TS4- Curses! 4.5: Is it Destiny?

Gen 4 Chapter 5 aka having way too much fun…

We pick up where we left off just after Teague has aged to young adult.  He goes to check out his new house.

There is the painting he’d liked so much in the gallery the day before!  It looks quite nice with the bed and blinds.  There’s not much more decor since doing all of this took quite awhile due to issues with the blinds and he wanted to see who he’ll marry.  She might have interesting tastes… ya never know!

Then off he goes to sit on the bench.

Paris?  Well hello there!  Let’s just ignore the fact that she’s wearing a nightshirt like a dress, for now, shall we?  It seems that Teague is quite pleased that she’s the one.

They chat for awhile and cloudgaze.  The banter doesn’t take as long since they’d known each other as teens.

He may have only thought she was a cute, if a bit odd, girl but now he sees her in a whole new light!

Paris gives her best come hither look.

Teague shows off his smooth moves.  She seems quite impressed.

Girlfriend selfie!

He asks her if they can go somewhere more private… like where there aren’t children walking by and cars practically hitting them.

Much better.  A passionate kiss to rekindle the mood.

And when he proposes she’s thrilled and says she was hoping he’d ask.

They’re both very excited and he spins her around in a circle.

Then they take a few moments to say some vows to each other.

Confetti falls on them as they seal it with a kiss… was there someone watching them that threw it at them?  The world may never know.

Teague’s parents are surprised but happy to see Paris has married their son.  After they walk away Sterling asks his wife if Paris was wearing a nightshirt.  She nods looking confused.

They break in the new bed… no trying for a baby yet though!  Look at their matching slippers.  It’s like they were meant to be!


Both Kevine and Aimi woke with soiled diapers again.  It’s so hard to catch them before they use them!

Aimi gets her bath first in the extended bathroom that’s inside of the gallery building.  Rieko came in to watch Keane bathe her.

I’m not sure if that’s really what you want to do with a stinky child Beal but he did need to have some fun and this surely looks like fun! Look how high Beal is hopping off of the ground!

Now it’s Kevine’s turn.  Looks like in the few minutes it took for him to get there someone broke the toilet.

Being that it’s Teague’s big day Rieko decides to confess to her father-in-law that she was afraid to commit to his son.  Karson seems shocked!  I think anyone would be seeing how sweet Keane is with her!

A little playing with dolls for the tykes!

Then Keane joins them and plays with his robot toy.

How can anyone pay attention to the lovebirds out front when they see this in the background!

Dance party!

Both toddlers were quite angry that they were forced to eat before bed when they were very tired.  Tough toodles buddy. Now off to bed with you!

Hurrah!  We finally managed to get one of them to the potty before she used her diaper while sleeping!

Surprisingly, it turns out that Kumiko’s birthday isn’t until this night before bed so she’ll have one more day of school.

A/N: Originally, the chapter ended here.  But silly me played so long I had 55 screenshots for the next chapter so I had to divide them up.  This is why I try to stop about 25-30 and write.  I’m all confused now!

Keane having a chat with little Aimi.  Poor grandpa Karson isn’t doing too good tonight!

Why?  Seriously.  Why Kevine?  You see Aimi being a good girl on the potty!  Why couldn’t you have waited two seconds longer?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a toddler get this many baths!

Kumiko practicing her guitar after school before her birthday party.


Paris didn’t show up for like 3 sim hours so I kept the camera like this watching Teague on the right and everyone else on the left.

Need a reminder of who Paris is?  Here ya go!  She’s the one that I’m pretty sure walked by when Beal was sitting on the bench but I overlooked her because she looked pregnant!  I knew it was fate!

Ya know there are other bathrooms Houda.

Poor Kumiko doesn’t know how adorable she is!

Geeze Beal toughen up!

When I saw her I thought she was yelling at him!

Her first thought when she walked up to Teague. I agree he should be a good dad.

Shortly after being beguiled. Girl knows what she wants!

I deleted the pics of them scrambling for cash to complete Kumiko’s home.  It was crazy!

Now you know why grandpa Karson was so uncomfortable!

Chapter 4.6

Chapter notes:

I’ve been trying to figure out how it is that all of the kids are ending up so close together when Vashti and Mayumi were born pretty far apart.  I realize now that I’ve been stopping aging on the toddlers during days like these.  The problem with that is that it’s making them even closer in age to the next set of children!  So this was my compromise.  I paid as much attention to the toddlers as I could while still paying attention to Teague and Paris up front.  I think it worked out pretty good.  I did notice a little lag after adding Paris. Like when the confetti came down it didn’t pause fast enough.  I’m going to try a few things to see if I can speed things up a bit.  It’s not like it’s a huge issue but I do hate it when the game doesn’t pause right away.

11 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 4.5: Is it Destiny?

  1. My game does not pause on time either. Do u have any suggestions I could try that may help that? I’ve already deleted a ton of CC but it hasn’t helped.
    Also I love the overview shot of the lot. It’s pretty much a little family village & it’s so cute. I’m doing the island challenge (sort of) & this gives me inspiration 🤗💕

    Liked by 1 person

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