TS4- Curses! 2.7: Lost But Never Forgotten

Gen 2 Chapter 7 aka the worst birthday ever…

While writing the previous chapter I saw the selfie of Enver and Sanaa and realized I’d not taken the elder shot of Calissa and Randolph.  I’m so glad I stopped writing and took it so that I wouldn’t forget.

What a long way they came!  Two children and four grandchildren.  I don’t think Randolph regretted his time with Calissa and the fact that he became tethered to the lot with her for a moment.

He had such a full life despite its shortness.

Hamza has taken over Randolph’s favorite pastimes of digging for treasure and fishing in the nearby pond.

Calissa keeps forgetting that anyone can see her in this tub!

Inspired by Randolph and Calissa’s love Arjun goes against his usual dislike of public displays of affection to give his wife a kiss.  I’m sure Mayumi doesn’t mind in the least!

Hamza and Randolph cloud gaze… a bit close to little Kanai’s potty chair but they don’t seem to mind.

Sanaa gives her uncle Arjun a big hug.  Mayumi wonders where her hug is?

Grandpop tells the toddlers a story and thinks to himself how crowded this outdoor living area has become.

A little video game fun to pass the time.

Grandpop tells Kanai another story while she plays with the block table.

Calix makes his way over to join the fun.

And then moments later tragedy strikes.  Randolph takes one last look at his little granddaughter as he collapses to the ground.

Calissa begs Grim to just give him one more day!  It’s the toddler’s birthday and would be cruel to take their grandpop today!  But her pleas fall on deaf ears.

The entire family gathers around to mourn the loss of their beloved Randolph.

A small gravesite has already been prepared.  Calissa sobs over the grave for awhile and then releases Randolph’s spirit to the Netherworld where she’ll join him.

Vashti notices that Grim is still there and is actually watching television and laughing!  She’s disgusted.

She tells him off and tells him he needs to leave now!  A bit frightened I think, he leaves right away.

Time waits for no man and sadly we cannot put off the toddler’s birthday any longer.  First Calix blows out his candles.

And then it’s Kanai’s turn to blow out hers.

Not a very happy birthday at all.

The exhausted children headed to bed and cried in their sleep.

Hamza noticed Vashti crying while she painted a dark gloomy painting.

He reminded her of the night they’d met and how they’d looked at the stars.  He told her that some people believe that when someone leaves us that they become a star to watch over their family.  This cheered Vashti a bit imagining her dad up there looking down on them.

When everyone woke from their troubled sleep and remembered their loss they were all very upset.  Then Kanai pointed something out that no one had noticed yet in their grief.

There was a new outdoor living room built!  There was a note from the construction company saying they were sorry for their loss. Randolph had called them and ordered this done as a surprise to the family to cheer them up.  There was also an outdoor area built so that Calissa can have her baths whenever she wants.  They all sat around talking about him and how much they would miss him.  He was a wonderful sim and his loss will be felt for quite some time I’m sure.


At the beginning of the first day I looked at the character panel and it showed Vashti was away from the lot.  I thought she must be talking to someone on the street but when I looked it said she was painting.  I clicked on her and I found her waaay over where that red circle is.  I have no idea where the easel is that she was trying to get at.  Doesn’t she know she can’t leave the lot?  Sheesh!

Here’s a bit of a better view of the new outdoor space.  I tend to build when I’m feeling sad.

And a new outdoor fenced bathroom so that anyone can have a bath when they want!  It’s so huge because I want to be able to get the camera in there to take toddler screenshots.


Vashti’s first masterpiece.  She paints autonomously.

I’ve started picking their traits myself instead of rolling for them.

Chapter 2.8

Chapter notes:

Originally this chapter didn’t have any notes.  I think I was too upset at the time.  I cried writing the chapter.  Now I’ve cried proofreading it.  Ugh!  Sorry about the sad chapters.  Things do get back to normal eventually but I’ve been thinking that on short the mourning period is almost too long.

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