TS4- Curses! 2.4: Cold Feet

Gen 2 Chapter 4 aka Mayumi can’t make up her mind…

A/N: I tried as best I could to stay in story mode for this chapter but it was just impossible.  Thanks Mayumi.

It’s beginning to look like a little village now that Mayumi’s house is up.  I ran out of ideas to make the number of squares in the house creative and just went for a regular 5×5 home.  It looks so much smaller!  There isn’t a ton of decorations because silly me completely forgot to set money aside for her house and spent all of the money from selling the expensive fridge on making the outdoor kitchen/dining area!  I had enough to build the house and then I ran out and had to sell the rest of the kitchen from Calissa’s house and a few other things.

Enver and Sanaa know something important will happen today!

Like they did with Vashti, everyone gathers to watch Mayumi see her new home for the first time.

The only decorations not shown are a few plants.  There’s a small bathroom identical to the one in Calissa’s house.

And then it’s time to make a wish and blow out the candles.

Mayumi’s adult makeover was one of the most difficult that I’ve ever done.  That milky white skin looks terrible in anything light colored and I didn’t want to dress her in all black.  Finally, I decided to try to match her eye color at least in her main outfit.  The makeup may have been the hardest part but I think she looks great!

She starts feeling the pull already and her mother gives her a hug for luck.

The rest of the family carries on with their day trying to give Mayumi privacy.  (I remembered this time that I can set it so that it disables autonomy for the selected sim so I just kept Mayumi selected and when she wasn’t I paused the game.)

As she sat on the bench waiting perhaps Mayumi started to have doubts?  Perhaps she decided to rebel against this curse in particular.  I really don’t know.  For whatever reason she decided to test fate.

As she sat on the bench just like her mother and sister before her a man caught sight of her and headed over to introduce himself.

He said his name is Arjun which means white in Hindu and it must be fate that he sees a beauty with such pale white skin sitting by herself.

He sits down next to her and they chat and he tells jokes.

And just like her mother and sister before her Mayumi began to feel that warmth and attachment to this man.

He scooted closer and put his arm around her and she felt butterflies in her stomach but she tried to fight it.

He swept her up in a kiss and she yielded temporarily.

He whispered sweetnesses and yet she tried to fight the pull.

She decided to make jokes and perhaps that would throw Arjun off track.

But instead, he pulled her close and kissed her cheek.  He whispered that he had something to ask her.

But when he tried to propose, even though everything inside her was screaming to say yes, she pushed him away.

A/N:  I decided to take this as Mayumi telling me that Arjun was not the man for her.  I went back to the last save which was right after she aged to young adult and started over.  

As you can see it’s even later on this second attempt than it was when Arjun proposed the first time.  He walked by three times!  No other marriageable men walked by!

I thought maybe if I take her off the lot and bring her back it will reset or something and new sims will walk by.  But when she arrived there was Arjun again.  Look at her face.  She looks like she knows she made a mistake and Arjun looks like he knows he’ll get her in time!

She returned moments later to her bench and who is the first sim to start walking past?  Arjun!  Now, nobody can deny that it was fate.  I went into manage worlds and looked… there were other single young adults!

This time before any romance at all they got to know each other very well and became best friends.

And then the romance began in earnest!

We weren’t taking any chances this time.  That romance bar needed to be full!

And that is the story of how Arjun finally finally got Mayumi to admit defeat and follow her heart.  She said yes!

And in the morning as the family gathered around to see the two wed she announced to Arjun that she’s pregnant!  Look at that smile.

It was a quick but sweet ceremony.

And that folks is the story of Mayumi’s cold feet and how Arjun warmed them and her heart.


Another one of Calissa’s vampire friends walked by wearing all of the goofy accessories.  What will I take pictures of when they finally fix this bug???

Nope.  They’re not related.  One’s an adult and ones a teen.  They just decided to walk together to show off their super cool mohawks!

I couldn’t not take a picture.  Look at that stud!

Flirty disaster is right!  He was mortified and she was tense.  It was a total mess!  I really had no choice but to start the day over.

Chapter 2.5 

Chapter notes:

This chapter took half a day!  Half a day to build her house and do that one sim day TWICE!!!  I really don’t understand why she said no the first time.  I really do see it as fate that it was Arjun in the end.  Just like with Vashti when Hamza kept passing by.  And yes, if you’re wondering I upped the number of sims per household to 10.  I’m going to have to figure something out for this meeting of the mate thing.  I’d already turned aging off halfway through the previous day but had turned it back on that morning.  I really didn’t expect to waste an entire day…twice.  I kept having to pause and check the twins and then go back to Mayumi.  I don’t know what to do next time because this isn’t working how I’d planned.  Even with increasing the number of sims per zone there were no marriageable sims passing by!

Oh and let’s not forget that poor Arjun has the unflirty trait.  I’ve never actually tried to get an unflirty sim before.  With one flirt the beguiling moodlet was gone.  I even tried cheating him to a flirty mood.  One flirt and that was gone too.  I tried really hard to hide them from the pics but I ended up having to resort to flirty lamps at least at first.  Eventually, they weren’t really needed.  He just had to warm up a bit I guess.  Oh the irony in it being her that said no when it should have been him with cold feet!

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  1. It was definitely fate when he kept coming back. Arjun said “rainy who do you think you are!? THATS MY WOMAN!” lol I know how you feel about the townies looking cray cray. ESPECIALLY at the romance festival it drives me nuts but I like to think about it like they are either stalking my sims trying to pretend to be a stranger or trying to embarrass the people they are with. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After this I’ve started giving them makeovers once I know they’re “the one” because it seems weird to me that they suddenly change their looks after moving in, lol. The goofy outfits at the festivals drive me nuts but at the same time I love taking pics of them… it’s a love/hate relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

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