TS4- Curses! 3.1: Is this my Curse?

Gen 3 Chapter 1 aka is Enver cursed or not…

A new house was built for Enver.  Everyone was excited to see what he thought.

Enver loved the house but he was feeling so much apprehension he had a hard time acting excited.  He spent a few minutes inside getting his bearings before joining the rest of the family for the celebration.

While Enver was in his new house Sanaa went to check out the remodel of her grandmother’s old house.  She was quite pleased and excited to go out to join the family and age up.  She felt confident that today she’d meet her future husband.

Enver had his turn first.  He wishes with all of his heart that this time tomorrow he’ll still be considered part of the family.

Sanaa goes next and wishes that soon she’ll meet the love of her life and by this time tomorrow she’ll be pregnant.

The twins head to the front of the lot as is the tradition in the Maledire family.

But just as he’d feared Enver is not tethered to the lot like his sister.  They just look sadly at each other for a few minutes and then Enver turns and walks away.

As Sanaa watches her twin it occurs to her that she had never once thought that this could be a possibility.  This is just the way things are in the family.  No one had expected it to be different for Enver.  Except perhaps Enver himself.

Enver sits down and watches the stream flow past.  He tries to figure out what this means for him.  What place does he have with the family?  Should he even stay to find out?  Is it his curse to live without his family?  He could move somewhere and get a job.  Get married and have a bunch of kids.  But that was never the plan.  He’d never wanted anything but to live with his family.  Could he even be considered a Maledire if he wasn’t tethered to the lot like everyone else?  Would the same thing happen to Calix on his birthday?  His head swam with questions but no answers and he sat there until dusk just thinking.

Meanwhile, Sanaa is startled from her concern for her brother by a man who walked up and smiled at her.  He says that his name is Karson and that he’d seen her dancing at the club the night before and hoped he would see her again.

She smiles and invites him to have a seat and they sit and chat for hours getting to know each other.

And just like that, just like everyone has described it, they suddenly become each other’s world.  All thoughts on anything else are forgotten.  All worries washed away.

After a few hours of flirting Karson grabs Sanaa’s hand and asks her if she’ll marry him.

She grabs his hand back and smiles as she accepts his proposal.

Karson is so happy he sweeps her up into a kiss.

Sanaa insists that before they get married they need to take a picture to remember this moment.  It’s a tradition.

Wanting to spare her brother’s feelings, Sanaa asks Karson if they can say their vows alone nearby.  She’s always loved this little waterfall and thinks it’s the perfect backdrop.

When the family sees that Sanaa has returned with a new husband her parents rush over to greet them.

Sanaa looks around and asks her mother where Enver is and Vashti replies that he hasn’t been back home since they’d left that morning.

Enver had still been sitting up by the stream thinking when he heard his twin sister and her new husband say their vows.  When they returned home he made his way down off the little hill.

He went into the bar that’s nearby the house and ordered a drink.  He tried not to think but it was of no use.

After just the one drink he started feeling weak and very tired so he decided to leave.  As he walked out the door to head home he got very dizzy.

He felt like his insides were coming out and stumbled as he walked.

Very slowly he made his way closer and closer to home taking frequent breaks to catch his breath.

And then, just outside the lot, he had the worst dizzy spell yet.

And passed out in the middle of the street.

He woke up a little while later and crawled to the lot and collapsed onto the bench where he was unconscious within seconds.

Prisha was having the strangest night.  She was just winding down for the night with a good book when she had the sudden urge to go for a walk.  It was like she couldn’t resist the urge.  She quickly grabbed her sneakers and left the house.

She usually comes to the pond to watch the ducks during the day.  She thought that perhaps that was what was causing the urge to leave the house after dark.  But as she sat there she felt more and more restless and had to get back up.

She stood outside the bar for a few minutes debating on whether or not to go inside.  She’s not really into that whole scene.  She prefers to stick with her books and video games for company.  After one more hesitant glance, she continues her restless walk.

As she walks by the lot with all the cute tiny houses where some of the kids she’d known from school live she noticed Sanaa’s twin brother laying asleep on the bench.  She felt compelled to check on him.  It didn’t look like he was breathing at first.  But, as she watched, the rise and fall of his chest became less labored and more steady.

She almost felt hypnotized by watching him sleep.  Of the four kids that had gone to school with her, she’d only met his twin sister Sanaa and his cousin Calix.  She’d seen him before though.  Always felt a bit shy when he was around and found some reason to go the other way.  Suddenly feeling like there was no other place in the world that she needed to be she sat down and watched him sleep.  His restless movements had calmed.  He seemed to be sleeping deeply now.  All through the night, Prisha kept vigil as he slept and tried to remember his name.

