TS4- Curses! 3.3: Testing Boundries

Gen 2 Chapter 3 aka what would happen…

Little Keane aged to toddler wide awake and needing nothing so he entertained himself while everyone slept.

When grandma woke she helped him with his potty training.

Having a bit of fun with daddy.  It’s pretty cool having a day who likes toys too!

Like father…

…like son.

Matias Ikeda came home from school with Calix.  They seemed to get along pretty well.  None of the kids that they’ve brought home lately have really hit it off.

Beal started fussing and Enver came running.

Then little Beal aged to toddler as well.  Looks like he’s saying “I’m here world!”

As usual, Mayumi and Arjun are the last ones awake as they cook up some meals for the next day.  Since Prisha is a vegetarian the meal options have been changed.

In the morning Kanai has a thought and drags her twin out of earshot to discuss it.  She wonders what will happen to him when they age up.  After the confusion of Enver’s birthday, she’s nervous.  He agrees that they should talk to their cousin.

They call Enver and Prisha over and Kanai voices her concerns.  She points out that they haven’t tested the boundary since he returned.

So the four of them head to the front of the lot to test it out.  To their shock, Enver is able to cross the boundary.

And then Prisha joins him.  Nobody really knows what to think.

Prisha is pleased but Enver is concerned about what this might mean for the family.  They decide to test further.

They take a walk to see the duck pond that Prisha enjoys visiting.  At first, things were fine.

And then after just a short time away from the lot Enver starts to feel ill.  They rush back home.

Calix and Kanai feel terrible for putting their cousin through all of that when it was only for curiosity.  They apologize and head back outside.

And then little Beal wakes up as Prisha leaves.  One smile from his son warms Enver’s heart.

They have a little father-son chat. Enver tells him how great it is to be part of this family and hopes he never tries to leave.

When he comes outside with little Beal following behind Calix gives him a hug and apologizes again.  Enver promises that it’s fine and says that if it was him aging up in a few days he would be curious too.

Soon everything is back to the norm like there wasn’t a big surprise that day.

The toddlers are finally awake at the same time and get a chance to hang out together.

Until Beal had a diaper accident that required a bubble bath.  I don’t think he minds.

But, by the time he gets back out, Keane has already gone to bed!  Poor boys aren’t getting any time together.

Sanaa found out what had happened earlier that day from her twin and sits down to ask Calix about it.  She’s worried that he’s going to try to leave.  He promises her that it wasn’t his intention.  They were just curious.  He’d never leave Kanai… or the rest of the family.  After a strange day, the family all make their way to their houses to sleep.  Tomorrow is Calix and Kanai’s day out.


This thing is like gold right now!  $120 a plate.  Who needs jobs?

They really need to fix the unflirty trait because it’s very annoying that they react like this to a hug.  Thanks for ruining the picture Arjun.

This girl invited Calix out to eat.  I thought I’d just keep this in case she ends up being the one.  That would be so funny!

Chapter 3.4

Chapter notes:

Everyone checking on the toddlers all the time is already driving me nuts.  Have you noticed that their needs can be in the red, like about to pee themselves and they’ll be waddling around wanting to check a toddler who is perfectly fine?  And like every single one of them… all 10 at once will converge on them.  What does the toddler say every time?  Potty!  How often do they really need it?  Not very often.  Sorry, rant over.

The boy Matias that came home from school with Calix is the son of one of Meg’s sims Philip from her Ikeda legacy that I added to the save.  He has a twin brother Curtis that looks identical to him but neither of the twins knows him.  I think I may have had Enver age up Beal too early but I don’t know.  I was in the notifications looking to see if it was time or not when he was feeding him and I deleted everything so I wouldn’t miss it… and just then a notification about him popped up.  I had him age him up but then realized it might have been the “almost birthday” one.  

The main reason for the boundary test other than to satiate your curiosity was to add a little bit more of the teens in this chapter before their day out in the next.  I feel like these two have kinda fallen to the wayside, unfortunately.  I actually didn’t even realize their birthdays were so close!  Technically their birthday should be in the next chapter and this one should have been their day out but it just seemed too soon to me.  I don’t know about you but it felt like there was more time between Vashti and Mayumi’s birthdays than this.  Suddenly everything felt rushed so I flagged the two of them no aging and changed my plans for this chapter.

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    1. I’m glad you’re still enjoying them. I’m worried after awhile it will get boring. Just so you know, Keane just aged up in my game and is waiting to find his love. So crazy how far ahead I am!


    1. I finally found a mod for the checking of toddlers thank goodness. I tried to figure out how many sims I had in the household at the time of this chapter and confused myself. I think 10 is right. The most was 16 but I think that’s later.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I play them autonomously a good amount of the time. I mostly just watch them, pause, screenshot ect. I send them all to bed and make them all eat so they don’t all cook 50 meals but that’s about it.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. That was an interesting chapter and Enver testing the boundaries. Maybe each generation will be able to go further and further away…until one day….the curse is broken. But it seems like a long battle ahead for our little family. The toddlers are so cute. I love toddlers. Well, sim toddlers…except when they make messes constantly lol

    Liked by 1 person

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