TS2- Curiouser & Curiouser Ch 3: Getting Older

A/N: This is the point where I seemed to have lost momentum with the family.  Back then I was not used to playing large families and found it very frustrating.  Also, Lazlo aged to an elder and I had hoped to get him abducted again and was disappointed.  It is very short…

I hadn’t paid attention to when the twin toddlers were going to age up.  Danielle aged to child after a nap.

Dillan finished his nap and got a bath then aged to child.

I thought Jupiter would make a cool romance sim.  Her lifetime wish is to have 20 best friends.  She aged up so pretty!

After the kids coming home with their fun drained every day, they were enrolled in the Simlogical private school.

Jasper was sleeping in his tiny bedroom so this pic kinda sucks.  He’s a family sim and unfortunately, his lifetime wish is to woohoo 20 sims.  Why couldn’t his sister get that?  She’s the romance sim!

Lastly, Lazlo surprised me by aging to elder.  Sasha only has a day left until she ages too.

The end?

Chapter notes:

I can’t remember if I played the family after this or not.  I need to change my Sims 2 settings because it’s almost impossible to do anything in that game right now so after looking to see what I’d named Pascal’s son I closed it.  I may have taken Nebula to college but that might have been Alexander Goth’s alien son I’m thinking of.  I know I did export him into another save when I was going to try doing the Build A City Challenge (BACC) but I ended up hating that challenge so it didn’t get far.

I’m thinking of going back to this and playing one of the kids and also getting Pascal’s son aged so that I can use him in the story as well.  Who knows?  Like I said the settings are all messed up.  Everything looks horrible and huge and the screen keeps jumping.

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