TS4- Curses! 4.6: Sweet Serenade

Generation 4 Chapter 6 aka Rainy has a crush on Kumiko’s new man…

It’s finally birthday time.  The first birthday is Enver’s aging to elder.

And then his twin sister Sanaa joins him.

Last is Kumiko aging to young adult.

Oddly, they look the most like twins now that they’re elders.

Early the next morning Paris announces that she’s pregnant.

Keane and Rieko get in a little alone time before joining everyone else for breakfast.  With this family, you gotta get the alone time when you can!

Breakfast time!  Now that Kumiko’s house is completed the family had enough money to buy the rest of the chairs for the second table.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?  Here’s the outside.

Aaand the inside!  Tour over.  Bench time.

It was decided that the placement of the bench was very distracting.  Especially being near the garbage can and garlic plants.  Family members would use those as excuses to spy on the courting sims.  For shame!  So Kumiko had the bench moved and a little hedge put in for privacy when her house was being assembled.

Well hello there handsome!  A boy that used to go to school with them… and yet none of them knew… his name is Zhang.

(He’s serenading her! Look at her face!)

And he meets mom and dad.


She was talking about something and he got this look on his face.  It was too funny not to screenshot!


Apparently, Zhang has an interest in trash.  This made me laugh so I had to screenshot it.

This is the first time I’ve seen this interaction.  It was so sweet!

Chapter 4.7

Chapter notes:

What fate that Kumiko is interested in music and Zhang is a singer!  I took more than the normal number of screenshots during their courtship because they were so darned adorable!

As you know from the previous chapter, I made the mistake of playing out part of the day before Kumiko and Zhang met and then kept playing into the day after.  This left me with a whopping 55 screenshots!  I moved some of those into the previous chapter and some I’m holding for the next.  I even deleted some.  Anyway, it left this chapter with less than the usual number.  

Thanks go out to b0nny_bonbon for the Boho Micro Mid Starter which inspired Kumiko’s little house.

Zhang had a name that like 4 other sims in this save have and I don’t particularly like.  I thought he looked Asian so I found a list of top 100 names of East Asia and used a number generator to rename him.  I don’t understand why the game keeps naming so many sims the same!  There have been several Arjuns and also several Houda’s that I’ve noticed.

13 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 4.6: Sweet Serenade

  1. Do you have MCCC installed? If you do theres an option to name townies when they’re born. Then you can make sure they arent all named the same. I typically just randomize it but if I see a name that I know another sim has I randomize it again. Of course then you could always name thing 1, thing 2, thing 3, thing 4… lol

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