TS4- Curses! 2.6: Hold On to the Moments

Gen 2 Chapter 6 aka if only they could stay like this forever…

Bright and early the twins Calix and Kanai aged up to toddlers.  All sorts of adorableness followed this event!

Look!  Just leaving their house the adorable factor skyrocketed!

Four kids?  Now it’s through the roof!

The day we’ve all been dreading finally came.  The toddlers didn’t know what was happening.

It was time for our dear founder to age up to elder.

Randolph gives his wife a big hug.

It was a busy morning and the toddlers were already getting sleepy.  They napped a few times through the day because if they’d been allowed to sleep they would have been awake all night.

Vashti and Hamza are parenting pros so they gave the first potty training lesson.

Another sweet elder pic.

Calix and Kanai boogie down.

Hamza’s sister Aya called to see if she could come over to see him.

Randolph has been painting so much that he’s learned a few tricks that Vashti is interested in learning herself!

Mayumi and Adjun take their gardening chore seriously.

Mayumi did not find it amusing when Sanaa was making fun of adults!

Twin selfie!

Monkey bars time!

I think they’re taking the “do everything together” twin thing a bit too far.

Checking in on the other twins who have just woken from another nap we see daddy telling jokes while they eat dinner.

I think the next project will be a bigger outdoor living space.  It’s so cool to see the whole family together though.

And then it’s time for the sleepy toddlers to finally get some sleep instead of just naps.

Pops paints a picture of the future generations of the Maledire family.

Gooooood morning toddlers!

It’s Grammy and Pop’s turn to do some potty training.

Mom is learning to cook.

Oh my!  Someone does not want a hug from auntie Vashti!

Toddler twins bath time!  First, we have Calix…

And next is Kanai.  They sure do love that duckie.

Arjun watches Calix play in the ball pit.

Grammy watches the toddler twins play with the dollhouse.

Then she heads over to see what Randolph, Vashti, and Hamza are chatting about.

Mayumi and Arjun were talking… not sure why they decided to do it in Calissa and Randolph’s house.  It was so adorable!  The toddlers came in and asked both of them to teach dancing!

Daddy shows off his cabbage patch moves while mommy shows the twist.  The toddlers watch and bop up and down while flailing their arms!  They’ll get it one day.

I hadn’t realized that two toddlers could play with the blocks!  How fun.  Is that horsey tasty Kanai?

What is it about this family that makes me find delight in the everyday things?  Nobody’s doing anything particularly exciting and yet I couldn’t resist snapping a pic.  We got our first warning that it’s almost Randolph’s time on this day.  I’ve never played short before so I don’t know if we’ll get two notifications like we do on normal lifespan or not.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the upcoming generations.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time!


They got this moodlet from the mess they were making.

Chapter 2.7

Chapter notes:

Calix is pronounced just like you’d think… cal-icks.  Kanai, on the other hand, had several different versions of pronunciation but I believe the correct one is con-i.  Like icon… backward.  I also don’t think I put their meanings in the last chapter.  

Calix is Greek meaning ‘very handsome’ and Kanai is Hawaiian name meaning ‘the beauty’.

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  1. You really did a great job on the pics in this chapter. I really get a feeling for this family. I love Randolph’s painting, it is true to life for his little legacy family.I love all the twin pics…all of them, of both sets of twins! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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