TS4- Curses! 2.5: Overfull House

Gen 2 Chapter 5 aka what was I thinking…

After a day and a half dedicated solely to Mayumi’s young adult birthday, it was nice to play with the whole family again.  I decided to stop aging for a day to make up for the day that was lost while Arjun courted Mayumi.

Since Arjun was a mixologist before marrying Mayumi he thought perhaps he could try making money with his skills.  It didn’t work as he’d hoped, unfortunately.  Though it would be a nice way to quickly make money if things get tight.

One more day to play with these adorable toddlers!

Arjun fits in with the family already.  Mayumi’s pregnancy progressed quickly… as they all have.

Arjun played with the build’em blocks table for awhile but didn’t finish his project.

Vashti’s best friend Lorraine called asking if she could stop by.  Of course, she said yes!  They hugged and had a nice chat but Lorraine didn’t stay long.

I adore these two together.  I’m so happy that things worked out in the end.

In the morning it was time to age up Enver and Sanaa.  Time waits for no one and I couldn’t keep aging off forever.  Enver’s turn first!

Oh no!  Mayumi went into labor as soon as Enver blew out his candles!

Quick Sanaa’s turn!

They’re so darned cute!  Look at the mischief in their eyes.

Finally, Mayumi was able to run waddle to the bassinet to give birth.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you!  Another set of twins!  Welcome to the large and crazy Maledire family Kanai and Calix.

The grandparents rush over to meet the new additions.

Then it’s back to life as usual.

To give Calissa and Randolph more quality time together Mayumi and Arjun take over the gardening tasks.

A teddy doctor toy is purchased for Sanaa to have a better outlet for her energy than making messes.

All’s fair with twins of course so Enver got a set of monkey bars.  They were both told they would need to share… these things are for all of the family.

With the craziness of their courtship, Mayumi forgot to take a couple selfie with Arjun for their wall.

Randolph seems to approve of his sons-in-law.  I think they both look up to the older man as well.

The babies cry and their parents come running.

Sanaa you have a perfectly good bed in your house!  Perhaps she’s dreaming of the day that she herself will sit on that bench.  Let’s hope that time doesn’t come too soon!

That’s better.  It’s tight quarters in this house now since they couldn’t reach the adult’s bed with Sanaa’s bed where they’d originally planned to place it.

Looks like pops has a new hobby.  If Vashti isn’t painting he takes over.  Anything you want to do Randolph!

Don’t worry guys, tomorrow night they’ll be toddlers and won’t be waking you up… unless they have nightmares.


The real reason that the drink stand didn’t work.  Sims invaded the lot!  He did make quite a bit of money so I’ll keep it as an option if they’re desperate for money.

I had to take a pic of her face!  So funny!

Time to lock the doors again.  Why is it always the bathrooms?

Two empty counters and she cooks there?  Also, when they’re done cooking or grilling they take the finished food to the table and place it under the lantern!  I have no idea why they won’t use them.

Chapter 2.6

Chapter notes:

So, that happened.  Really, it wouldn’t be a bad thing… if I didn’t have the plan to keep all of Calissa’s descendants on the lot.  I need to think about this and how I’m going to handle it.  I’m playing them all autonomous more than half the time… I don’t know.  Looks like Calix inherited the milky white skin.  I’ll know for sure when I age them up.  The notification popped up while everyone was sleeping so it’ll be first in the next chapter.

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