TS4- Curses! 3.7: One Big Family

Gen 3 Chapter 7 aka look at that lineup…

Sterling seems to have taken all of the parenting duties upon himself.  He’s just faster than Kanai!

Speaking of good dads… isn’t Karson tucking in Keane so sweet?

Catching a rare sweet moment makes it even sweeter.

Yes, good idea!  Watch the cooking channel!

Vashti couldn’t fall asleep.  It turns out that the silly girl left her earbuds music playing.

Look who aged up!  It looks like he’s got a mixture of both parents features but it’s difficult to tell this early.

Well geeze Teague!  If you don’t want to play dolls anymore just stop.  Toddlers.

(When I started the game… this is the lineup!)

Beal is leaving those toddler years behind.

Grandma gets a shot for the wall.  He looks very similar to his father.

When hanging the photo of Beal it was discovered that there was no couple selfie of his parents on the wall!

Mommy playing with baby Kumiko.

Both being bookworms I suppose that Prisha and Beal find homework important.

Teague had to go to bed early and then get woken up later because he’d aged to toddler in the early morning hours and exhausted himself playing all day.

Look at her!  Ohmygosh the cuteness!  She inherited her dad’s skin and eye color.

Vashti makes a painting of the family lot.  Hamza thinks it looks great!  It’s hung up with the painting that her father Randolph painted of the original house.

I wonder if the younger guys are giving Beal some manly advice?

Mommy has a chat with Kumiko while Hamza repairs the stove that she broke.  Someone else needs to learn some handiness or they’ll be replacing all of the electronics soon.  (Yes, I did forget we can hire someone to repair things when I wrote this!)

Beal waited all day for Keane to get home from school and then once he’d gotten home and taken care of his needs they only played with the new Voidcritter Battlestation for a few minutes when Keane said he needed to go to bed!  They both got some Voidcritter wall stickers for the walls by their beds too.

Auntie Kanai and grandmom give advice and I’m sure Kumiko wishes they’d just let her potty!

Whatever makes you happy Beal.  You do you.

Everyone was either in bed or on the way there when Kanai decided she needed to eat and so did Teague.  Instead of eating in their house though, they ran all the way here to eat then had to go all the way back to their little house to sleep.

Arjun and Mayumi have a bit of fun seeing as how they have a child-free house now… and they won’t be able to do such amourous activities after aging to elder without consequences.

Good morning family!  Everyone wakes in good spirits.  It’s Beal’s first day of school.  Keane met several kids yesterday that they can hopefully invite to visit this weekend.

And good morning toddlers!  Looking adorable in your little pjs today.

Grandpa Arjun agrees.  He had to give his girl a hug.  So sweet!

Bath time Teague!  Sterling takes his parenting seriously I tell ya!

Mayumi’s friend Yvette called asking to visit.  She hasn’t changed a bit since they were teens.  She was very tense.  Mayumi was not amused.  After sharing a few pleasantries she left Yvette to be miserable alone.

Vashti tried to chat happily with Yvette when she spotted her but after she saw her mood she asked her to leave.  She’s not a loner so I have no idea what her problem was!  We don’t need that kind of negativity here.


That gardening mod is hilarious.  I have to make sure everyone’s needs are okay because they all flock to the garden area!  I took out the harvesting one though because that one doesn’t have specified times and they’ll wake in the middle of the night wanting to harvest.  (I later changed to yet another version of the mod… still testing it out.)

It was too cute not to take a pic but I didn’t use it in the chapter because I didn’t keep her in that outfit.

Hmm… could be his surprise for the family?

Umm yea so I got a mod that sells a book with the city recipes.  They can’t leave the lot to go!


Chapter 3.8

Note from the future: It is extremely odd for me proofreading this before it publishes and seeing the two that are having their own babies in game still toddlers!  At this point in game Keane and Beal’s kids are about to age to child.  Yes, I’m quite far ahead!  I just had to share that.  Thought it was funny.

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