TS4- Curses! 2.9: Enver and Sanaa’s Outing

Gen 2 Chapter 9 aka party down…

A new day dawns with the family finally starting to feel a little less depressed over the loss of first Randolph and then Calissa.

Both Arjun and Mayumi contracted the same illness at the same time!  It was decided after brewing one pot of healthy green tea after another that they would spend the money on the expensive medicine so that hopefully these illnesses will stop returning over and over!

Kanai came home from school in a very annoying phase that made her want to listen to loud music Calix and Kenzie were not amused!

This phase also made her continuously shout forbidden words.  When Mayumi tried to discuss this phase with her daughter she became angry and said that the world just needs to hear her.  Perhaps she’s feeling a bit overlooked being one of four kids?

The next day while the kids were at school Hamza attempted fishing again.  I guess the fish aren’t biting?

Every single one of the four kids came home from school in a rotten mood!  So after they’d gotten their needs up they were told to pull out their school projects and everyone spent some quiet time working on them together.

Then they watched Sims of the Dead before bed… maybe not the best idea for the little ones?

Before the movie was over Sanaa’s mood swing got the best of her and she decided to write in her journal instead.

Then it was time for another round of birthdays.  They sure do happen often!  Arjun went first aging to adult.

Then it was Calix’s turn aging to teen.

This is what happens when you use the same cake for weeks… it spoils and you have to stop everything to bake a new one!

After dad saved the day with a new cake Kanai takes her turn at aging to teen.

And here they are!  While Enver and Sanaa have very similar facial features Calix and Kanai’s are quite different from each other.

Another phase!  Sanaa wanted distance from her family and was feeling tense so she went for a jog to clear her mind.  Maybe she’s worried about her upcoming birthday?

While his twin feels the need to be away from the family Enver wants to be closer.  He looks so happy in this pic!

Then, in the morning, before Enver and Sanaa head out for their little excursion Mayumi has her turn and ages to adult.

It was still a bit early so the twins made their way to a bistro and had some expressos.

Then they thought it would be fun to try the giant maze that they’d heard about.  It didn’t take long for them to get frustrated though.

Next, they made their way to Newcrest and Midway Lanes for a bit of bowling fun.

Ouch!  That had to hurt.  Walk it off Sanaa!

All that bowling worked up an appetite.  Oddly the host decided to seat the two of them at a huge six seater table.

Next door to the bowling alley is Club Gradient.  They decided to try out the hot tub.  The family has been thinking of getting one.  They approve.

They decide to try out a flaming zesty salt.  It tasted a bit odd so they didn’t finish it.

Then they head back outside to the dance floor to listen and dance to the dj performance.

They had a lot of fun but were both beginning to feel tired so they made their way home.  Tomorrow’s the big day.  Nobody really knows what will happen.


I had this “brilliant” idea that maybe they could meet their future mate as the first child they bring home from school.  Poor Calix brought this girl Latasha home and she just screamed at him over and over!  Finally, I had him ask her to leave.  He was still sad from his grandmother’s death and then he ended up angry because of her.  So much for that idea!

That is a 3×2 bathroom and there were four sims trying to fit in there to talk and wash dishes!

I just happened to pause right as Kanai did this.  I have no idea what prompted it.  Mayumi lit the candles so I could put the cake back in the fridge that’s all.

When the twins returned home and I was sending everyone to bed I looked and Hamza was strutting into their house naked!  I looked at his moodlets and saw this…

So freaking funny!

These phases last too long on short lifespan.

Chapter 3.1

Chapter notes:

As to the phases lasting too long for the short lifespan… too long being pretty much their entire childhood or teen years… I searched and found a cheat to remove them.  I decided to do this because on her outing with Enver Sanaa kept getting tense!  Here’s the site if you were wondering.  It also has instructions to add a phase.  Note from the future: I don’t know if this works because I took the loud phase from Calix and Kanai when they were teens and both of them shouted forbidden words constantly.

Ever since Vashti had twins and I realized there would be at least three children instead of the two total that I’d planned for I’ve tried to decide what to do about this upcoming birthday.  After giving it quite a bit of thought I think I’ve made my decision.  But you’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out!

Midway Lanes was created by Allysim Builds.  The bowling alley part was decorated by me.  She has a little tour here if you want to check it out.  

Club Gradient was created by SpecterCody.  It must have been an older build because I had to add the dj booth and remove the speakers from the dance floor.  Other than that it was a really cool place for them to hang out.

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  1. Oh gosh, the illness hits again! Yah, spend the simoleons for the cure. Sheesh! I love the shot of all the projects lined up. So cool! Then the big birthdays, and it looks like Enver and Sanaa had a great day out. I laughed when I saw that last screenie of the bare nakid nudie. I had never got that one before about losing your swimsuit! Funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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