TS4- Curses! 2.1: Moving Oh So Fast

Gen 2 Chapter 1 aka Vashti speeds through pretty much everything…

A few days before her birthday Vashti had spoken to the construction company and gave them her specifications for her own tiny house.  The day before when she was out with her friends all day the construction was completed.  She hadn’t seen it since she’d gotten home late.  So before they celebrated her birthday they all went to check it out.

Vashti was quite happy with the results.  She hopes to add more when there’s more money to decorate with.

She wishes that if she is cursed like her mother that she will fall in love like her mother and father did.

And just as Calissa predicted soon after blowing out the candles Vashti feels the pull towards the front of the lot.  With a backward glance to her family for courage, she makes her way to the front of the lot.

Her parents and sister try to occupy themselves and give Vashti some privacy.

Sadly, Vashti spent almost the entire day sitting on the bench watching the street.  She did test the boundary just to see if she was tethered like her mother and father and found that she was indeed.  Forcing it from her mind she continued to watch for anyone. Several children and women walked by.  A few older men and married men but none glanced her way.  She’d look back at her family feeling embarrassed and afraid they were watching but they weren’t in sight and she relaxed a bit and watched some more.

And then as dusk approached a boy that she’d vagely known from school walked up and waved.  She hopped up from her bench, her hopes skyrocketing.

She couldn’t remember his name and he told her it’s Hamza which means steadfast and she took this as a good sign.

And then it happened!  A warmth blossoming in her chest and spreading throughout her.  She got butterflies in her stomach.  Her heart began to race.  Her entire focus was now on Hamza.  It was like nothing else existed in the world.  By the look in his eyes, it seemed he was feeling the same way.  And in that moment she understood why her parents didn’t fight the curses.  They have each other and that’s all that matters.

They talked and star gazed.  Hamza explained that the majority of star names are Arabic in origin.  He told Vashti how he loves to spend time outdoors and watch the stars and imagine that somewhere else in the world there are others looking up at the same stars.

Feeling a bit silly about carrying on so long about stars Hamza pulled Vashti up and kissed her hands.

Then he surprised her with a quick kiss.  Just testing things out to see how she would react.

She was thrilled of course and asked him if they could take a selfie so they would always remember this moment.

Overcome he grabbed her into a passionate kiss.  Vashti was swept off her feet.

So when he twined his fingers with hers and asked her to marry him she had no answer but yes.

He swept her up gave her a quick kiss and carried her to the house so he could meet her parents and they could share their news.

To outsiders, this all must seem very strange but in the Maledire household where they live daily with strange curses, everyone has learned to take things as they come and embrace happiness where they find it.  So everyone was all smiles when Hamza was introduced and Vashti announced they were getting married.

She was a bit annoyed with her family when they talked amongst themselves through her whole little ceremony, though.

Calissa and Randolph had special wedding rings made for their daughters already and had slipped one to Hamza when they met. Vashti was delighted!

And as they kissed the family threw confetti and cheered but they didn’t notice.  Seeing where things were going, the rest of them headed to bed.

So did they… in a way.

And then Vashti shared the good news that she was already pregnant!

In time the family plans to build a full outdoor kitchen for everyone to share so only a refrigerator was put in the new house.  They’d spent most of their money on the house and the bills were quite steep despite the house’s small sizes.  So the couple headed over to the other house for breakfast.

Then Vashti remembered that she’d harvested some plants for her mother at the Spice Festival and Calissa happily planted them.

Since Hamza enjoys being outdoors so much and Vashti plans to paint as her hobby he decided to get a workbench so they could spend that time together.

Mayumi arrived home from her first day of high school quite stressed and played some online games with her friend Yvette to try to relax.

A lot of things have changed but some things stay the same.

Throughout the day Vashti’s belly grew and grew.  She decided to distract herself from the huge belly by painting a bit.

But soon she couldn’t deny the pull of exhaustion the pregnancy was causing and fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke and ran to the bathroom to pee and when she got out her belly was positively enormous!  She could barely hold herself up straight!

She started having pains and hollered to Hamza who woke with a start and panicked.

It was a rough labor.  But both parents were thrilled and a bit nervous.

For nobody had expected there to be two babies!  They had designed the house planning for only one.  But looking at little Sanaa and Enver they wouldn’t change anything.  Although, their house may need to change to accommodate them both!


Hamza’s sister and mother.  Vashti actually knew his sister Aya.

Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

Unlike with Calissa who only had to wait a few hours for Randolph, Vashti waited almost the whole day!  That whole time I had autonomy off and had to make sure everyone’s needs were up.  Hamza walked by three times.  Each time I was like no he’s just a teen.  But after the third, I looked and he was to age up in one day anyway so I just went ahead and aged him with MCCC.  Those of you who are looking at him and thinking you would have picked someone with better features… this was the point.  The whole reason I made up this “curse” that they didn’t choose who they marry.  Because this way I can’t just pick someone with great physical features to make sure they have perfect looking babies.  I have to admit it’s kind of fun! There’s no pressure on me.  No pressure to find the perfect mate.  No pressure to work on aspirations, skills, jobs… anything!  And yet, I’m having so much fun!

The boy is named Enver from the Turkish word meaning handsome.  The girl is named Sanaa which is a Swahili name meaning work of art or beauty.  Both are in the list of names I found when I named Mayumi.  I rolled for both of them instead of picking.  I’m also finding it fun using names I’d never normally choose!  I think I’m going to have to come up with something though because I really didn’t plan on them having more than one baby!

Note from the future: I did realize when it was Mayumi’s turn that I could turn off autonomy for the selected sim only.

9 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 2.1: Moving Oh So Fast

  1. I for one like Hamza, I like that you aren’t going around looking for guys you are just letting them walk by and picking one, makes it more interesting. So wondering are you planning on maybe making this a real challenge? It seems like a lot of fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I am so glad that Vashti met someone and Hamza seems like a great sim. And bonus….twins! Yikes! How are they all going to fit in that house? BTW I love the way you designed Vashti’s house. Is it on the same lot or a different lot?

    Liked by 1 person

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