TS4- Curses! 3.10: Quality Time

Gen 3 Chapter 10 aka omg the birthdays never end…

Everyone has been enjoying the hot tub a lot more lately.

Keane and Karson playing with toys while watching the kids network on tv.  Two peas in a pod!

Sterling has always wanted to learn to paint so he tries his hand at it.  Turns out he’s quite good.

Geeky Prisha loves digging for collectibles and decides to try digging deeper to see if there’s anything better.  Some random guy walked up and glared at her the whole time.  It was like an hour.

Cannon called wanting to stop by and Keane excitedly tells him it’s his birthday soon and he’ll be a teen too.

Sure enough, it is.  Let’s see ya Keane!

He has much different features than his mom but oddly enough he looks very similar to Calix.

Izabella came home from school with Kumiko and they have a good chat.

The kids had met these two at school and when they were seen walking by Beal ran to say hi.  Neither seemed to enthused.  The boy was tense and the girl was bored.  He chatted for a few minutes and said goodbye.

Then it was Prisha’s adult birthday.

A celebratory game of Don’t Wake the Llama?

Mayumi had Arjun sat nearby chatting while sitting at the chess table but not actually playing.  I wonder if there’s a reason for the ruse or if it was just a nearby place to sit.

Geeze guys, your son is right there!

Yes, another birthday.  It’s Beal’s turn to age to teen this time.

The similarity is kinda creepy.  Their personalities are much different though.  That Beal got from his mom.

From the front, his cheekbones don’t look as defined.  And here I was worried that we’d lose Enver’s features!

Everyone was bored and it was decided that they should all do something together.  The projects were handed out on the day that Keane aged to teen and didn’t go to school so he and Beal shared one.

Everyone was excited about how well they’d done.

The older twins having a little twin time chatting and laughing.

Another attempt at togetherness.

More hot tubbing.

Breakfast.  The burgers were an odd choice but Karson grilled them so some of them opted to eat them.  Probably relieved to have a non-vegetarian option for once.

Izabella texted Kumiko during school saying let’s skip and Kumiko texted her cousins and Olive telling them to meet them at Club Gradient.  Not really a low profile choice but it’s where Izabella wanted to go.  Perhaps it’s because her grandma was going to be there?  The pretty vampire in the purple dress is her.

Then, even odder, Izabella’s mom shows up and starts talking to Kumiko and Izabella goes upstairs leaving her with her mom.

A DJ finally showed up and the kids dance for a few hours before deciding it might be best to go back home.  It’s almost Arjun’s time and his grandkids should spend time with him while they can.

They find him swimming in the pool and grab their parents for some quality time.  He seemed to enjoy all of the attention.

Mayumi joins them a little while later.

Everyone is sitting watching tv.  They’re watching the food network for some reason.  Have fun guys… I’d have picked a movie.

Arjun walks over and Prisha tells him some jokes.  Then the family disperses to their homes for bed.


Goofy mod.  10% is way too often!

Also, it caused this with the +10 happy moodlet.

Wow Karson.


I needed a break and this sounded fun.

He hasn’t gotten any “buy” whims but he keeps repeatedly getting this.

Thought you’d like to see this.

Chapter 3.11

Chapter notes:

I got some new mods that I was testing out in this chapter.  One was a mod that gives them a push to use the hot tub.  It’s too strong, they used it too much.  I need to go back and get the one that isn’t as strong a push.  Another is the mod that allows them to dig deep and dig deeper in the dig sites.  It’s neat but nothing exciting.  I also got one that allows them to cook larger meals.  Which is really cool… as long at they only cook the family meal which is 25 servings.  The party meal is 99 which is waaay too much!  I’ve also been testing out saving more often using MCCC’s autosave function which I previously just used as a reminder to save.  I had some weird issues using “save as” that I don’t know if are related to mods or if it’s something that’s been happening a lot?  I haven’t used that function since they changed it and made it harder to use.

I really tried to hold out for Arjun’s passing to end the chapter with it instead of starting the next chapter on a sad note but he held out longer than I expected.  I had all the screenshots needed for this chapter and I was falling asleep watching them.  Sorry, next chapter will likely be depressing.  I think Mayumi will go soon after him as I’ve already gotten one notification for her and two for him.  I’m dreading going back in game.  I also have a day coming up with a whopping 6 birthdays!  Things just seem to happen that way on short lifespan.

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