My Build a City Challenge Rules are up!

Some of you already know this but I’ve been in a total playing rut for weeks now.  I just haven’t had any urge to play.  So this is what I’ve been working on instead.  The Build A City Challenge (BACC) rules!  OMG  I knew that this would be a huge undertaking and it really was!  I started out with one page here on Rainy Gamez like I normally do with challenge rules.  But as I tested out different things and referred back to the rules page I kept getting lost because it was so long.  I ended up using cntrl+f to find things I was looking for so that I could add to them.  In the end, I made a new blog just for the 10 pages that the challenge rules, ideas, mods, etc took up!

Now, be warned, all I have done thus far is test out most of the mods in the suggested mods to see whether they will work as planned for this challenge.  I have set up a save for my own gameplay and used that at first for the testing but as of now, I haven’t actually played it.  There are some unlocks that I’m not sure if they are too strict or not since I haven’t gotten nearly far enough to test out the population multiplier but I expect they should work just as well for Sims 4 as they did for Sims 2.  I haven’t yet tested all of the community lots with Lil Ms Sam’s venues mod but I don’t foresee any problems with it since she tests out and uses her own mods.

While I know that Cats and Dogs will be released and there are some mentions and special rules for pets as well as Brindleton Bay I also fear that the patch prior to the expansion’s release may break some of the mods that make this challenge work.  I’m still waiting to find out what exactly we can hire out for services for pets and any abilities they may have that could be added.  I doubt they’ll have careers but who knows!  I also still need to think up some way to unlock the vet career.  Until then, I’ll just leave it unlocked because it would suck to have to wait to play it just like it would suck not being able to have pets or visit Brindleton Bay!

Whew!  Okay so here’s the link to the rule site.  I’ve also added a link to the top menu of this blog with the other challenge rules that I’ve written or revised.  Let me know if something needs to be fixed or you have an idea to make it better.  My brain is utter mush after working on this for the last week and a half!

Sims 4 Build a City Challenge

14 thoughts on “My Build a City Challenge Rules are up!

  1. I am very very confused haha. Mainly because I am not familiar with the original challenge but I will take the time to read everything over until I fully understand it. What confuses me most is the calculations of the population & unlocking lots & worlds. I definitely want to try this though. (I’m a sucker for trying new challenges)

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  2. Hi there! I just started your BACC challenge a few days ago and I love it. I hope it’s okay to ask this here but I wanted to make sure I understand the career rule correctly – if I have a position available or career unlocked, the only sim who can take that position or enter the career is one who has rolled it. Is that correct? Or can a sim who has rolled something else take that career temporarily to fund the career they really need?

    Thanks, and I’m enjoying reading your stories and challenges!

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    • In the beginning it will be hard to get anybody in the actual career that they’ve rolled so I would say yes that if a career is open and there’s no chance they can get into the career they rolled that they can get the open career. But let’s say you add a new household and a sim rolls for the career you’ve put that sim in that isn’t their chosen career and there’s no openings then that opening defaults to the new sim that did roll for it. I hope that makes sense?

      It’s fine to ask questions here. Other people might find them helpful too. I’m on Twitter a lot if you wanted more of a conversation. Thanks for reading!


      • Hi! Yes, thank you, that makes sense. In the particular situation I was thinking of the household really needed to open a restaurant, but I couldn’t see how they were going to afford it. I ended up just having them live in a tent for several days and fish and dig until they could buy the lot I wanted for them (I could probably have built it myself more cheaply but my building skills are….let’s say “questionable.”)

        I just finished my first rotation and I do have several careers open or with available positions right now – 2 in Detective with one filled (those are due to fires – I have the mod that makes fires more frequent, so I was going by 5 fires instead of 3 per position, but it still seems pretty frequent so I may go by 7); 1 in Social Media for a Sim whom I bullied through maxing her Charisma; the two entertainment tracks because I placed a lounge after I moved in 3 separate townies with the musical genius aspiration, and the scientist career because someone was abducted almost immediately. I do have mods but nothing set that should affect abduction frequency.

        Naturally, however, nobody is rolling anything that’s open. 😛

        Oh, and a business management track opening because I have a vet clinic that’s spent over 6000 perk points – I’m making the assumption that the clinic counts as “player owned business” for that rule. However, it seemed like it was pretty easy to get that many perk points and I noticed the vet Sim gets awarded some on leveling up the vet skill. I’ve never done anything with the retail side of the game before so I don’t know if retail stores have any kind of equivalent reward.

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        • Sounds like you’re doing great! You really don’t need much at all to start a restaurant. I’ve done them with two picnic tables on a grassy lot! It seems to me that the vet clinic is super easy in comparison to retail. They also make a lot more money than retail stores so I guess it just depends on how difficult you want to make it for yourself. I kept hoping for an abduction but it never happened when I was doing the testing. The science career is my favorite. I know MCCC has a setting to increase the probability in the occult section.


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