TS4- Curses! 4.7: Growing Pains

Generation 4 Chapter 7 aka Y’all are driving me crazy…

A/N: The first few screenshots were taken during Kumiko and Zhang’s courtship but it was confusing adding them in that chapter so I’m putting them here instead…

Sterling chats with Kevine as he makes a mess of his food.

First, she’s grilling with no skill when there’s plenty of food because someone is standing in front of the darned fridge.  Yes, I mean you Sanaa!  Second, look at that baby bump!

Toddler cuteness!  These two rarely ever spend any time together unless told to.  It’s so strange.

Children play in the ball pit so I can take a pic of your cuteness!

Keane contracted the illness that’s been spreading rampantly through the family and seemed to be fascinated with his spots!

Prisha joins her husband in elderhood and now we’ll finally be able to distinguish her from her daughter-in-law.  Perhaps things will be less creepy in that branch of the family?  We can only hope.

Teague feels Paris’s belly.  Those stripes are quite fetching on her.

Ohmygosh these two I just can’t.  All of these couples are just so adorable!

Paris wakes Teague in the middle of the night with labor pains.  They get the honor of testing out a new cradle.

A girl!  Both parents are thrilled.  Her name is Shaina.

Daddy tends to his new baby girl while Paris runs to grab something to eat.  Pregnancy really takes a toll on these poor sims!

And the new cradle checks out!  It is the cutest thing ever!

In the morning Kumiko announces to Zhang that she is pregnant!  Good thing the older cousins will be aging up today.

Ira is thrilled that she will be a grandma soon.  Teague thinks it’s great that their kids will be so close together.

Then Kanai and Sterling wake up and discover that they’d become grandparents while they slept.  They rush over to meet little Shaina.

I don’t know about Beal but I cannot wait for this stubborn boy to age up today!

See?  Aimi knows how it’s done!

Kumiko is feeling a lot of morning sickness.  She did this all day.  Prisha whips up a new cake for the toddlers so they can age up.

First to go is Aimi since she was born first.

Then it’s Kevine’s turn.

The children show off their niches in their homes.  A lot more was put into decorating their areas than even their parent’s generation. It’s so much easier with only one child per house!  We can get creative.

Hey kids!  Do you know what time it is?

Stop!  Selfie time…


Calix had a swimsuit malfunction before they all went to bed… and then must have liked the freedom because he woke up and started grilling nude as well!  He was reminded that he will be a grandfather soon and should act appropriately.  After I took some pics of course!

Speaking of malfunctions.  I paused the game to tell Kumiko to go take a pregnancy test and they were like this.  Have you ever looked under the covers when they woohoo?  Don’t.  It’s terrifying!

Oh Paris.  We can’t help but love you.  Even if you are insane.

The lineup pre-birthday party.

Okay, everyone is thinking of Keane helping Aimi blow out the candles except Rieko and Beal.  Rieko has a gold heart.  Awe so sweet.  Beal, on the other hand, is thinking he’d rather be reading a book!  Not cool Beal.  Your son’s next.

Aimi gained the goofball trait from her mother.  Kevine gained the genius trait from both parents.

Chapter 4.8

Chapter notes:

Yes, I do realize the older cousins were not born at the same time.  Here’s what happened.  I waited for the notifications that it was almost their birthday as per usual.  The problem is that the notifications for toddlers on short is different.  It’s not the day before it’s like 12 hours before or something.  So I wrote down what time their notifications were thinking I’d need to age them up before those times.  And both of their notifications that it was their birthday popped up while they were sleeping!  So, I could either wait and let them age up individually minus the celebration or age them together which is what I chose.  As you can see I put a table in an empty space.  They still crowded around really close.  They’re driving me nuts!

Shaina- Yiddish name meaning ‘beautiful’ pronounced Shay-nuh.

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