TS4- Curses! 4.2: Another Generation Born

Gen 4 chapter 2 aka a mashup of days that I have to make sense of…

After Keane’s birthday party Kumiko was getting in some practice with her new guitar he and Beal had bought for her.

Both of the teens returned home from school the next day shortly after Keane and Rieko met in terrible moods.  Teague took his mood out on poor Bearcula.  These stuffed animals get so much abuse from their sims!

The first selfie had to be trashed thanks to the angry child stomping past in the background!

When Keane looked to see where his parents were.  Pretty much everyone was in the hot tub.

Rieko joins the family for dinner after the baby making is done… in her pjs.  I think she’s also in her pjs in Beal’s bday pics because they were taken right after this.

Fast forward to the morning after Beal and Houda’s marriage.  The kids have left for school and the family is having hot dogs because for some odd reason they’ve cooked nothing but hot dogs and hamburgers the last two days!

Sanaa feels Rieko’s baby belly.  Not long now!

Awe, these two are so sweet.  I think Sanaa agrees.

Houda chats with her new hubby’s parents and Kanai after breakfast.

Rieko finds Keane to tell him she’s in labor.

A girl!  Her name is Aimi.

Daddy’s quite proud.  Look at Rieko watching him.  So sweet.

Grandma and grandpa come to investigate.  Both dad and grandpa look quite proud.

Beal and Houda are excited for their turn soon.

Enver comes over and makes jokes about Beal freaking out when Houda goes into labor.  She finds this hilarious.

A girl named Paris who hasn’t come home from school with any of them yet came home with one of the kids.

Teague was sure to take up her attention as soon as Kumiko was occupied with something else.

I wonder if Prisha is giving her new daughter-in-law some advice?

It seems that Keane is giving advice to Beal.  Sterling thinks it’s funny but Ira looks like she’s trying to ignore them all.

Izumi shows up out of nowhere and starts chatting with Teague.  He sure is the center of all the girl’s attention today.  It’s discovered that there is only one boy teen left and Kumiko should invite him after school the next day so she doesn’t feel left out.

A boy! His name is Kevine.  Oh, sure Beal we totally believed you wouldn’t freak out.  At least he didn’t run out of the house like Keane did!

Nevertheless, he’s a proud dad.  He takes over so his starving wife can go eat.

And a few hours later when Aimi wakes up her parents Keane takes care of her so her mom can run to the bathroom.  I guess being a new mom means forgetting about your own needs until you’re about to starve or pee yourself?


This was right after they’d met.

I started up the game and couldn’t find Keane.  He must have wanted to talk to someone and chased them to the edge of the map.  This was as far as I could get the camera to him.

Keane running out the door as Rieko gives birth to Aimi!  See!  He did run.

Paris arrived at the lot looking like this.  No, she wasn’t pregnant.  The only thing I can think of is she got some unfortunate genetics from her father giving her a huge belly.  Ridiculous.  I took her into CAS and fixed it.  What’s really upsetting to me is that I think she’d walked by more than once when the older boys were on the bench and I overlooked her thinking it’s a pregnant lady.  I felt so bad I flagged her no age until after Teague gets his turn just in case.

Things were not all rainbows and puppies with these two.  Houda is non-commital and after accepting Beal’s proposal she did this…

He was not amused as you can see.  Here’s some more…

When they met…

Nothing says I’m falling in love with you quite like a toilet.

When she was telling him about the fear of commitment.

Then he thought this.

A few moments later though she got this whim!

And they’d finally started to get back on the right track when Keane ran up and made things awkward again!  Which is why they tried for baby in the bush before getting married to get them both back into the flirty mood.  Plus, I didn’t want to take any chances with her darned trait.  Karson was noncommital too.  They’re so unpredictable.

Remember in the last chapter when Beal introduced his new wife to his parents?  Did you wonder to yourself why are they in their pajamas?  Now you know!  Guess they’re celebrating having a house to themselves.  Speaking of which…

Karson and Sanaa had these moodlets!

Chapter 4.3

Chapter notes:

Can we just talk about the huge elephant in the room?  I know you must have noticed it.  It’s super creepy.  Beal looks practically identical to his dad and then married a woman almost identical to his mom!  *Twilight Zone music*  Yea, it’s freaking me out.  Like to the point where I cringe when they’re all together and I’ve already gotten them mixed up.  I’m actually counting the days ’till Enver and Prisha age to elder so this confusion will end!  Despite this both Beal and Houda have the genius trait and they seem to get along well.  It’s not their fault I’m creeped out!  Which sadly makes Keane and Rieko my favorite couple at the moment.  They’re just so cute together.  I turned aging back on so we’ll see how things go with the younger kids.  If I hadn’t turned it off they’d probably be doing their day out in the next chapter.

Aimi- Japanese meaning ‘love and beauty’ pronounced like eye-me

Kevine- Celtic meaning ‘plainly beautiful’ pronounced ???  I believe it’s like Kev-een.  The problem is I can only find one pronunciation and it’s in Chech which sounds really weird.  Everything else is bringing up how to pronounce Adam Levine’s last name so I’m going with the same pronunciation as that.  His is Lev-een.

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