course.  She won’t be a baby for long!  Calix and Ira come running to meet their little granddaughter.

Teague brags about his superior parenting skills.

Our little bunny girl had to take frequent naps today to regulate her sleep schedule.

Gasp!  Kanai and Sterling for shame!  Anyone can see you!

Karson was chatting with his wife and Calix when he suddenly stopped talking mid-conversation and wandered away.

Oh, I guess this explains it.

Shaina having a chat with grandma.  Looks like daddy’s coming to tell her it’s nap time again.

Now it’s Zhang’s turn to brag about his superior parenting skills.

These two came home from school with Kevine and Aimi.  Aimi was very hungry so she left Kevine to entertain the boys.  Their names are Aldo and Waldemar.  Aldo aged to teen at some point after leaving the house though so I doubt we’ll see him again.

Now now you two none of that!  What is making these sims all flirty today?

Umm kids… I don’t think you should watch the television that close.

Whatever Enver and Prisha are laughing about Zhang doesn’t seem to get the joke.

I wonder if Teague has one of those laughs that just makes others smile?  Seems to work on Keane and Aimi at least.  Poor Reiko is just bored because someone has turned on kids network yet again.

Little Shaina makes a brief appearance after her second nap of the day.  She seems to get along well with Aimi.

Time to take care of our wee lass before bedtime.  She’ll be a toddler too tomorrow!


Those reeds have been there from the time the pool was put there and nobody ever sat in them like this.  Now they all keep doing it! I’m going to have to remove them if it keeps up because this would have been a really cute pic.

When they were watching the scary movie Prisha had this funny thought bubble and when I paused to zoom in to get a closer look Enver got a butterfly one.  I don’t think he’s paying attention to the movie… or chainsaw murders make him think of butterflies?

Yes, well… after that slipup on the monkeybars you’re probably right Kevine.

Remember their friend Izumi from high school?  Somehow she married the Grim Reaper.  Uh, yea.  So I freaked out and did some research and found that if you add Grimmy to a household another will be spawned.  At first, I was going to delete him… but then I thought I’d wait and see if they have kids.  That would be funny!  I really don’t think this should have happened though so I guess I’ll have to report it to the mod creator.

I love taking screenshots of the lineup!

Chapter 4.9 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

I’m going to try to have the chapters start in the morning and end at night before bed from now on.  I don’t know about you but sometimes it confuses me when they start in the middle of the day like this one did.  I don’t know what’s going on with the older generation but someone’s gonna hurt themselves if they keep woohoo’ing like this!  Sanaa had that dangerously tired moodlet and a poor woohoo one too when I sent her to bed.  Speaking of elders we got our first notification that it’s almost Karson’s time shortly before they all went to sleep.  If this ends up being as bad as I think it might become I might have to reevaluate the mourning moodlet being one day.  There are 4 of them that are elders right now and 4 more that will be aging to elder within the next few days. I know it’s a sad thing when one of them passes… trust me, I usually cry myself.  But I usually take little to no screenshots during the mourning period so basically, that means up to 8 days with barely any screenshots.  If you look at it like each day is one year that’s an entire childhood plus two teen years!

Uzuri- Swahili name meaning ‘beauty’ pronounced Uz-ur-ee

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