TS4- Curses! 3.6: Overflowing House

Chapter 3.6 aka OMG where’s the no check toddler mod…

Bright and early Kanai has exciting news for Sterling.  They have a baby on the way!

Karson’s giving Enver the side-eye like that’s my son where’s yours?

Kanai announces her big news at breakfast to her parent’s delight.

The new residents make themselves at home.

I guess watching Enver and Beal play has given Calix and Ira ideas of their own.

Keane’s like hey grandma I see you!

And speaking of grandma’s… Mayumi feels Kanai’s little baby belly.

Calix is over the roof excited when Ira gives him their good news!

Impromptu father-daughter hug.

Beal asked his dad to teach dancing and mom joined in on the fun.  Grandma and Grandpa all all smiles watching them play.

Sanaa helps Keane on the slide.  So cute!

The younger generation needs to start pulling its weight in the kitchen.  Luckily both Ira and Prisha already had some cooking skills before moving in!  I’m sure Mayumi and Arjun don’t mind handing over the reigns.  Arjun might still man the grill for now though.

The family winds down for the night with a movie.  You know guys there are more seats.

Tuck in time for the tot with the birthday tomorrow.

Dinner time.  Doesn’t Kanai look very similar to Enver now that they’re adults?

Kanai and Sterling woke in the early morning hours when Kanai went into labor.  Both of them freaked out.

Yet another man standing grinning while the poor wife is in pain.

Another boy!  His name is Teague.

Grandma and Grandpa rush over to meet the little scamp.

They both look so enthused.

It’s birthday time!  Vashti goes first aging to elder.

Then it’s Keane’s turn.  Sanaa had a hard time getting around the crowd of family to take him to the cake!

Look at that face!  So darned cute.

Elder selfie!

And then Vashti takes a pic of Keane for his parent’s wall too.

Ira goes into labor and Calix totally freaked out!

It’s a girl!  Kumiko.

Once again, the proud grandparents arrive to greet the new family member.

Things are winding down for the night.  Keane completed his homework with help from Sterling.  They seem to be getting along good.

Enver was swimming and Beal asked him for a bath.

Bath time little tyke.  Your birthday is next!


These were Vashti’s needs when she was potty training Keane and he didn’t even need it!

Sterling’s mom texts from the beyond to congratulate him.

I tried rolling but kept getting adult traits so I picked outgoing.

Look at my busy bees!  I put in an autonomous gardening mod.  Still testing it out.

How did a few plates turn into that huge pile of trash?!  Luckily, the trash still gives money when dragged into the nano can.

Chapter 3.7

Chapter notes:

I already knew from my test of playing with 20 sims that the toddler problem would be bad.  I didn’t realize just how bad it would be. I should have screenshotted it but at one point one of the toddlers had 4 cues to “listen” to someone and when I looked all 4 of them were standing around waiting to “check toddler” meanwhile their needs were terrible and the boys were fine!  I think I had a mod conflict because the last half day after taking a few mods out it seems that the no check toddler mod is working as promised.  Other than that though I’m having a blast still.  I was afraid that I would get frustrated with all of the sims but I’m really not.  I just let them do their thing and watch them.  Occasionally I’ll pause and check everyone’s needs to make sure they aren’t neglecting themselves.  It’s a pain when everyone needs the bathroom at once since there’s only one spare right now.  I have to keep on top of the food prep which I also knew from my test save.  I’ve managed to keep everyone going to bed at the same time which I wasn’t able to get even close to in the test so that’s a big success I think.  I actually had to force myself to stop playing and write this chapter.  It should have ended when Kumiko was born.  Speaking of which…

Teague: Irish, Celtic origin meaning ‘a handsome poet’.

Kumiko: Japanese name meaning ‘rare beauty child’.

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  1. Even as an Elder Vashti is beautiful! Beal and Keane are just too cute. As always I love the names. had to laugh at “Yet another man standing grinning while the poor wife is in pain.” Typical.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the boys… I would have had to keep having kids until they had girls and be in an even worse predicament!
      I’m updating daily. I have like 10 chapters scheduled to post so probably not for long… thanks again for reading!


  2. I hope I look as good as Vashti when I become a grandma 👵 lol 😂
    I have a name suggestion idk if you’re interested but I saw it somewhere and thought it was a cool name:
    Kairos in Greek means the perfect place and time. I think it sounds strong to 🤔 just a suggestion 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a lot of them look better as elders which is weird because usually my sims look terrible as elders!
      All of the names so far mean beautiful or handsome in one form or another. I really like that name though. I only have 2 boy names left. Is it a boy or girl name?

      Liked by 1 person

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