TS4- Curses! 3.8: We are Family

Gen 3 Chapter 8 aka Hamza tries to go silently in the night…

A big hug for dad from Sanaa.

Vashti tries out the new yoga mat but doesn’t seem very impressed.

Beal arrives home from school with a wish to cloud gaze with his dad.  From this angle you can see how similar their looks are.

These two are like fish!  Always swimming.

You know the rule bub.  You can make all the messes you want but you gotta clean them up after.

Why is everyone watching the kids network?  Either Keane or Karson must have changed it.

Hug for mom.  Sanaa’s getting her hugs in while she can.

Grandma helps Beal with his homework while uncle Enver helps Keane.

Everyone was in bed for the night but it seems that Beal snuck into bed early without going potty or eating first.  He woke with a screaming bladder and barely made it there and then had to eat a burrito before heading back to sleep.

And then little Kumiko was hungry too and had to wake to eat before returning to sleep.  At least she can eat in bed!

Perhaps she should have woken someone when she was awake to help her with the potty.  Daddy was not thrilled with the nasty diaper in the morning.

Bath time!

Teague was in a similar predicament when he woke and needed a bath as well.

Freshly bathed, Kumiko makes her way over to chat with Sanaa and Hamza.

Auntie Kanai gives her a hug while mommy and Hamza watch.  How could you resist when you see that cuteness?

Time to cook girls!

A man’s work is never done eh boys?

Everyone knows that Hamza’s time is soon.  Enver gives his dad a hug.

Vashti entertains Kumiko with a story from when her sister Mayumi, Kumiko’s grandma, was a little tot like her.  She tells her how her grandma looked just like a little fairy.

Sanaa and Enver spend some time with their dad getting some parenting advice.

The boys finally got in the Voidcritter battle that was delayed the other day.  I think Beal is a bit disappointed with the result.

A Much better choice everyone.  I believe we have a few foodies that are turning on the cooking channel almost as often as the kids network is on.

Mommy gives Beal a hug since he’s sad he lost the Voidcritter game.  Maybe he can train up before the next battle.

Karson tells Keane a story before bed.  They were the last ones awake.

And then, after everyone was asleep in their tiny homes Hamza left Vashti sleeping in their bed so as not to wake her and made his way out in hopes he wouldn’t upset the family.  He gave it his best effort.

But something must have alerted some of them.  They ran over and mourned his loss while the reaper stood by.  Vashti is still angry with him from when he wouldn’t give her dad one more day so she doesn’t even attempt to plead for more time for her husband.

She sets her love’s spirit free and vows to join him soon.


He really did give it his best effort but this family is close.  They will all mourn his loss.

How about some happy to take away some sad?

I couldn’t figure out what they were all watching and clapping at.  It was Karson playing with his llama toy!  Sooo funny!  I don’t know why they’re not looking in this pic only Ira in the back is but it was the other three girls too.

Remember Karson cleaning the toilet?  When I was having Calix take Kumiko to the potty I saw Karson run in there and throw up!  I have no idea why?  He didn’t have a sick moodlet and he’s not a vegetarian… although since there are two vegetarians all the food is meat-free anyway.  No clue.

Ohmygosh!  Sooooo funny!!!  The crazy part is he went and took a shower and came out still naked talking to his dad.  I had to make him get dressed.

Chapter 3.9

Chapter notes:

As you may have noticed the chapters are fewer days than in the previous generation.  Most likely because there are more sims to screenshot.  So there’ll probably be quite a few more chapters each generation from here on out.  I believe that each of the first two generations were 9 chapters long.  At the point where I quit playing to write this chapter Keane has 2 days until aging to a teen and Beal has 3.  I’m thinking of removing the sad moodlet after it’s been a day.  That might sound harsh but they live such short lives it’s just not fair to them.  Especially when Vashti will be passing away soon too.  I cried like a baby when I saw her face when she released his spirit.  They’re breaking my heart!

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