TS4- Curses! 4.3: Toddler Time

Gen 4 Chapter 3 aka I try to catch moments with each member of the family not just toddlers…

It seems that poor Kumiko is feeling left out with all of the excitement.  She admits to Prisha that she feels like nobody likes her. Awe Kumiko you’re so adorable nobody CAN’T like you girl!

Time to change Kevine’s diaper daddy.

Then Aimi needed attention.

I guess they need to go into the bathroom to get alone time?  Guys, your son’s at school you can be alone in the house!

Keane and Rieko help out in the garden by doing the harvesting.

Beal and Houda take some time to themselves to play a rousing game of chess.

Teague had a great day at school and came home extra playful.  He decided to celebrate by playing in a pile of trash.  Okay then.

Kumiko, on the other hand, had a horrible day and came home angry.  Keane ran up to give her a hug and she stomped away.

After taking her anger out on her journal rather than her family she felt much better.

As promised the sole remaining teen boy, Marco, is invited to the lot to spend time with Teague and Kumiko.  This seems to cheer her up a bit.

They watch a movie while they chat.

Aimi aged to a toddler.

She was wide awake so daddy took her out to see everyone.

Izabella stopped by and watched the movie with them.  I think both Teague and Kumiko got a bit choked up by the movie.

A not hungry Aimi requested to be put in the high chair while she chatted with grandpa.  Maybe she just wanted to be higher up? When mommy gave her some cheese crackers just in case she took one look and knocked them onto the floor.

Then Kevine joined her in toddlerhood.

In the morning Teague was the only one awake so he got the exciting task of potty training Aimi.

I think Beal’s a bit luckier helping Kevine on the slide personally.

Kumiko goes for a jog.  I wonder if she’s trying to keep fit for her future husband?

Aimi was tired and instead of taking her to her bed her mom carried her over to Beal’s house and set her down.  Perhaps she was trying to get through the locked door to put her in Kevine’s bed?  Either way Aimi was not amused.  I have the feeling she’s going to be a little diva.

Kevine has a chat with his mom.

Keane gives his jealous wife a kiss to calm her tenseness.  He wasn’t even far away what on earth was she so upset about?

Kumiko and Teague make plans for their day out tomorrow.

When Kevine woke from his nap with a dirty diaper Keane was the only one around.  When he asked if he could change it Kevine was not happy about it.

But he went into a fit of giggles when it was time so I guess he didn’t mind.

Oh, there’s his parents… and everyone else for that matter.

A tuck in for our little bunny.

While Kevine gets some food so he won’t wake in the middle of the night hungry.

Keane pulls Teague to the side asking him if he’s excited for his and Kumiko’s big day out.  I guess we’ll see in the morning.  In the meantime off to bed all of you!


This was bizarre.  It showed the three of them off the lot so I looked to see what they were doing.  Not one of them had anything in their taskbar.

They marched to the corner of the lot and stood there until I sent them back home.

Since everyone was blocking the fridge Beal decided to walk waaay over to the park area by the bar to cook up some beans.

When I had the game paused after Aimi aged up she looked like this.  Look at her little feet!  It was too funny not to take a pic!

I’ve had her practice programming some but I didn’t know they did this autonomously!

Chapter 4.4

Chapter notes:

The second day was supposed to be their day out but I decided to wait.  I froze aging at the end of the day when the notification for Karson’s birthday popped up.  So they’ll have their day out tomorrow then Karson’s birthday and then Teague’s the next morning.  I never got a notification for it almost being Kumiko’s birthday but if I remember correctly she was born like 18 hours after Teague.  I guess we’ll see when aging is back on.  I just realized I didn’t get one screenshot of the toddlers together!  What on earth will I use for a featured image now?  LOL

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