Liebster Award Nomination – Curses!

Curses! has been nominated for the Liebster award.  The Curses story isn’t really a challenge.  It’s just something I thought up while out of electricity for days due to hurricane Irma.  At the time I’d already run through ideas for the challenges I was currently playing and started thinking about something new.  While we still had electricity I read Allysim Builds’ story based on the tiny living challenge.  I love watching The Sim Suppy’s tiny and micro home builds and have always wanted to try it but what use would I have for a tiny home right?   Then someone on Twitter was posting pics of an ugly sim.  The whole uglacy/pretticy thing is kinda interesting but I thought well geeze it wouldn’t last very long all I’d have to do is marry in some good looking sims right?  But, what if I took the choice away?  But how on earth to explain the whole “you’re ugly, your house can never get bigger, you can’t pick who you marry” thing?  Curses!  Boom!  I ended up filling up pages of notebook paper with ideas and scenarios.  I decided to add the part about not being able to leave the lot although I’m not really sure what prompted that one.  The funny thing is that I (the self-proclaimed challenge addict) am having more fun playing with basically no goals at all than I have with anything I’ve played in a long time!

Soulgal nominated me.  She was nominated for her Retail Wars challenge story which is a lot of fun to read.  You might remember Hallie from her story visited Calissa in the first Curses chapter, A New Dawn,  to give her a makeover and help with the interior design of her new tiny home.  I look forward to every update.  They are light and fun and although it was Hallie that I used in my story I’m secretly rooting for her brother Hank… but don’t tell her!

Questions I am answering…

  1. If you had your choice, what sim world would you like to see in an expansion pack?  At first, I had one of those quick answers like oh I’d like a tropical world.  Which would be cool and all but I had this idea once that it would be so awesome if instead of werewolves we got actual shifters!  Like in urban fantasy.  So yea, a dystopian world where sims can morph into animals.
  2. Who is your favorite pre-made sim character and why?  In Sims 4 it’s always been Don Lothario because I had such a blast playing him in my rotation from being a major player to being a family man.  But recently I’ve started to like Vlad.  Oddly enough, I rarely leave any premade sims in my saves but I’ve been keeping him and Caleb around.
  3. What kind of pjs do you wear?  Cartoon t-shirts with pajama bottoms… usually Christmasy ones since my mother-in-law always buys me new ones at Christmas.
  4. What is your favorite current song? Feels by Calvin Harris.  It’s such a fun song.
  5. Coffee or Tea?  Coffee!  I’ve been hooked since I was a teenager.
  6. If you won the lottery (big $$), you would…..  Buy a bunch of acreage cash with homes for my kids and cars and all that stuff so nobody has to worry about bills.
  7. Do you use mods or cc in sims?  Both, I was always really leary of them until I started playing Sims 2 a lot when my PC died and my laptop couldn’t handle Sims 4.  I have sooo much mods and CC in that save.  When I got my new PC one of the first things I did was look into what mods there were for Sims 4.  Which was when I started using MC Command Center.  I have a few others too.  I mostly have toddler CC.
  8. How did you get started blogging?  I had a book review blog for a few years and when I started playing Sims again and figured out how to take a screenshot it seemed like the thing to do.  I wasn’t trying to tell stories or anything.  Just document what happened in my game so I wouldn’t lose my pictures.
  9. What else do you do other than play The Sims?  I read a lot.  Like almost 200 books this year.  Which sucks because when I get into a reading frenzy I lose interest in playing games and reading Sims blogs.  At the moment I’m trying to resist the lure.
  10. What was the last movie that you watched?  King Arthur Legend of the Sword.  It’s a freaking awesome movie.
  11. Do you have any tips for writing a SimLit story?  Have fun with it.  Readers can tell if you’re not enjoying yourself and if you’re not having fun what’s the point really?  Don’t force it.  If you aren’t inspired to play a save and are making yourself play because you feel obligated take a minute to think about why you’re doing this?  We don’t make money.  We don’t get tons of views or comments.  There’s no fame in SimLit.  So if you’re not doing it for yourself then why do it?  If you have an idea write it down while it’s still fresh.  Don’t be surprised if that one idea doesn’t lead to tons of others.  It happens.  Just roll with it. Enjoy the ride.  There’s no shame in putting a story on the back burner… even if it does make you feel sad or guilty.  Never say never.  You might vow that you’ll never continue a story and then a year later come up with an idea out of thin air.  Oh and while we’re on that topic.  Don’t delete those old saves… or *cough* stick them onto a backup drive where they could be lost.

Questions I am asking…

  1. If you could add an animal to the Sims what would it be?  (I think everyone knows my answer is ferret!)
  2. Is there a feature in previous Sims games that you would like to see brought back?
  3. When you’re playing or thinking of ideas do you write it all down?
  4. Favorite junk food?
  5. Rainy days or snowy winter days? (haha see what I did there?)
  6. What is your favorite career out of all of the Sims games?
  7. Do you have any piercings?  Would you get them if they didn’t hurt?
  8. Same question but tattoos!
  9. Okay back to Sims stuff… What inspires you?
  10. How about gardening, is there a plant type you would like to see added?

My nominations…

  • Allysim Builds for Yamamoto Tiny Living.  My original inspiration for Curses as well as being a very funny story.  I’m not sure if she intended it to be a comedy… it just ended up being like that with unexpected things happening.  Her alien adoption story is also a great read.  Really, anything on her site including the build tours are well worth taking the time to read.
  • CathyTea for Septumus My Son which is part of the alien adoption challenge collab.  You can’t read this story and not fall in love with Sept.  He’s so kind and wonderful.  CathyTea has always been an inspiration to me and reading stories like this make me want to try harder.
  • Thymeless for the Pandora’s Box alien adoption story.  Panda is one of my favorite characters at the moment and I’m a sucker for paranormal reads in general.  Can’t say more than that without giving things away!
  • Ny275 for the Whisper alien adoption story.  Whisper is adorable and I’m curious to see where this one is going.
  • Erinbelfiore aka Swcheppes for The Diary of Elise Robinson.  This is her version of the Elise Robinson collab and is such a great read.  Despite the family being huge she somehow finds a way to fit in each of the characters in these quick little diary entries each of which portray Elise’s quirky personality.  I’m going to be heartbroken when her Elise dies.
  • Mastress Alita for the Photo Friday pics.  Somehow with just a few screenshots, she manages to tell a story.  Very inspiring.  She is also the librarian for the Stories and Legacies Index.  No clue how she manages that but we all appreciate it!
  • Sparrow for her new story Song of the Sea.  It’s a very new story so this is the perfect time to start reading it.  I’ve seen pictures of the builds and have gotten a few behind the scenes hints at what’s to come.  I’m excited to see this one unfold.


  1. Ahhh thanks Rainy for answering all those questions. I think it’s neat about the expansion pack idea. And, also, love all the people you have nominated. They are super awesome. Your words of wisdom about blogging and SimLit are great. That paragraph should be read by everyone! Woot! (PS – Ok, I did read that you wanted Hank to win! lol As I said, I had originally started with him, but I already have an idea for the ending already…but can’t say what it is!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rainy! I can’t *gasp* even! First of all, congratulations on you well-deserved nomination; you have been SUCH an inspiration to me as well, just so you know, I second the wonderful things that Soulgal said. Don’t sell yourself short! Second, thank you for nominating my comedy piece. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even funny, so I’m really happy you’ve found it comical! 🙂 I’m surprised you didn’t say Caleb was your favorite pre-made as he’d odly colorful in your saves! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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