TS4- Curses! 2.3: Mayumi’s Day Out

Gen 2 Chapter 3 aka Mayumi is mistaken for a vampire

While everyone sleeps a new outdoor kitchen/dining area is built.

Time to pull out the toddler tub!

The sink was forgotten so a nice outdoor model was added to save counter space.

After Sanaa got out of the bath grandpa gave her a big hug.

Then it was Enver’s bath time.

Vashti helps Sanaa slide… while Enver disappears into the ball pit!

Daddy tells Enver a story while he waits for mommy to give him some food.

Mayumi’s friend Yvette finally came home from school with her.  If she hadn’t she would have called to invite her over.  Tomorrow’s the big day out and that would be no fun without a friend!

She wasn’t in a very good mood at first but Mayumi seemed to cheer her up.

Geeze guys!

Once again Enver threw a fit when it was time to be taken to the potty.

After the toddlers are tucked in bed the rest of the family sits watching tv and telling jokes.

You have a nice new dining table!

In the morning the twins take turns on the potty and eating breakfast.

The first in a long line of birthdays to come is Randolph with his elder birthday.

Lookin’ good there pops!

Mayumi watches as Hamza plays with Enver.  Vashti and Calissa decided to cook at the same time and then at the same time decided they didn’t want to cook after all and left the food which had to be thrown away.  Strange.

Sanaa plays with the dollhouse.

Randolph decides to try his hand at painting for the first time ever.  Calissa framed it and put it up on the wall… in the only empty spot!

Then it’s time for Mayumi’s big day.  Tomorrow is her birthday so today is her day away.  She invited her only friend Yvette to join her.  They started out pretty boring.  Chess in the park.  Mayumi explained to Yvette why this day was so important.

Yvette responded that she has some ideas.  Mayumi is a bit skeptical but agrees.

They started off in the lounge nearby where they had some hummus and tapas.  It was quite crowded.

Yvette next took them to the art gallery.

Mayumi was bored quickly with the art and wandered out to listen to a violin player.

Then they went to another district to try their luck at a karaoke contest.  It didn’t go so well.

Mayumi was so embarrassed she hid in the bathroom giving herself a pep talk in the mirror before she could go back out.

After that Yvette ditched her and she headed to the central park alone.  Some guy came up to her and asked if she is a vampire. She was a bit unnerved.  After that she stopped at a party at the ruins that was invaded by some real vampires and she headed back home.  Not quite as exciting as Vashti’s day out.


I guess he was trying to put the book away in the bookcase in the main house but couldn’t because the door was locked.  He sat like this for a long time before I finally made him go to bed.

This Nair lady was creeping around the park again.

And now begins what really happened after Mayumi was mistaken for a vampire… first great uncle and top model Vlad showed up.

Then Lilith.  Mayumi finished eating and started the dance party at the ruins…

Vlad is such a diva!  I was about to take a screenshot of Mayumi when he literally poofed in right next to her and started dancing. Photo hog!

Then one by one more vampires showed up.  I figured the pics weren’t going to be used for the chapter anyway and had Mayumi challenge Vlad to a dance battle.

I will admit that he has some smooth moves.

But he’s a sore loser!  After that Mayumi headed home to get some sleep and prepare for her next big day.  I need to build her a house before that can happen!


Chapter 2.4

Chapter notes:

Unfortunately soon after this chapter, I had to take Vlad out of the world.  For some reason that I can’t figure out MCCC keeps marrying him to a bunch of different sims.

22 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 2.3: Mayumi’s Day Out

    • The only solution I’ve found for that is pulling out the different modules when you switch saves or changing the settings when you switch. Either way it’s kind of a pain and easy to forget. Some people keep different settings files for different saves and pull them in and out but it’s just as much of a pain to remember if you ask me. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great outdoor kitchen. Just love it. And Vlad….oh my gosh, I don’t have the vampire pack, but Vlad is terribly funny. I am so glad that Mayumi had a day out before her birthday. It’s now a family tradition. But, Yvette, ok, so Mayumi didn’t sing as well in karaoke, but, you ditched your friend? For shame! Oh, well, at least she got to dance at the ruins.

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