TS4- Curses! 3.11: Darkest Before Dawn

Gen 3 Chapter 12 aka so much sadness, so many birthdays, and a bunch of selfies…

It seems that Arjun, like Hamza, tried to spare the family with a quiet death.  But then Grim showed up.

And half the family came running.

Mayumi placed his headstone and released his spirit.

Since he longed to jog but could not because of the curse he got the family some treadmills.

Time to console the grandchildren and put them back to bed.

Poor Kumiko took it hard.

They both did really.

Just had to test them out.  See if they can talk while using them.  The test is a success.

Calix and Kanai console their mother and also try to spend some time with her since her time will be coming soon as well.

Mayumi helped the kids with their homework but they were all so miserable not much got done.

It wasn’t just Mayumi’s family upset of course.  It affected everyone just as Vashti and Hamza’s death had affected the others too.

They decided to try to sit down as a family and watch a movie but Mayumi didn’t stay to watch it for long.  She remembers when she was a girl and she watched this movie with her family.

She’d just met Arjun and given birth to their twins.  Her mother and father were still alive but passed soon after.

She went to her house and locked her door.  Only the reaper was there when she passed away.

Everyone was heartbroken in the morning when they realized that Mayumi had passed.  Sadly, there were a lot of birthdays that needed celebrating so they got through them quickly so they could get back to mourning.  First was Sterling.

Then Calix.

His twin Kanai.

And her son Teague.

Teague wants to learn to paint like his dad.  He makes a few really bad sad paintings.

The family spent the entire day mourning in their own ways but when the rest of the kids returned from school it was Ira’s turn to age up.

This girl Izumi came home from school with Kumiko.  Seems she has her eye on Teague.

Finally, just before bed, someone was feeling up to trying out Mayumi’s gift.  It’s a motion gaming rig since she enjoyed gaming on the computer.

In the morning everyone was starting to feel a bit better.  It was Kumiko’s birthday this time.

(Wow.  I mean, I’m giving her her makeover and all I can think is wow is she adorable… and then I realize I don’t want adorable.  Maybe she’ll marry someone horribly ugly?  We can only hope!)

Selfie time!

Teague goes next since he was so sad after his birthday.

Then together.

And one of the older boys together.

The wall is looking good!  Too bad Mayumi and Vashti didn’t think to take pics together.


The selfie Teague took after his birthday.  Umm no… not going on the wall.

I need to remember to have them clean the tea maker before aging anyone up.  Still, it was too funny not to take a pic.  Synchronized smelling?

Even Karson’s toy is depressed!

Chapter 3.12 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

So much sadness.  It was terrible.  I feel like I discounted Mayumi after I made everyone spend special time with Arjun but she was so sad.  They did spend the day together but there’s only so many depressing shots that I can take!  It’s time for Keane and Beal to have their day out.  I already added the lots and everything but I realized I was almost to my limit for the number of screenshots in a chapter so I rounded it out with a bunch of selfies… I needed to take them anyway.  I did realize that I’d forgotten to have her kids release Mayumi’s spirit.  She died in the night and I forgot the door was locked to the house so nobody could get in.  They all got the moodlet though.  On top of the one for Arjun.  Once another day went by I removed them.  It really is quite depressing watching them all cry and mope around all day.  At least they don’t scream and stuff like Sims 3.  It feels really odd to have only 12 sims.  Never thought I’d say that.  I’ve actually twice now scared myself thinking someone is missing from the character panel and stopped to make sure they’re all there!

Note from the future: As you can see here is where I had the “omg one of the kids isn’t ugly” crisis.  Not that any of them were really ugly… anyway I’ve just decided to roll with it.  They’ll look however they look from this point on.  I was going to add some sims with interesting features into the game but I think I’d rather just let that curse peter out on it’s own.

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