TS4- Curses! 3.9: We Will Remember

Gen 3 Chapter 9 aka a lot of birthdays and Vashti’s gifts…

The day following Hamza’s death was a day of great sadness.  Everyone dealt with the loss in their own way.

But time keeps ticking and when the children all left for school the adults celebrated Arjun’s elder birthday.

What should have been a happy celebration really wasn’t and after he’d blown out the candles the family dispersed to continue grieving Hamza’s loss.

After a day of grieving the family tried to put on happy faces for little Teague’s birthday celebration that night.

They all tried to enjoy Hamza’s gift to the family but most were too sad.

Sterling tells little Kumiko a story while Ira listens in… and then everyone made their way to bed early.  Mourning is exhausting.

The family, all but Vashti of course, were feeling more cheerful in the morning which is a good thing because they had several birthdays to celebrate.  Mayumi went first joining her husband in elderhood.

Karson went next.  The first of the younger generation to age to adult.

And lastly was little Kumiko aging to child.

Picture time!  Even in elderhood, they’re a lovely couple.  Mayumi was lucky that Arjun was so persistent.

Then it’s Teague’s turn.  We didn’t get a pic of him last night because it was so dark.  The features that showed a bit as a toddler are more pronounced as a child and it will be interesting to see how they come out when he ages to teen.

Kumiko is just as adorable as a child.  Her little ears stick out so far you can see them through her hair!

The older cousins get a selfie together.

Then the younger cousins.

And then, since it’s Saturday, the older boys invite some kids that are close to the children’s age to swim.  The teen girl with the red hair in a braid is Olive.  She is Hamza’s niece.  The girl with the short brown hair swimming next to Keane lives in Forgotten Hollow but is not a vampire.  Her grandmother is one though and her mother has very cool looking features almost similar to those of Enver and Kanai.  The boy with the pink hair, Cannon, also lives in Forgotten Hollow but is not a vampire.  His brother is around here somewhere. It is unknown who their mother is unfortunately but their father is married to a vampire.

There’s the brother Emmett walking by Teague.  The teens are all in the older cousin’s age range while only the little girl Izabella is in the range of Teague and Kumiko.

Grandpa Arjun came over to help the girls with their homework.  I hope that Kumiko and Izabella will be good friends.  It’s sad that there’s no boys Teague’s age.  Perhaps one will move in nearby he can meet or there might be one the children haven’t met at school yet.

Enver and Sanaa have a soak with their mother who is still mourning the loss of her husband and is very sad.  She tells them she doesn’t wish for everyone to be sad after she’s gone.  The two reply that of course, they will!

After her conversation with her kids, Vashti makes a decision.  She’ll try to leave the lot before it’s her time so that the family won’t feel the pain she’s feeling now.  She almost made it.

Surprisingly though, it seems she was far enough away that none of the family was alerted.  She seemed to have gotten her final wish.

When Enver and Sanaa discovered that she was gone they were sad and released her spirit to be with their father’s.

In the morning everyone learned what had happened in the night.  They searched to see what Vashti had left as her legacy.  It was a new area for the children!

Some of them gathered to watch Beal put on the first puppet show.  I don’t think Teague is happy with Ira’s talking during the show!

Monkey bars time!  These monkey bars have been moved all over the lot since their original purchase.  Thankfully, they are portable!

Yes, that’s right, more birthdays.  Enver ages to adult…

…and so does his twin sister Sanaa.

But it seems that Vashti left more than one surprise for the family.  She had her house turned into a place to put all of the pictures and paintings that mean something to the family.  Everyone crowds inside to take a look.

Mayumi is quite pleased with her sister’s gifts.  She stays behind with her niece and admits that she has no idea what kind of legacy she can leave the family.  Sanaa reassures her that anything will have meaning to them.  It’s not the extravagance of the gift but the memory of the departed that the gift gives us.


With Hamza gone nobody is skilled enough to risk repairing electronics.  The repair girl who showed up is quite pretty!

Grim after Vashti’s death.  Everyone was in bed and it wasn’t going ultra speed and I found him here watching TV.

I finally added uncle Vlad aka top model Vladdy back into the game.  I played him for a few moments to flag him no marry and no offspring… if I had known he’d show up right away I wouldn’t have bothered!  I can’t believe he made it this far with the garlic!

This was when I started back up after Hamza died.

I’d originally got a really cool theatre off of the galley KidsVillage TreatStreet by SevernFyre but I realized it was larger than their living room and looked goofy wherever I placed it.  I am making note of it here though because I kept the custom artwork that is listed in the description as “Feat art by #charantea.”  I placed it around in different houses and one in the gallery house because I couldn’t find a place for it.

Chapter 3.10

Chapter notes:

As promised I removed the sad moodlets from everyone except Vashti after one day.  Like I’ve said, it’s just too long on short lifespan. Let me put it this way, it’s half a toddler’s lifespan.  Vashti’s moodlets were finally counting down to the end while Grim was reaping her.  Technically, I think she was sleeping on the bench but I feel like after so much loss that this is how she would have wanted it.  I’ve been trying to decide what to do with all the photos and have been at a loss.  After Calissa and Randolph, I tried making a big wall for them and it looked stupid so I’d just stuck theirs on the back of the tv wall.  But Vashti and Hamza had 4 in their house and they wouldn’t fit there and it won’t be long before there are four more from Mayumi and Arjun’s house.  I also had a couple paintings I wanted to keep.  I decided to use Vashti’s house even though it’s probably against the Tiny Living rules and just took out the windows and painted the walls.  I figured this worked well because it’s a central location with room to expand if needed in the future.  The decor from the house was spread around to the other houses.

I have no idea why Hamza’s niece Olive isn’t showing as related to her.  Even more annoying is that when I realized this I looked and the game isn’t even showing the younger cousins and older cousins as being related!  Also, I don’t understand why it’s not showing a mother for the two brothers that visited.  Either I deleted her, which I’ve been trying not to do because I want to see lineage, or she’s been culled somehow which makes no sense because I checked and culling is disabled.  It’s so time-consuming going through all of the settings in MC Command Center but I have sims that I’ve placed like Meg’s Ikeda family that I really want to know the lineage of their descendants in the off chance one of my kids marries them.

The hot tub from Hamza is Hot Tub Getaway by pimmpimm.  I switched out the hot tub for a better one and removed the floor tiles.

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    1. Ohmygosh yes little Kumiko! I think it’s something about that skin tone with the black hair that makes me just want to follow them around and take tons of picks!


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