TS4- Curses! 2.2: Twin Rays of Sunshine

Generation 2 Chapter 2 aka mooning over adorable twin toddlers…

The morning after the twins were born the lovebirds head over to the main house to share their excitement.

Mayumi runs over to greet her new niece and nephew.

She cuddles little Sanaa dreaming of the day she has her own child to hold.

Then it’s the grandparents turn to gush over the babies.

Hamza keeps a watch through the window as he works on his carvings.

Poor Randolph caught the illness that everyone has been passing around and decided he was too sick to fish.  He went home and had some orange juice and took a nap.

Every time one of the babies cries they all run to care for them first.

Mayumi brought this boy home from school, Perry.  It looks like he’s getting on Vashti’s last nerve.  He has a very unfortunate haircut.

The “living room” needs to be renovated so that everyone can have a seat.

And then later that night Enver and Sanaa aged to adorable little toddlers.

Hamza gets right to business potty training.

While the rest of the family sleeps off their late night Calissa, Randolph, and Mayumi get ready to start the day.

It was decided that the second refrigerator would be removed.  They also decided to use it to replace the very expensive one in the other house since that must be what’s making the bills so high.

Someone’s sneaking up on you grandma!

Calissa stops gardening when she sees her little grandson and tells him some jokes.

When he requests a book she sits with him on the bench and can’t help but wonder if he will sit on this bench with his sister when they age up to young adults.  Or will he be exempt from that curse since he’s a boy?

Sanaa needs to be potty trained but throws a fit when Vashti tries to take her there.  Mommy wins in the end.

So cute!

Finally changed out of her jammies, Sanaa chats with grandma while eating.

Poor Mayumi came home from school very depressed.  Sanaa tries to cheer up her aunt.  Mayumi was too busy crying and writing about her horrible day in her journal.

Enver is finished now it’s Sanaa’s turn!

Enver makes his way over to try his hand at cheering up aunt Mayumi.

Vashti decides to try to teach Sanaa some words.

What are these two talking about that they need to be in Vashti and Hamza’s house?

Whatever it was they didn’t stay in there long.  Randolph came over and chatted with Enver while he played dolls.

Then it was finally time for the twins to be tucked into bed.  I wonder if they’re reading the same story.  Must sound like surround sound or an echo.

Parenting is hungry work.  Vashti whipped up a salad and they chat while the rest of the family sleeps.  It seems to be Vashti’s turn to be sick this time.


Chapter 2.3

Chapter notes:

Wondering how on earth to pronounce Sanaa’s name?  So was I!  And I had to listen to it like 15 times before I finally came up with something to help remember it… it’s like Santa without the T!  Like a snobby person saying sauna.  Yay!  This is what I get for deciding to use all names that mean variations of beautiful and handsome.  But it’s a lot of fun so I really don’t mind.

I unlocked the door to Vashti’s house when the babies were born so that everyone could meet them and now they all keep going in there for no reason!  I have enough money to build the outdoor kitchen now that I’ve sold off that silly refrigerator!  Why on earth that seemed so important in the beginning baffles me now.  All of them getting sick over and over is driving me crazy!  I really don’t want to waste money on medicine because I know it will take away the moodlet but they’ll end up sick again and it will be a waste.

13 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 2.2: Twin Rays of Sunshine

    • Mine too! Different places seem to have different pronunciations of the names. I pronounce it S-ah-nah. She’s a teen now in my game I’m so far ahead of what’s being published.


  1. I love that little fox outfit – it is ever so cute! And Mayumi having a bad day at school. I am so happy she wrote about it and felt better. High school can be terrible sometimes. Potty training. Even in rl it’s traumatic! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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