TS4- Curses! 1.7: Vashti’s Day Away

Gen 1 Chapter 7 aka Vashti’s last escape…

After the big triple birthday, Calissa’s adult birthday snuck up on them.  The girls were already at school when it was remembered so it was just a celebration with Randolph.

She got a bit of a makeover to suit her new age.

Calissa was out front watering the garlic plants that have become her sole focus when the girls are at school when she saw a new teen and child walking by and called them over to meet them and told them about her daughters.

Randolph finally met a bro to chat with.  Soos from the construction company.

After school, the younger girl Shelly stopped by to meet Mayumi.

The older girl Sandra was still there when they’d gotten home but left soon after meeting Vashti.  Lorraine came home from school with her.

Teenagers!  So dramatic!  Calissa and Randolph look so cute over there.

Since Vashti is an art lover she decided to try her hand at painting.  They need more money to build her a house so she wanted to do her part.

The next day this girl Ali came home from school with Vashti.  They learned later that she’s a loner and must have been tense from being surrounded by Vashti’s family.

She was very unpleasant the whole time.

Mayumi met another child named Yvette.  She seems much more pleasant than Ali.

Vashti was relieved when her good friend Lorraine called asking if she could come over.  Ali spent the rest of her visit on the computer playing games and ignoring everyone.

They all watched tv and chatted.

When Vashti was invited to the Spice Festival after school Friday it was decided that she was old enough to be out with her friends. She invited all of the other girls she’d met at school as well.

They sampled the food and chatted about the boys in their class.

When Vashti arrived home Calissa was waiting up for her.  She asked her to sit down and told her all about the curses and broke the news that it was very likely that Vashti and Mayumi would be subject to them as well.

Calissa felt horrible and Vashti spent the night crying.

She snuck out to Oasis Springs before anyone had woken up.  She wanted to see the hot dry land before she was tethered to her home.  Lorraine found her there and after Vashti explained everything to her she suggested they have the best pre-birthday day ever. They’d see all the sights and experience as much as they could in one day.

First, they went to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar and danced to loud music.

Then they checked out the gym next door but that wasn’t very exciting so they didn’t stay long.

Next door to the gym was a lounge and they managed to trick the mixologist into serving them adult drinks.

They decided to return to Windenburg.  Though Vashti lives there she hasn’t been past their neighborhood and the school.  The barista seemed especially interested in meeting the girls.

They had a little snack before moving on.

They went to a pub and Lorraine was followed by a man named Caleb that they had seen at the bistro as well.  After their cream colas, they moved on yet again.

Vashti wanted to see the inside of the pub in her neighborhood so they headed over and played some fooseball.

Then they invited some of the other girls to a dance party at the bluffs to finish off the day.

Vashti had a blast and the curses were temporarily forgotten.  Until her parents called to remind her that it was her sister’s birthday.

She returned home just in time to watch Mayumi make her wish and blow out the candles.  I wonder what she’s wishing so hard for?

Mayumi inherited a lot more of Calissa’s features… or perhaps they are more noticeable due to them sharing the same skin and hair colors.  In the morning it will be Vashti’s turn.  Everyone was quite nervous as they filed into the tiny house to sleep.


I believe this woman is related to the Nair girls that Calissa met at the beginning of the chapter?  I don’t think she’s a vampire so I found this quite odd.  The Nair family is the creation of BBQPenguinWings.

This guy came into the lounge dressed in a Star Wars costume.  It was too funny not to snap a pic.

I hadn’t expected Mayumi’s birthday announcement until the next morning!

A perfectionist foodie eh?

This was so weird.  She called Calissa!

Chapter 2.1

Chapter notes:

I was thinking about it and decided it would be a good idea to visit as many lots as possible to force the game to generate more random townies.  Most of the households that I added were families with girls their age.  Some may have had teen boys that I mistook but I doubt it.  I added quite a few because I realized that there were literally no couples and no kids Mayumi’s age.  The only other teen girl was Lorraine.  Which was fine.  I actually didn’t realize I’d added so many teens!  I took out the MCCC pregnancy module to ensure that it didn’t marry off any of the new guys that were generated through their many visits around town.  I’ve got Vashti’s house started but will need to finish as much as I can with the money they have before her birthday.  The notification popped up while they were sleeping!  Eek!  I decided that the second gen would start when the eldest child aged to young adult.  So this is it! The end of gen one already!

I added a lot of households from the people that I follow on the gallery so there’s a good chance you might see your sims.  It was too many to write them all down but I’ll try to remember.  I added Meggle’s Ikeda family I know off the top of my head.  There was quite a few by ThatCrazySimmer and ladyloial.  Vashti’s friend Louise with the black hair was by Anichellesims.  Ugh.  Now that I’m looking through the gallery trying to find the ones they’ve met I realize I should have written them down.  But I seriously added like 12 or more households.

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        1. That’s something that surprised me about this as well. Whenever one of the kids ages to teen at first I’m like wow they look bad… but after awhile I adore all of their little quirks!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Lol yes … mine were the sweetest couple. They were so in love LOL the strangest thing happened because one day Maurice was walking around town in a clown suit and then he just disappeared we never saw him again. I was out playing his daughter because it was a legacy type challenge. I always make fun and so he went away to join the circus

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I love that Lorraine and Vashti got a chance to go out and explore before…well, before the curse hits. And Mayumi’s having a birthday again! Wow! One day a child…the next a teen. Their world is spinning.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, I loved the random guy in the star wars outfit! 😂
    Ha and I also need to learn to make note of what I add in the game, I spent ages looking for the gym the other day only to realise it was in the game already 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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