TS4- Curses! 2.8: An Era Ends

Gen 2 Chapter 8 aka everyone’s sad including me…

The four kids played with the build’em blocks table to try to take their minds off of their sadness.  (It had absolutely nothing to do with me wondering if they would all play with a different toy…)

Then it was remembered that the younger twins hadn’t taken their childhood photo together yet.

Grandma Calissa decided to take advantage of the new fenced bath to indulge herself in a lavender soak.

As long as you clean it up afterward have at it.

Hamza goes up and tries fishing for a while.  He wants to follow in his late father-in-law’s footsteps but he loses patience quickly.

Some journals were ordered for the children so that they could express their sadness in a more constructive way.

Impromptu twin hug!

Another attempt to occupy the poor kids.  I think it might have been easier if they had school after Randolph’s death so they could be distracted from their loss.

They all got together to watch a movie and most of them tried to attempt to be cheerful.

Calissa’s teapot broke and Hamza fixed it for her.  She stood by watching the whole time.

Every night before bed the fridge is checked to make sure that there will be food for breakfast in the morning.  For some reason, Mayumi and Arjun always seem to be the last ones awake so this task falls on them most nights.

And yet another morning dawns with sad faces.  It’s almost too much to bear.

But after a while, everyone starts to cheer up a bit.  It is decided that the birthday celebration will be held early today.  (Just in case)

Hamza goes first aging to adult.  Where has the time gone?!

Then it is Enver’s turn.  He looks like he’s thinking very hard about his wish.

After seeing her brother Sanaa is eager for her turn!

Enver looks very much like an elf.  Sanaa looks very similar to their mother.  I’m not really sure where she got the hook in her nose though because neither parent has it.

The family of four sit together chatting.  Mayumi silently observes her mother.  She has a feeling that the time is coming soon.

Calix replaces his mother and chats with his Gran for awhile.

And then our dear Calissa collapsed to the ground.  Before she even got all the way down Grim was waiting for her.

As with Randolph before her, the family gathers to mourn.  Everyone knows that she wishes to join him in the Netherworld so they do not ask the reaper to spare her.

Calissa’s daughters bring her grave back and place it next to their father’s.  Mayumi knows that Vashti isn’t strong enough to do what needs to be done.

She assures her sister that she will release their mother as she would have wanted.

And the two share a hug.  They are now the matriarchs of the Maledire family.

And even though they really don’t feel much like celebrating, in the morning when the kids have left for school Vashti aged to adult. You can see behind her the gift that Calissa had built for the family.

All of the children return from school in quite a state!

Kanai brought this girl Kenzie home from school with her.  I believe that she is the daughter of Calissa’s maid.  She has her father’s coloring but she is not a vampire like he was.  If you didn’t know, the maid married one of Calissa’s old friends.  The “friends” have all since left this place.  Kenzie and her twin sister Lexi live with several people that they aren’t related to in any way.  It’s very strange.

It’s not the most fun house to visit today I’m afraid.  Just then it was observed that Hamza’s sister Aya had stopped by.  Remember the teen with the unfortunate early balding that had come home from school with Mayumi one day?  She is married to him!

After their guests leave the family eats dinner and watches a movie.  It’s a sad movie but it does have a happy ending.  And soon enough they will start to feel happy again too.

They go for a swim in the new pool that Calissa ordered built for them but all most of them can do is swim around sadly.  None felt like staying in long.

Enduring so much sadness in their very short lives is terrible to watch.  The teens are sent to jog and clear their minds early in the morning before school.  Some of the family is starting to bounce back already by finding ways to deal with their sadness.


Calissa got her bath just as Randolph would have wanted.

She got this whim right after this…

This popped up the morning of the elder twin’s birthday.

I’ve never seen this before!  Cracked me up!

Chapter 2.9

Chapter notes:

Boy after the last chapter and then this chapter I’m wiped out!  I don’t know how we’re going to do it when the adults die since there’s four of them!  It’s going to be terrible.  I had to kill pretty much all of the male vampires.  I don’t know what’s going on with MCCC but it seems to have decided that it can marry several sims to one vampire.  They don’t even move in with them or show as married in CAS but they all took the last name and were overlooked by the mod when it was time to marry the next round.  So basically when I killed 3 or 4 male vampires I left like 12 women widowed!  I’d already deleted Vlad for this same reason.  I popped on Discord and left a message for the mod creator.  Hopefully, it’s fixed soon since some of the toddler vamps are boys.  I know he’s been making a lot of vampire modifications recently so it’s most likely something to do with that.

The pool is modified version of Nature’s Pool by BaileyFazey.  I was looking on the gallery for ideas and liked that one so much I decided to use it and just change it a bit.

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    1. It was really hard. Especially since they’d just lost Randolph. It’s funny, in my Robinson’s save I complained that hardly any of the family got sad when someone died. In this family every single one of them was sad both times.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s like that with all of them unfortunately. One after another.
      I marked the vamps that walked by the house as no marry no offspring and that seems to have solved the problem.


  1. Well, we knew it would come, the day when Calissa would join Randolf. Such sadness. This is the part I do not like at all. I want my sims to live forever. But, the next generations are lovely, so things will be fine.

    Liked by 1 person

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