Chapter 3.2

Chapter notes:

Sorry guys but this is going to be a long explanation…

As I mentioned in the chapter notes of the previous chapter I have struggled with this decision since Vashti had twins.  Do I even let Mayumi have a baby?  I decided that yes, she should.  It’s only right and she had features of Calissa’s that Vashti didn’t that I wanted to see passed down.  I don’t know why I set the number of sims to 10 instead of 9 and when she had twins as well I was floored. What on earth would I do now?  The sensible side of me urged me to have the boys move out.  It made perfect sense.  With only Sanaa and Kanai, I wouldn’t have to worry about having too many sims in the house.  But that was never the plan.  One of the things that frustrates me the most with my Robinson legacy is that it’s a matriarchy.  I have no choice but to move the boys out.  Even in that case, it would be more sensible to move out any spare girls as well.  But I hate having the kids move away!  I hate seeing them a few times the rest of their lives.  But what choice did I have?  I could move out the older sims but then I’d miss out on them being grandparents and watching them with the grandkids.  I felt like no matter what decision I made I would lose someone.  Then, I had a crazy idea.  What if they all stayed?  Could it be possible?  I went into my test save to see…

The thought didn’t occur to me at the time to just cheat sims into the household.  I started out with the Munch family who’ve been testing my builds and another family that I’ve been using to test my builds too.  I added one more woman who ended up being a vampire and had everyone having babies like crazy and then I aged them up and on and on until I had twenty sims!  Then, I played with them for several sim days.  The funny thing is that I hadn’t expected to enjoy it.  They’re just there to test things out.  Make sure they all didn’t stand frozen half of the time or something.  But I actually enjoyed it.  And after three days I concluded that it was doable.  There was a little freezing when the 8 kids all came home from school at the same time and everyone drove me crazy wanting to care for the babies and toddlers but I quickly found a rhythm with them all.  I think everyone having their own locked houses will make it even easier.  And if in the end I’m wrong and it’s too hard or taxes the game too much I’ll have to reevaluate and try to make a decision on who will need to leave even if it breaks my heart.

Okay now that that’s been explained let’s move on!  Yes, Karson did meet Sanaa at the club the night before.  If you look at the pictures in Chapter 2.9: Enver and Sanaa’s Outing you’ll see him wearing a yellow shirt with the same hairstyle as Caleb.  I have a confession, I loathe that hairstyle.  I’d already planned that whoever was to end up with Enver would get a makeover first and as I was looking at Karson with that darned haircut something occurred to me.  This is my story.  My challenge, though I don’t really think of it as one.  I can do whatever the heck I want to do!  So, I used MCCC to give him a makeover before they met.  Now, it wasn’t all as easy as it appeared in the chapter.  The first time… yes, there was more than one, I saved as Enver walked away and then took the pic of him by the stream.  Then I returned to Sanaa and waited and waited.  By 4:30 only elders and children had passed by!  So, I increased the number of walkbys in MCCC then exited the game and started back over to that morning.  If you go back up and look at Enver walking away from the lot you can see a yellow shirt.  I was taking the pic of Enver and missed him the first time!  I didn’t realize it until I was looking at the pics later.  Now the odd thing was that he walked from the other direction the second time around.  Either way, he would have been the first to pass by.

Now for Prisha.  Almost the moment Enver laid down on the bench she started to walk by.  I looked and was disappointed since she was a teen.  I vaguely remembered seeing her in at least one of the kid’s relationship panels since she was literally the only teen. But when I looked with MCCC it said (teen 7/7) I was so freaking excited!  I’d expected to wait the entire night for someone to pass by and maybe even part of the morning!  And there she was already.  Like she was waiting.  She got a makeover that better suited her traits… in my world geeky bookworms do not wear big flowing skirts.  Also, her glasses were freaking huge!  Then I had her follow a bit of Enver’s path from earlier in the day.  That pose… the last screenshot in the chapter… when I had the idea of creating that scene with her watching him sleeping I became obsessed.  I haven’t used actual poses in like a year.  I had to update my pose player mod and lo and behold I did have a pose that fit the situation perfectly… and a few others that I saw gave me some ideas like Enver sitting by the water.  Normally I wouldn’t have a use for them but in my normal play very little is pre-planned like this chapter was.  I put a lot of thought into this.  If Enver were to stay how would I do the whole meeting of the mates?  I can only disable autonomy for one selected sim.  What if they both met someone at the same time?  How awkward would it be for the sim who didn’t meet someone right away and just had to sit there while their brother or sister had this life-altering very personal moment?  The idea to have one go first and then the other led to this whole scenario.  That and the fact that I expect pretty much everyone to believe that I’ll have the boys leave before they read this chapter.  What a surprise it must have been for you!  Okay, these notes are super freaking long.  Sorry!  So you don’t have to scroll way back up there if you’re reading this after the next chapter is published here…

Chapter 3.2 

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    1. Thank you, I’m quite proud of it. You know I don’t do this type of chapter often with all the pre-planning and posing but I felt like this big decision needed something more dramatic than me just saying “oh yea btw I’ve decided to play everyone.”

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  1. You know, I was worried about Enver when he had to go away, and then feeling dizzy…..and getting sick…and collapsing…I thought for sure he was doomed. The end was near. But he needed to return home to feel alive and whole again….and Prisha was destined to be there for him. Now that’s a great fairy tale right here. Great work on the chapter.

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