Curses Death Poll

Death poll aka what the heck do I do?

Update: I closed the poll after only 5 votes because I got some good advice here and on Twitter and because I wrote it into 3 chapters and it seemed to work better that way.  I am still trying to decide how to handle things from here on out.  If it continues the way it has been I fear I’m going to quit this story.


Yes, I know it’s morbid having a poll for this but I’m really at my wits end with this!  When I decided to keep all of the sims on the lot my main concern was whether both my game and myself could handle 20 sims at once.  I briefly thought about all of the deaths but it seemed far into the future and I assumed they’d happen pretty much in the same day so 4 deaths in one and 4 deaths in another a week or so later.  But, I was wrong.  They were spread out over several days and at this point, I really have no idea what to do.  The chapters that have published so far were depressing enough with one death in them.  I just feel like having 3 chapters in a row with deaths and then a few happy and then another 3 or so chapters with more deaths will basically ruin this story.  I know I’ve gone from playing a lot to barely touching this save since the first death of the third generation.

Please help me decide:

a) 3 chapters with deaths spread out- it’s just a way of life

b) 1 very long chapter with all of them together- so many is depressing


Other stats: 4 deaths, 8 birthdays, 50 regular screenshots, 5 bloopers

(One chapter is already written with Karson’s death at the very end but I’ve included those 4 screenshots in this tally.)

This doesn’t even take into account the other 4 elders that are still living.  I feel like this is just too depressing and I really don’t know what to do?  If anyone has ideas please comment because I’m at a loss.

9 thoughts on “Curses Death Poll

  1. Ahhh Rainy, you know I hate those poor sims dying. I would do a farewell to sims page, just sort of a picture show and then just do a blurb about their lives. To be more upbeat than morbid, if you know what I mean. Like what you did with Elise in the collab. She died, but you did such a nice look back at her life…it was nice…so, I would do that for all those sim souls, too. Those are my 2 cents.

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    • In this case, I’ve done a terrible job of dealing with it. Looking through the screenshots almost every one of them are of sims sad. I pretty much missed an entire toddlerhood because of this. I need to figure something out before the next 4 die. There’s just too many of them to do like I did with Elise. I could do a little blurb at the end of a chapter maybe? I dunno.

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  2. Why don’t you have a “meteor” smack down on ALL of them… I know we don’t have them in TS4, but, I’m sure you’d be able to figure out how to make it look real. It would be a sad day, but, shame, those poor elders just couldn’t move fast enough to get out the way. Also, do it away from the home lot… That kills 8 birds with 1 stone (pun totally intended lol)
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    • Ohmygosh that’s hilarious! I will admit I have thought I could just use MC Command Center to make them all die close together. Or just move them off the lot once I get the final warning. But it doesn’t suit this story. Normally, in challenges, I don’t care that much. It’s just the way things are and I take a few sad pics and move on. But this is different so I can’t do that. I’ve figured something out though! I’m working on it now actually. Thanks for the laugh, though.

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  3. I felt very similarly with my legacy–granted, I didn’t have as many Sims, but most of the heirs lived on the lot, those that didn’t tended to return to the lot when their appt. with Grim came, and then so many friends tended to die on the lot… did you ever see the line of tombstones I had all along the side of the big lot by the end? I learned so much about life, death, grief, and resiliency by playing through and writing through–plus, my Sims really surprised me and taught me a lot about taking matters into their own hands. I’d vote for just keeping on. You can sometimes downplay the deaths, if lots of other things happen. It would be interested to see a story where death were like an almost daily backdrop… and… maybe it’s one of the curses!

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    • Gosh your legacy was so long ago I don’t remember the graves, no. It’s just hitting me so hard because I don’t normally do family play like this. In challenges I’m really goal oriented. A few over the years have had a huge effect on me like Edric in my ambrosia challenge. But that was more how it happened in the story itself. I did make a decision and had to re-write part of the last chapter to correlate with it. I think things will be easier from that point. Thank goodness because if I didn’t find a solution I’d quit this one.

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