TS4- Curses! 3.5: A Day for Romance

Chapter 3.5 aka that was too easy!

It’s still the morning of their birthday and Calix walks his twin up to the front of the lot and gives her a hug.  He wishes her good luck and goes back to the family to give her some privacy.

Calix had barely even walked away when a boy that they all knew from school named Sterling walked up to Kanai and asked if he can sit with her!  What luck.

They sat and chatted for a little while.

As with all the sims before him, it didn’t take long for Sterling to be smitten with our Kanai and vice versa.

He whispered sweet nothings and they flirted for a bit.

He gave her a kiss while mom stands in the background rooting them on.  The rule is that y’all stay in the back and give them privacy!  Geeze Mayumi.

And then he kissed her hands and asked her to marry him.

Of course, she said yes.  They took the traditional celebratory selfie to commemorate the occasion and then made their way over to the spot where her cousins had gotten married.  It’s just too hectic with such a huge family to get together and do a ceremony and this moment is for them.  They’ll have plenty of time after this to be with the family.

(I hate to brag but dang that’s a good pic!)

Then, the newlyweds ran home so that Sterling could be introduced to Kanai’s parents.  Calix peeks at his sister from behind their dad’s back.  He seems pleased.

And then Kanai declares that it’s now her twin’s turn.  She jokingly tells him, “tag- you’re it!”

So Calix goes to the bench and chuckles to himself wondering what’s in store for him.

Within minutes a woman walks up.  She says her name is Ira and that she’d seen him the day before.  He’d come into the clothing store when she was working and she saw him again later at the nightclub.

He scoots over and offers her a seat.  They both already look smitten!

It didn’t take long.

They talked and joked and flirted the night away.

They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.

And then Calix pulled her in for a kiss.

After a long makeout session, he decided not to wait any longer and showed her the ring he’d had made asking her to marry him.  She was delighted and agreed.

He told her they needed to take the selfie for the wall or his sister would never let him forget it.

Then he picked her up and carried her all the way to the hill since it’s very dark where everyone else has been getting married this time of night.

(Another great pic!)

It was early morning when they finally returned to the lot.  Calix didn’t want to wait to introduce Ira to his parents so he woke them up. I don’t think they minded in the least!


See how soon Sterling walked by!  Holy moly this was the easiest one yet!

I love this pic but it didn’t really fit into the chapter.

When I paused to check her age and if she’s married Ira had this adorable look on her face.  I couldn’t resist getting a pic!

I have no idea why but nothing I did would make these two not go to the front of the lot to eat!  I even sat them on the couch and told them to grab their food.  They grabbed the food and started going to sit on the bench with Calix and Ira!  Finally, exasperated, I cheated their hunger need up and sent them both to bed.  Sheesh!

Chapter 3.6

Chapter notes:

This was crazy easy.  I couldn’t believe it.  Sterling was two days from YA which is my limit.  He lived in a house and they knew him from school but I don’t recognize his mother’s name.  I forgot to look on the gallery to try to find if she’s from one of the families I’d added.  I think she is.  Ira is in two of the pictures from the day before when they went out.  The first is in the clothing store in the background of a pic she’s looking at him and talking to one of the girls she worked with.  Then in the club, she has her back turned but I zoomed in and it’s her.  So cool.  Next time before whoever’s turn it is I need to make sure I have someone evolve all the garlic.  That sparkling drove me crazy!  I turned aging back on after Calix and Ira returned to the lot.  I have a feeling I’m going to be doing that a lot with this family.

Sterling means pure.

Ira means watchful.

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  1. That is a really beautiful screenshot!! *o* It’s super interesting how Calix appears to also be limited by the boundary? since Enver couldn’t I thought it might be a guy thing… hmm hopefully the answers are in your chapters ;D

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