TS4- Curses! 3.4: Calix & Kanai’s Day of Fun

Chapter 3.4 aka I spend forever setting up then lose my mind because of phases…

Before Calix and Kanai leave for their day out it’s time for Hamza to age to elder.

Vashti seems happy about her older man.  Don’t worry Vashti, your time is coming soon.

Since they were hungry the twins headed to the diner/bowling alley for some breakfast.

They played a game in the game room.

And then they did a quick game of bowling.  That lady with the mohawk choked on her food watching Calix’s horrible attempts at bowling!

Poor guy just can’t win.  Kanai is looking at him like seriously?

Then, to his embarrassment, she shows him how it’s done.

They head to The Garden Bakery.  Their breakfast wasn’t very filling and they worked up an appetite with that bowling.  Calix sees a boy he knows named Shannon.  Shannon seemed quite interested in Calix.

Then the two sit and have a cannoli.  It seems that Calix has another admirer.  I can’t blame her.

They check out the wishing well and Kanai suggests that they could just wish for romance now and be done with it but Calix doesn’t like the idea at all.

Next, they headed over to check out the different carved pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch Stand.

Kanai thought it was really cool so they ordered a table to be sent to their lot.

They thought it might be fun to try on some clothes so they headed to a clothing store next.

They both seemed impressed with this formal outfit but there’s really no use for it at home.

Calix thought this shirt looked weird on him and Kanai agrees.

Then it was Kanai’s turn.  She tried on a polka dot top with shorts.  She liked the shorts but laughed saying the top makes it pretty apparent she doesn’t have much to fill it up top.  Calix just rolled his eyes at his sister.

Another formal outfit.  This doesn’t look as good on her as the one Calix wore does but it makes you think it’s a shame that there’s no prom.

Then they made their way back over to Newcrest to the nightclub that Enver and Sanaa told them about.  They get some fizzy fruity drinks which both of them enjoy and wait for someone to start dancing so they won’t be alone on the dance floor.

Finally, a guy in his bathing suit and another guy go out there.

Most of the crowd seemed to decide it was better to dance on the balcony area.  I guess they wanted quicker access to the bar?

It was almost midnight when they arrived home and found little Beal waiting for them out front.

Bright and early the family all make their way to the dining area to find some breakfast.  Sanaa opted to kneel behind the counters to eat.  I suppose they need another table or something.

Enver and Beal decided to eat in their house today.

Since most everyone was already there they decided to do the birthdays.  Calix when first gaining the music lover trait.

Then Kanai blew out her candles gaining the geek trait.

Then it’s time to check out the new houses.  These should be the last ones built.  First Calix’s.

The inside is a bit bare for now.  He wanted to wait until he marries to decorate.

Then it was Kanai’s turn.

She seems quite happy.  Hopefully, her future spouse doesn’t mind the salmon-colored walls.  It was very difficult finding a color that went with the bedspread she’d chosen!


For Megs: Philip Ikeda with his son Matias.  His wife is behind him but you can’t really see her.

Another pic of that boy talking to Calix.  This is when I realized that not having them around anyone but the family makes it a bit difficult to decipher their orientation.  I’ll have to figure something out for the next generation.  They meet tons of kids at school but rarely bring any home.  Perhaps they can throw a party or something on the weekend.  At this point, I’m kinda confused because I really don’t know what to do.  I would like to see Calix pass on his unique skin color since he’s the only remaining sim with it.  I’m angry with myself for not paying more attention.

An overview of the lot as it is now.  Those that thought me using the 64×64 lot are probably a bit shocked seeing this!  Also, I couldn’t for the life of me think of any ideas for the new houses.  I ended up getting the exteriors from the gallery.  I had to place them in my test save and save them as rooms.  Calix’s house exterior is 5×5 Micro Home by Catastrophe19.  Kanai’s house exterior is Nightingale by undressyourbones who has several tiny homes and I was quite impressed.  I’m following them now.  I had a hard time deciding which one to use!  Also, theirs was smaller than the 25 tiles so I added some to the rear.

Chapter 3.5

Chapter notes:

What you don’t see in any of the pics for this chapter which is an absolute miracle considering how often it happened was Calix and Kanai shouting forbidden words like every 30 seconds!  They both had the loud phase and I used the cheat to remove it but it didn’t work.  They kept doing it over and over and always looking so darned angry.  You know, these phases have an effect that I don’t think the Sims creators intended.  It makes me really hate my sims when they’re going through them.  Especially considering the fact that on short lifespan they have the phase pretty much their entire childhood or teen years!  I’ve looked for a mod to turn them off or something but haven’t found anything yet unfortunately.

I didn’t realize until I was writing this chapter that I’d never taken a full-on pic of either of the twins in their new duds.  I am quite happy with how they both turned out.  I made a horrible choice with Kanai’s teen makeup.  She always looked angry!  I’ve turned off aging again.  It’s just not fair that doing things this way gives me so little time with the toddlers.  Now, I’ve gotta do the meeting of the mates thing.  Wish me luck!

Lots used in this chapter:

In the background of the pumpkin patch photo-

FRAME IT Photo Studio by Zita1966.  I really liked the exterior and since I’d originally planned to place something in that spot I’d bulldozed it and needed to place something there.

The Garden Bakery by Pollyannasims.  Originally, it was set up as a bakery you can run with your sims.  I changed it into a cafe.

Pumpkin Patch Stand by Brennachan.  I was about to close out the gallery window and then I glanced this and had to use it!  So cute!

Clothing Retail Store by InnoWinno.  I’ve been searching and searching for a clothing store like this.  I was so pleased to find it.

The owner of the store is Rhiannon by Anichellesims.  She’s the cute redhead in the cafe.  When I saw her on Twitter I knew I had to find a place for her!

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    1. I don’t know why Calix had so many problems. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the clumsy trait. I’ll look when I open the game though. That hoodie is adorable.


    1. I don’t like them at all. The mood swings I understand even if the goofy walk drives me crazy. But the phases not so much. Like you said, out of character. Suddenly a child I adore I can’t stand because this sweet kid starts yelling forbidden words constantly? Naw.


  1. That has also happened to me when I create a sim and later change their traits they are stuck with them. I have also seen it happen to XUrbanSimsX when she was doing the Springston Legacy.
    It’s so weird because when you were she wing their new house I was thinking about asking u to post an overview picture of the lot so we could get an idea of how it looks and then I read down more and there u had done it 😂.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those traits are so annoying I’d gladly pay a modder to do away with them and I’m sure others would too!
      I try to occasionally take an overview pic. Here I thought I’d only have like 3 or 4 houses!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kanai and Calix had a great day out. I don’t have the bowling pack, but it looks like a lot of fun! I like bowling in rl…ok, well, I used to bowl…it’s been a few years now. They even got to try on some clothes. I will have to check out that retail lot, it looks pretty cool.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know! When I first read the Tiny Living challenge I thought well that won’t be much fun because the parents won’t live very long… but it is if you have a ton of family!


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