TS4- Curses! 1.6: Older and Wiser

Gen 1 Chapter 6 aka triple birthdays…

There’s our little fairie girl!

Vashti chatted with her while she played dolls with daddy.

Then she made faces to make her giggle.

The build’em block creation was complete allowing Mayumi to play with it.

Mommy helps her little girl slide.

Mayumi requested that daddy read a book and Vashti listened along.

And then it’s the big birthday day!  Three in one day.  Mayumi “helps” bake the cake.

And then it’s time.  Mayumi first!

So adorable!

She runs over to give her sister a hug.  They only have a few hours at the same age before it’s Vashti’s turn.

While they cloud gaze their parents become otherwise occupied.

Their coloring might be different but otherwise, these two could be identical twins.  But no, it’s time for Vashti to age to teen!

Randolph goes first and ages to adult.

Then it’s Vashti’s turn.

She gained a lot of her mother’s features.

Nice to see the girls still get along well despite the age difference.

As you can see Vashti inherited her father’s nose.  Though, it looks a bit larger on her.

Back in front of the television telling jokes just like always.

They realized that Calissa hadn’t watered the plants that day with all of the excitement so they quickly did so before bed.

Such a sweet sister helping with homework!

The next morning Mayumi selects a book to read from the bookshelf that hasn’t been used before this.

Randolph heads up to fish while the girls are at school.  Don’t worry he’s just gloomy by nature.  It’s normally overpowered by stronger emotions.  I suppose fishing makes him introspective.

Mayumi had a terrible first day at school and came home very angry.  First, she punched Bearacula…

Then she yelled at him.  Vashti wasn’t unphased.  She came home from school in a tense mood swing.

Ugh, teenagers.  Mood swings are the worst!

Luckily a redirection of Mayumi’s attention and a nice long shower for Vashti had them feeling a bit more themselves.  They both brought projects from school which is a nice family activity.

After Mayumi stopped working on her project to go eat dinner and Randolph finished his dinner the parents helped Vashti finish her project.

Then, with the girls tucked in bed, they snuck up to the pond area for a little alone time.  They’d been doing an awful lot of flirting while working on Vashti’s project so it’s no surprise.

Sneaking around like they are teenagers themselves.  These two are still very much in love.  Perhaps, in this case, a curse was a blessing in disguise.


This was so stupid.  She got stressed by her sister!

Umm… no.

Poor girl.

This was so goofy I had to take a pic.  Luckily she didn’t blow out the candles this first time and I got a better shot… even if there was an angry guy stomping past in the background of the other one!

Chapter 1.7

Chapter notes:

If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m playing them autonomously for over half of the time.  I hadn’t planned it that way but it’s fun to watch what they do and how they interact.  After playing so doggedly the Robinson’s scored legacy and being so goal-oriented in other challenges it’s so refreshing to have pretty much zero goals.  The girls do homework just for something to do.  There’s really no reason since they won’t get jobs.  At this point, nobody is working on aspirations.  I might have them do so at some point in the future to liven things up but since it’s on short lifespan I’m not really too concerned.  I did cheat a few traits for Calissa in the beginning which was why it was so easy to land Randolph right off the bat and I’ll probably do the same for the girls on their young adult birthday’s as well.  This is my challenge… my rules.  And the best part is if I decide I don’t like them I can change them!  For now, I’m very happy and having a lot of fun.  I actually thought playing on short would be too fast but in this type of legacy, it really doesn’t feel like it.

12 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 1.6: Older and Wiser

  1. I am catching up on the reading again. I am so behind. Oh 3 birthdays in a row! Super. And Vashti looks so cool as a teen. I haven’t had a chance to try out the school projects yet, they look like super fun! I laughed when I saw that whim – try for baby with Calissa….like where would they sleep — on the roof? lol

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