TS4- Curses! 3.12: Extended Day Out

Gen 3 Chapter 12 aka oh it’s not your birthday yet…

It’s the older boy’s day out!  They started the day at Wildwood Brunch and BBQ.

Beal enjoyed his omelet but Keane was being picky about his eggs benedict.

They stopped by the Farmers Market but nobody was working.

They fished for awhile trying to decide where to head to next.

It seems their friend Cannon has come into some money.  He now owns most of the retail stores including this mall.  It’s the Panar Shopping Centre.

The boys roam around trying to see if there’s anything interesting.  Looks like that cashier has her eyes on them.

After ordering a few things for their homes they grab a guitar for Kumiko before heading out.

They were feeling a bit hungry so they stopped at the Ice Cream Shoppe next.  Beal got chocolate but Keane was feeling adventurous and got haunted mint.

Ice cream isn’t very filling so Beal had two.  I’m sure he didn’t mind.

They socialized for awhile.  And then headed out.

They returned to the farmers market and bought a couple seeds for the family.

The first time they went here nobody was working.  Now there are three of them.  Okay then.

Cannon and Olive joined them at The Yard nightclub.  First, they had some drinks.

The foose ball tables were really popular.

Keane got bored and went to sit in a deserted area with his toy.

This place is really cool.  It’s made out of shipping containers.  Beal thinks he might have his house built using one but he’s not sure.

The gaming area was packed.  The DJ never showed up and it was getting late so they headed home.

Teague ran up and asked Beal all about it.

The family was all hungry so they had some veggie burgers before bed.

In the morning Keane checked out the new decor of his house which was formerly Mayumi and Arjun’s house.  But he won’t be blowing his candles out just yet.  His birthday isn’t until this evening!

Since they seem to have a bonus day before Keane and then Beal’s birthdays the kids are allowed to go explore the flea market.

Keane and Beal watch the street performer while Teague and Kumiko grab something to eat from the vendors.

Then, they watch a living statue performer.

The younger kids wanted to check out the bubble blower so Keane and Beal humor them.  They found it quite funny when both of them didn’t like it.  Nobody likes the bubble blowers don’t you know?!

Wow, Keane.  I’m sure you’re making a wonderful impression on any potential mates while you play with that robot toy!  Well done.

When they got home Keane remembered the potato, pear, and cherry he’d bought for his mom and Sanaa happily planted them.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully and then it was time for Keane to finally blow out his candles!

He looks so similar to Calix.  Though he gets that divot on his chin from his dad for sure.  So exciting!  The fourth generation begins!


Keane’s ice cream gave him this moodlet and as you can kinda see in the pic he kept getting this thing over his head and everyone would stop what they were doing and gasp at him.  Too funny!  I must investigate the other ice cream flavors.

I’m thinking the increased vampire presence is due to them continually harvesting the garlic.  I’ve taken out the mod that was making them autonomously harvest the garden because they would do it all the time!  Like if they woke up in the middle of the night to pee they’d pee and then run out to harvest.  Not worth the aggravation.  Though, I’m sure all the money from selling it out of everyone’s inventories will be helpful when I have to build yet another house when Beal ages up!

This vampire kept showing up everywhere and I cheated to make him leave and he immediately texted Keane.

Has anyone had a sim get an actual good moodlet from the bubble blower?

I didn’t know what to pick so I randomized it.

Chapter 4.1

Chapter notes:

I didn’t realize until near the end of Keane and Beal’s day out when the notification popped up that it was almost his birthday that I technically could have waited another day for the day out.  Oh well.  I had fun with the four of them at the flea market.  The trip to the mall was pretty boring.  They didn’t want to do anything but watch tv.  I was hoping they’d browse or show interest in something like sims do in a museum.  The DJ never showed up at the nightclub which sucked because that’s my favorite part of the days out… well, that and checking out fun builds.  I actually put down a different restaurant at first but after looking inside I decided it didn’t fit their personalities much so I had to find the on I used for the chapter.  If you were wondering I did play Cannon (pink hair) temporarily to give him a ton of money and have him purchase all of the retail lots so they could shop there!

Thank you to the following creators:

Wildwood Brunch & BBQ by Scarlet-Simm

Farmers Market by Krystinmyriexo

Panar Shopping Centre by YorkieOrigin

Ice Cream Shoppe by ladyloial

The Yard by TheSimSupply

3 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 3.12: Extended Day Out

  1. I have never had a positive moodlet from the bubble blower. Always coughing and uncomfortable (or tense) I forget but I’m assuming it’s like when eating the spice dishes they have to master it or something.

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