TS4- Curses! 4.1: Welcome to the Family

Gen 4 (yay!) chapter 1 aka two whole days wasted…

Keane & Rieko:

Beal & Houda

Chapter 4.2

Chapter notes:

I felt like the pictures speak for themselves.  Because there are so many, though, I’ve taken out any of the pics of the rest of the family and also any bloopers extras.  There are a lot of Beal and Houda.  I really do feel like two whole days were wasted.  Even though I did turn off aging after Keane and Rieko I literally have no pics of Rieko pregnant and she’s in her third trimester!  Beal and Houda had a harder time of it so they took a lot of attention.  She also didn’t show up until after 1pm which made the courtship take up more of the day.

Rieko- Japanese meaning ‘child blessed with logic’ pronounced reek-oh

Houda- Arabic meaning ‘guidance to the right path’ pronounced hood-a  (like “a hood” on my car backward)

I really thought The Yard nightclub was cool so I decided to try to build Beal’s house out of a shipping container.  I really wanted it to be 3×8 but there was no way to do the bathroom and still place the bed so I had to do 4×6 instead.  I used Allysim Build’s Container Single lot to figure it out.  This is one of my favorite houses so far.

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