TS4- Curses! 4.4: Teague & Kumiko on the Town

Gen 4 Chapter 4 aka everything was going fine and then: chaos!

Good morning teens!  Time to get ready for your day out.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth… never know who you might meet!

Kumiko insisted on breakfast at The Crazy Gnome restaurant.

She was very enthusiastic about all of the decorations and colors.  Teague had to admit it looked pretty cool from an artist’s perspective as well.

Yummy.  Get your fill you have a long day.

Then they were off to the city to visit the Casbah Gallery.  Kumiko exclaimed at how large the building is!  Living in tiny homes has made the family accustomed to small spaces I suppose.

Teague really liked this painting.  He looked at it several times.  Kumiko had other interests.

She likes this peacock painting.  It reminds her of the colorful Crazy Gnome restaurant.

Teague stops to look at this painting and then returns to the first.

It seems that Marco and Izabella are visiting the gallery as well.  Izabella doesn’t seem thrilled with Marco’s blatant appreciation of Kumiko.  Perhaps they’d come together?

Since she only has a guitar Kumiko thought she’d try out the piano for a bit.

Teague did a little work on an outdoor mural.

Then it’s off to Planet Honey Pop for some karaoke!

Surprisingly, with no practice at all, both of them were quite good!

Outside they stop to watch a violinist perform.  Kumiko thinks it sounds pretty but isn’t very interested in this instrument.

Then it’s back to Newcrest and The Icecream Shoppe for some cones.

It must have been very good since they both got ice cream headaches along with some other after-effects.

They make an unplanned visit to the Romance Festival next.  Teague was in a nasty mood after that ice cream.  Not sure what Kumiko’s problem is.

Oh great romance guru tell me my romantic future… let me guess?

Of course, it’s bleak.  That’s all they ever say!

Kumiko’s turn.  Surely someone so adorable must have a great future!

Seriously though?  Many moons before she finds a love?  What world is this guru living in?  It’s only gonna be a few days you hack!

The two of them grab some cute paintings and then head out vowing to warn the family about the so-called “guru” and her horrible predictions.

They invite Paris, Izabella, and Marcus to join them at The Yard for some drinks and dancing.

Happily, the DJ was already there when they arrived this time.  It seems that perhaps the booth was too close to the wall and the previous DJ couldn’t get to it when Keane and Beal visited.  Boogy down!

This guy in the blue hoodie zeroed in on the girls right away and started chatting.

There seemed to be quite a bit of glances in their direction from other dancers but nobody else came to chat.

They trudged home just after midnight happy but exhausted.

Oddly, everyone woke the next morning practically dead from starvation and warnings to the parents that if they don’t care for the toddlers they will be taken away!  A panicked scramble ensued in which the entire family was quickly fed and seen to.  It was bizarre!

Then, it’s birthday time!  Karson goes first aging to an elder.

Then it’s Teague’s turn aging to a young adult.  He seems to be wishing very hard for something.

Awe they both look great!


When I saved the game and quit for the night after Kumiko and Teague returned from their day out it was 5am and the toddlers were getting a little hungry.  I started it back up and it was 9am and everyone was in a similar state to this and as soon as I entered the lot I got the warnings that the toddlers were starving!  What the heck?  I had this happen in Robinson’s once too but not this extreme. I practically had a panic attack and only later did I think that I should have just used the mailbox cheat to fill all their needs.  Now, it’s already 11am and Teague still needs to check out his new home… which I have yet to build.  Semantics.  
Chapter 4.5

Special thanks to Tazreentaznim for The Crazy Gnome restaurant.  I did change the menu to brunch but nothing else.  All other lots visited have been listed in other chapters or were Maxis made.

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