TS4- Curses! 3.2: Turnaround

Gen 4 Chapter 2 aka and so it begins…

Prisha had kept vigil all night… or she tried to at least.  At some point, she’d fallen asleep.  When she woke to the rays of the rising sun she stood up and debated whether to leave or wake him and make sure he’s okay.  Everything in her screamed not to leave.

Her decision was made for her when he woke suddenly and stared up at her with a look of almost awe on his face.  They stayed like that for several minutes until she could stand it no longer and asked his name.

He said his name is Enver and he’d seen her in school.  He invited her to sit with him and chat for a bit.

After a night of restless sleep, Vashti and Hamza woke and quickly ran outside to see if their son had returned.  The sight that greeted them was unexpected and at the same time very encouraging.

Deciding it was best to leave Enver and the girl alone they headed to the kitchen area to clean up the disaster from the day before and whip up some pancakes for breakfast.

Sanaa woke her new husband Karson with the exciting news that they were expecting a baby!

When she saw her mother and father eating with grins on their faces she knew there was good news.  Vashti confirmed that Enver had returned and was sitting on the bench chatting with a girl this very moment.  Sanaa was greatly relieved at this and happily shared her own news which boosted the parent’s moods even higher.

As time passed and while they chatted Enver found himself irrevocably drawn to Prisha.  Everything about her seemed as if she was perfect for him in every way.  He felt like a carpet had been pulled out from under him and with a shocked realization, he knew with everything in him that she is the one. The girl he’d always dreamed he’d meet on his birthday… it was just a day late.  But very much worth waiting for.

He drew a bit closer and gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

She seemed to find this adorable and started to giggle.

When he finally made his move it was like the most natural thing he’d ever done.

As was proposing to her with the ring he’d had made in anticipation of finding his soulmate.

Inspired by his twin sister’s solo vows they headed over by the little falls and promised themselves to each other.

Then they quickly returned home to share their excitement with the family.  Sanaa, in particular, was thrilled.  Despite her pregnant belly she began hopping up and down.

Then she ran over to her twin and showed him her baby belly.

With a wink and a nudge, Enver proposed that he and Prisha go make their own baby.  Sanaa found this hilarious and his parents didn’t say a word but wore smirks on their faces as the couple quickly retreated to their new home.

Then it was Prisha’s turn to announce a pregnancy.  Enver’s excitement was contagious.

He grabbed her hands and thanked her for making all of his dreams come true.

As Prisha made the announcement to Enver’s parents she thought to herself that she now knows where Enver gets that over the top excited reaction from.

Then Calix sat down to chat with Prisha.  They knew each other from school but not very well since he is in a much lower grade than she was.

Well then.  If you didn’t think Karson was adorable before you have to confess it now!

Kanai brought a boy home from school and spent most of the night ignoring him to swim instead.  When she was finally told to go entertain her guest she ran over still in her swimsuit.  He didn’t seem to mind in the least.  His name is Gustavo Vatore.

But soon after she abandons her guest to play in a pile of trash.  What an impression this must have made on the poor boy.

Sanaa and Karson had just fallen asleep when she began labor.  She’s thinking she should wipe that smug grin off his face.

A boy!  They decided to name him Keane.  She told Karson that she thinks the baby has his eyes which thrilled her husband.

Karson was eager for his turn with the newborn and was soon cooing to his son.

In the morning Vashti rushed over to see her new grandson.  It’s hard to believe that she’s a grandmother already!

After she leaves Hamza heads in to make silly faces at Keane.

There’s still another baby to be born in the growing Maledire household.  Prisha decided to drink some tea which seems to have made the baby kick.

Afraid that the teens would feel left out with all of the excitement going on their parents spent some extra time with them that night.

And then it’s Prisha’s turn to go into labor that evening.  Yet another smug knowing grin from the father.

Another boy!  Enver had gone outside to yell to everyone that Prisha was in labor and in turn missed most of the birth.  His name is Beal.

Enver feels completely satisfied with the way things turned out.  It was a bit rocky at first but well worth the struggle.


First, gross not the place to sit and play with your favorite toy Karson!  Second, your son is like two feet from you screaming his head off.  Go do something about it!

That flirty face… just wow.

Chapter 3.3

Chapter notes:

This chapter’s a little bit longer than usual.  I wanted to get both births in on the same chapter.  Keane has already aged up but I thought that would be way too much so I quit playing and haven’t taken any screenshots yet.  So far the number of sims is manageable.  The little icons in the character panel are kind of annoying and so I’m trying to get into the habit of right-clicking the sims to switch to them instead.  I still need to figure out some hobbies for our new arrivals.  I think Sanna will assist with gardening and Enver will fish.  They don’t do these things for very long.  It’s mostly to give them something to do during the day while the kids are at school.  Here are the babies name meanings…

Keane- Of Celtic origin meaning ‘tall and handsome’.

Beal- A French name meaning ‘handsome’.

Also: Prisha- Hindu Meaning ‘beloved/ loving/ God’s gift’.

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